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The Champagne Murders Quotes

The Champagne Murders is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Champagne Murders completed its run in 1970.

It features Jean Rabier as head of cinematography.

The Champagne Murders is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of The Champagne Murders is 105 minutes long.

The cast includes: Anthony Perkins as Christopher, Suzanne Lloyd as Evelyn, and George Skaff as Mr. Pfeiffer.

The Champagne Murders Quotes

Anthony Perkins as Christopher

  • (Christine Belling) "Darling, what's the matter with you? You were so sweet when you woke up?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "It's you. It's like being married, I don't know, it's like being married to a computer."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "At least back in the days when I was "Jackie" and I worked at the Carlton Hotel; when I worked the Carlton Hotel; I fulfilled a function. Anybody could rent me. Do what they liked with me."
  • (Paul Wagner) "And Christine did; with a bit of help from me."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I still remember those old women and their greasy cocktails. All their Brandy Babalus and Singapore Slings. I can taste them, to this day. And if you did't drink them, they were offended. No tip."
  • (Paul Wagner) "Well, but, at least you graduated to champagne."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Oh, yeah. Yes, now I'm Mr. Belling; the Champagne King. That's an empty title; if ever there was one. Who is he? I haven't changed. Where's the; the thing that justifies my life?"
  • (Paul Wagner) "Doing nothing's a very tough job. It calls for a lot of concentration. I think you've done a very good job on yourself. When I first met you; you were a good looking mess. Now, you've learned to do nothing with; with, eh, distinction. It's a work of art."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I'm sorry darling. I don't really feel too well. I'm tired. It's always like this when I haven't had enough television."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "What's your name? Me, Paul."
  • (George Skaff) "Me, Paula."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "No, me, Paul."
  • (George Skaff) "Me, Paula."
  • (Unnamed) "She is called Paula."
  • (Christine Belling) "You're not so badly off here, are you?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "It stinks of champagne."

Suzanne Lloyd as Evelyn

  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "Where would you like to be?"
  • (Paul Wagner) "Oh, where would I like to be? Scaling the seven hills of Rome, maybe. Or, eating seafood in Salt Lake City. Huh? Or, water skiing in the shadow of the Pyramids. Anywhere but here."
  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "Well, I haven't had much chance to travel."
  • (Paul Wagner) "Oh, I see. Well, eh, maybe we could take a little trip right now. Come along with me."
  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "Who's that little brunette over there?"
  • (Paul Wagner) "Oh, she's just a secretary."
  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "Well, she needs encouragement. I know just how she feels."
  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "So, you did come."
  • (Paul Wagner) "Yes."
  • (Suzanne Lloyd) "You know, when I like someone, I'm a monster. And my instinct is to devour. And I want more and more and more."

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