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The Cheyenne Social Club Quotes

The Cheyenne Social Club is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Cheyenne Social Club ended in 1970.

It features James Lee Barrett as producer, Walter Scharf in charge of musical score, and William H. Clothier as head of cinematography.

The Cheyenne Social Club is recorded in English and originally aired in USA. Each episode of The Cheyenne Social Club is 103 minutes long. The Cheyenne Social Club is distributed by National General Pictures (US).

The cast includes: Henry Fonda as Harley Sullivan, Shirley Jones as Jenny, Sue Ane Langdon as Opal Ann, Jackie Russell as Carrie Virginia, and Robert Middleton as Barkeep.

The Cheyenne Social Club Quotes

Henry Fonda as Harley Sullivan

  • (Henry Fonda) "I've never known it before, John, but a good gunfight sure makes a man hungry."
  • (Unnamed) "Harley, with this much money, I can -- I can -- I can -- Heh. What would you do?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "John, if I had that much money and already had a business, I guess I'd just live high on the hog for as long as it lasted."
  • (Unnamed) "That's not what a shrewd businessman would do, Harley."
  • (Henry Fonda) "You asked me what I'd do."
  • (Unnamed) "That was my first mistake."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Then there was my cousin, Jim. He sure was a fine figure of a man -- but he fell to pieces when he got married. He got fat, his hair started fallin' out, his teeth went bad. The worse lookin' he got, the better lookin' she got. I mean, she weren't no vampire; nothing like that, at leastways nobody could prove it; but, Lord of Mercy, the worse lookin' he got, the better lookin' she got -- until there wasn't nothing much left of him -- and she went off back east somewhere and took up with a stone mason."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Do you know how to make Indian whiskey, John?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, Harley."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Well, you take a barrel of Missouri River water and a couple of gallons of alcohol and some strychnine to make them crazy, and tobacco to make them sick. An Indian wouldn't figure it was whiskey unless it made him sick. Add a few bars of soap to put a head on it and then a half-pound or so of red pepper to give it a kick. Put some tumbleweed in, boil it until it turns brown, and that's Indian whiskey."
  • (Unnamed) "Harley, this is more money than I ever dreamed. Do-do-do you know what I can do with this much money?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "We passed some nice looking saloons."
  • (Unnamed) "I never knew you were married."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Well, John, it ain't something I like to talk about, but I was married once. And once is enough for any man. You can't smoke, chew, dip, drink, scratch in the parlor, or cuss. When you leave the house, they ask you where'd you go. And when you come home, they ask you where have you been. And right now with you, it is just like when I was married."
  • (Unnamed) "Why, how is that, Harley?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "Well, John, when a woman's talking to you, you can be pretty sure that she thinks she's in control. And when she's not talking to you, you can be pretty certain you're in control."
  • (Henry Fonda) "I've eaten mighty good food in my life, but this weren't part of it."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah, well, I ain't heard no complaints from none of the others."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Yeah, well, they ain't as well-bred as I am."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Ain't you gonna give notice you're quitting?"
  • (Unnamed) "I did when I signed on."
  • (Henry Fonda) "John, you're nickel-plated, but you can be rougher on folks than an Indian haircut."
  • (Henry Fonda) "What kind of business you figure your brother left you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, the letter don't say; but that's just like a lawyer. They don't tell you no more than it takes to confuse you. But it's a -- something called the Cheyenne Social Club."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Did I ever tell ya how my Uncle Charlie got stoved up?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, Harley."
  • (Henry Fonda) "His home set right out in the prarie. One day he went in the outhouse and got caught right in the middle of a stampede. When he went in there wasn't a cow in sight. A few minutes late 365 longhorns ran over him. Broke him up something terrrible. That was nineteen years ago and he's still constipated."
  • (Henry Fonda) "I remember when I was about twelve years old. My daddy asked me, he says, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Little Harley?" And like a damn fool, I said a cowboy. I've been making wrong moves ever since."
  • (Unnamed) "How much money do you want, Harley?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "Fifteen or twenty dollars ought to do me."
  • (Unnamed) "What do you need it for?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "Things."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, what kind of things?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "Just-just things. You know, like a drink of whiskey if I wanted it, or a new shirt or something."
  • (Unnamed) "You already have two shirts. You don't want to wear but one of them at a time unless it's winter."
  • (Henry Fonda) "There you go thinking like a Republican again."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, you don't bring up politics while you're borrowing money, Harley. It ain't seemly."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Take Helen. She had flame red hair, pitch black eyes, ruby lips and no teeth; but talk about a body. She could straddle two horses at the same time. I went with her until I found out she dipped snuff. There's something awful unfemale about a snuff dipper; don't you think so, John?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "I remember one winter; it was almost as cold as this down in the south of Arkansas. It got to be so cold down there that winter that just about every female in the county came up pregnant in the spring. All the following summer and fall the men and boys were praying for another cold winter."

Sue Ane Langdon as Opal Ann

  • (Unnamed) "Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Sullivan."
  • (Sue Ane Langdon) "If you're looking for Harley, he's busy right now."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, where is he?"
  • (Sue Ane Langdon) "Well, he was with Carrie Virginia a while ago -- but now him and Pauline have struck up an acquaintance."
  • (Sue Ane Langdon) "That Harley. He's like a bad outlaw. Just keeps moving from place to place."
  • (Sue Ane Langdon) "Sacrifice, sacrifice; all I do is sacrifice."
  • (Unnamed) "What's this?"
  • (Sue Ane Langdon) "Just what it looks like, Johnny. D.J. always had a glass of warm milk with a raw egg in it before he went to bed. He claimed it kept his strength up, and it helped his complexion. It wasn't his complexion I cared about."

Shirley Jones as Jenny

  • (Unnamed) "Well, how much money does he need to get her liver fixed?"
  • (Shirley Jones) "Five hundred dollars."
  • (Unnamed) "Five hundred dollars for a liver?"
  • (Shirley Jones) "That's what the big doctor in Chicago charges. And he's got all kinds of fancy letters in back of his name."
  • (Unnamed) "I don't care what's in back of his name. Five hundred dollars; that's more than you have to pay for a good horse."
  • (Shirley Jones) "Did you ever love a woman, Johnny? I mean, really love her?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah. Thought I did once. Come to find out it was indigestion."
  • (Shirley Jones) "When I was young, I had all sorts of dreams. There's something awfully sad about an old dream."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah, I know. When I was a boy down in the panhandle, that was before I slipped my hobbles, I was a real stargazer. I tell you, Jenny, I dreamed and I planned big things. And then I started drifting -- and I've been drifting ever since."

Jackie Russell as Carrie Virginia

  • (Unnamed) "Now, hold on, Carrie Virginia. When I gave you away to that Pete Dodge feller, I told him to stay away until after the wedding."
  • (Jackie Russell) "And Pete is staying away, too."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, then, who's that?"
  • (Jackie Russell) "That's just his brother, Edgar, coming to pay his respects. They're such a close family."
  • (Unnamed) "Close? Close?"

Robert Middleton as Barkeep

  • (Robert Middleton) "Just like D.J. woulda done."

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