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Swimming with Sharks Quotes

Swimming with Sharks is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Swimming with Sharks completed its run in 1970.

It features Tom Hiel in charge of musical score, and Steven Finestone as head of cinematography.

Swimming with Sharks is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Swimming with Sharks is 93 minutes long. Swimming with Sharks is distributed by Trimark Pictures.

The cast includes: Kevin Spacey as Buddy, Michelle Forbes as Dawn, Frank Whaley as Guy, and Benicio del Toro as Rex.

Swimming with Sharks Quotes

Michelle Forbes as Dawn

  • (Michelle Forbes) "Don't apologise. It's a sign of weakness."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "How about lunch?"
  • (Frank Whaley) "Well, I'm not allowed to take lunch, Buddy doesn't believe in it."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Lose the smile. It makes you look like a schmuck."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Talk to Buddy about the yelling. It makes you look like a schmuck."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Let me ask you a question: why do you want this?"
  • (Frank Whaley) "I don't know. It's just something I've always wanted to do."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Oh bullshit. Is it the money? There are easier ways to get rich. Girls? I'll float you a twenty and give you a number to call right now. Why the movies?"

Kevin Spacey as Buddy

  • (Kevin Spacey) "Out here, it's kill your parents, fuck your friends, and have a nice day."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "And now try to follow me, because I'm gonna be moving in a kind of circular motion, so if you pay attention, there will be a point."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "You're happy. I hate that."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Before you go out and change the world, you have to ask yourself, "What do you really want?""
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Look, I can appreciate this. I was young too, I felt just like you. Hated authority, hated all my bosses, thought they were full of shit. Look, it's like they say, if you're not a rebel by the age of 20, you got no heart, but if you haven't turned establishment by 30, you've got no brains. Because there are no story-book romances, no fairy-tale endings. So before you run out and change the world, ask yourself, "What do you really want?""
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Loud and nasty, that's the only way it sticks, Dawn."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "You wanna talk big directors? Think Attenborough, think Spielberg, think Lean."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Lean's dead."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "No he's not, don't you ever say that. He's just unavailable."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "And when you're done with her, west lobby, tube dress, stiletto heels, hurry. Fetch."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "You are nothing. If you were in my toilet I wouldn't bother flushing it. My bathmat means more to me than you."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Once you get past the "oops, he caught us" stage and realize we're both fucked, let me know, okay?"
  • (Kevin Spacey) "What I am concerned with is detail. I asked you go get me a packet of Sweet-N-Low. You bring me back Equal. That isn't what I asked for. That isn't what I wanted. That isn't what I needed and that shit isn't going to work around here."
  • (Frank Whaley) "I, I just thought --"
  • (Kevin Spacey) "You thought. Do me a fucking favor. Shut up, listen, and learn. Look, I know that this is your first day and you don't really know how things work around here, so I will tell you. You have no brain. No judgement calls are necessary. What you think means nothing. What you feel means nothing. You are here for me. You are here to protect my interests and to serve my needs. So, while it may look like a little thing to you, when I ask for a packet of Sweet-N-Low, that's what I want. And it's your responsibility to see that I get what I want."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Say this one time with me: "Would you like that in a pump or a loafer?" -- Good. Now memorize it, because starting tomorrow, the only job that you're going to be able to get is selling SHOES."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "This is the only way that you can hope to survive. Because life -- is not a movie. Everyone lies. Good guys lose. And love -- does not conquer all."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "No offense to you, but you are just an assistant. Now, granted, you're MY assistant, but still just an assistant. Dawn, on the other hand, is a producer. Her car phone bills are more than your rent. So, just how far do you think you'll get?"
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Life is not a movie. Good guys lose, everybody lies, and love -- does not conquer all."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "What, your job is unfair to you? Grow up, way it goes. People use you? Life's unfair? Grow up, way it goes. Your girlfriend doesn't love you? Tough shit, way it goes. Your wife gets raped and shot, and they leave their unfinished beers --"
  • (Kevin Spacey) "-- their -- their stinking longnecks just lying there on the gr; So be it. Way it goes."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "If they can't start a meeting without you, well, that's a meeting worth going to, isn't it? And that's the only kind of meeting you should ever concern yourselves with."
  • (Kevin Spacey) "Avoid women directors. They ovulate. Do you have any idea what that does to an three month shoot?"

Frank Whaley as Guy

  • (Frank Whaley) "Fuck. Fuck. That's it, I'm screwed. It's over."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Ah, relax. He always does that. That's his thing. Tomorrow, he'll ask you for an Equal. You can't win. It's a lose-lose situation. The trick is to have everything ready."
  • (Frank Whaley) "I've handled the phones, I've juggled the bimbos, I, I've put up with the tyrants, the yellers, the screamers. I've done more than you can even imagine in that small mind of yours. I paid my dues."
  • (Frank Whaley) "I didn't spend one year --"
  • (Kevin Spacey) "and I spent ten."
  • (Frank Whaley) "That's a bagel stain."
  • (Michelle Forbes) "Bagel stain?"
  • (Frank Whaley) "I put too much cream cheese on Buddy's bagel and he threw it at me. But I learned a very valuable lesson -- never put too much cream cheese on Buddy's bagel."

Benicio del Toro as Rex

  • (Benicio del Toro) "This is not a business, this is show business. Punching below the belt is not only all right, it's rewarded."

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