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The Clay Pigeon Quotes

The Clay Pigeon is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Clay Pigeon completed its run in 1970.

It features Herman Schlom as producer, Paul Sawtell in charge of musical score, and Robert De Grasse as head of cinematography.

The Clay Pigeon is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Bill Williams as Jim Fletcher, and Frank Fenton as Lt. Cmdr. Prentice.

The Clay Pigeon Quotes

Bill Williams as Jim Fletcher

  • (Mrs. Helen Minoto) "Have they gone?"
  • (Bill Williams) "They've left the building, but they may be back."
  • (Mrs. Helen Minoto) "You'd better wait a few minutes."
  • (Bill Williams) "I owe you an apology -- Why did you help me?"
  • (Mrs. Helen Minoto) "You said you were in trouble. I knew they weren't the police."
  • (Bill Williams) "I'm sorry I had to upset Johnny."
  • (Mrs. Helen Minoto) "Oh? He'll go to sleep now. He's a good boy. He's just like his father."
  • (Bill Williams) "The 442nd was quite an outfit."
  • (Mrs. Helen Minoto) "Yes, it was."

Frank Fenton as Lt. Cmdr. Prentice

  • (Frank Fenton) "-- fortunately you've been of considerable service to the Treasury Department."
  • (Bill Williams) "I don't understand."
  • (Frank Fenton) "Well, after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese expected to invade the West Coast. They printed one hundred million dollars worth of American money. Somehow, Tokoyama stumbled into a cache of part of this. Some ten million dollars. And, when he and Niles ran into each other in Japan after our forces came in, they went into business together."
  • (Bill Williams) "Ten million dollars?"
  • (Frank Fenton) "They needed help to get rid of it. So they got Wheeler to front for them and handle the circulation of the bills. Oh, he had other rackets, too, which are finished now, thanks to you -- Well, I guess that about winds up the case. Goodbye, Fletcher, and good luck."

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