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The Dark Corner Quotes

The Dark Corner is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Dark Corner ended in 1970.

It features Fred Kohlmar as producer, Cyril J. Mockridge in charge of musical score, and Joseph MacDonald as head of cinematography.

The Dark Corner is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Dark Corner is 99 minutes long. The Dark Corner is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Lucille Ball as Kathleen, Mark Stevens as Bradford Galt, Clifton Webb as Hardy Cathcart, Constance Collier as Mrs. Kingsley, and Cathy Downs as Mari Cathcart.

The Dark Corner Quotes

Mark Stevens as Bradford Galt

  • (Mark Stevens) "Why don't you come over here, where you belong?"
  • (Lucille Ball) "Well, if you're feeling that much better, perhaps I better go home."
  • (Mark Stevens) "I can be framed easier than "Whistler's Mother"."
  • (Kathleen Stewart) "I've never been followed before."
  • (Mark Stevens) "That's a terrible reflection on American manhood."
  • (Miss Dennis, Saleswoman) "This is one of Donatello's finest pieces."
  • (Mark Stevens) "How much is it?"
  • (Miss Dennis, Saleswoman) "$40,000."
  • (Mark Stevens) "Wrap it up."
  • (Mark Stevens) "I'm clean as a peeled egg. No debts, no angry husbands, no payoffs -- nothin'."
  • (Mark Stevens) "One thing led to another, and he led with his right."
  • (Mark Stevens) "I'll be at the Cathcart galleries absorbing culture. I don't want to die ignorant."
  • (Mark Stevens) "You, on the level. Why, for six bits you'd hang your mother on a meathook."
  • (Mark Stevens) "You know, I think I'll fire you and get me a Tahitian secretary."
  • (Kathleen Stewart) "You won't like them; those grass skirts are a fire hazard."
  • (Mark Stevens) "The stain -- The ink, baby, the ink. I smeared ink on his white suit up in my office."
  • (Kathleen Stewart) "What of it?"
  • (Mark Stevens) "He'd have to have the suit cleaned, wouldn't he? The cleaners would have his address, wouldn't they?"
  • (Kathleen Stewart) "Well, this is a pretty dirty town. Cleaning places grow on every street like mushrooms."
  • (Mark Stevens) "Yeah, but they don't do their own cleaning."
  • (Mark Stevens) "There goes my last lead. I feel all dead inside. I'm backed up in a dark corner, and I don't know who's hitting me."

Clifton Webb as Hardy Cathcart

  • (Clifton Webb) "Lovers of beauty never haggle over price, Tony."
  • (Clifton Webb) "The enjoyment of art is the only remaining ecstasy that is neither immoral nor illegal."
  • (Clifton Webb) "How I detest the dawn. The grass always looks like it's been left out all night."
  • (Clifton Webb) "I found the portrait long before I met Mari. And I worshipped it. When I did meet her, it was as if I'd always known her -- and wanted her."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, how romantic."
  • (Clifton Webb) "If you prefer to be maudlin about it, perhaps."
  • (Clifton Webb) "Take, uh, Tony for instance. I'd never imagine him to be interested in -- Lucy Wilding, but he is."
  • (Cathy Downs) "It's not true. He's always loathed her."
  • (Clifton Webb) "He loathed her rather intimately, I'm afraid."

Lucille Ball as Kathleen

  • (Lucille Ball) "You should have William Powell for a secretary."
  • (Mark Stevens) "William Powell -- who's he?"
  • (Lucille Ball) "Don't ya ever go to the movies? He's a detective, in "The Thin Man.""
  • (Lucille Ball) "My father was a major-league umpire. Well, what else"
  • (Lucille Ball) "can I beat you at?"
  • (Mark Stevens) "What other kinds of games do you like to play? You know, we've got some great playgrounds up around 52nd Street."
  • (Lucille Ball) "Among them your apartment?"
  • (Mark Stevens) "Why, just a coincidence."
  • (Lucille Ball) "I haven't worked for you very long, Mr. Galt, but I know when you're pitching a curve at me, and I always carry a catcher's mitt."
  • (Mark Stevens) "No offense. A guy's got to score, doesn't he?"
  • (Lucille Ball) "Not in my league. I don't play for score, I play for keeps; "said she with a smile.""

Constance Collier as Mrs. Kingsley

  • (Constance Collier) "Isn't my Turner divine? Look at it. It grows on you."
  • (Clifton Webb) "You make it sound like a species of fungus."

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