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Sweet Valley High (TV series) Quotes

Sweet Valley High is a Comedy-drama that debuted in 1994 on Broadcast syndication (1994-1996). Sweet Valley High completed its run in 1997.

Sweet Valley High lasted 4 seasons and 88 episodes. It features Ron Wasserman as theme composer, Shuki Levy as composer, and Russ Brandt as head of cinematography. Sweet Valley High is executive produced by Francine Pascal.

Sweet Valley High is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Sweet Valley High is 30 minutes long. Sweet Valley High is produced by Teen Dream Productions, Inc. and distributed by Saban International.

The cast includes: Brittany Daniel as Jessica, Cynthia Daniel as Elizabeth, Cynthia Daniel as Lila, Tyffany Hayes as Cheryl, Michael Perl as Winston, John Jocelyn as Shred, Harley Rodriguez as Manny, and Amy Danles as Enid.

Sweet Valley High Quotes

Cynthia Daniel as Lila

  • (Cynthia Daniel) "Any moron can pass a social studies test. Which country has never had a king or queen? England, France or the United States?"
  • (Brittany Daniel) "France"
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "Jessica, the United States has never had a queen."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Excuse me. Queen Latifah."
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "Todd, what are you doing here?"
  • (Todd) "I was just in the neighborhood jogging and--"
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "Isn't that your car in the driveway?"
  • (Todd) "Oh, so that's where I left it."
  • (Todd) "I know. Remember how mad she got last year when you beat her?"
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "She gave me the silent treatment for a month."
  • (Todd) "Now that was a great month, wasn't it?"
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "You paid money to have Beethoven killed?"
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Not that much. I had a coupon."
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "I found a couple of Todd's love letters."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Ew."

Brittany Daniel as Jessica

  • (Brittany Daniel) "I've taken the liberty of separating the boys at Sweet Valley High into different categories of desirability. Now these guys are warm, sensitive, and have high GPA's. Losers. Feel free to pass them on to Enid. Now, these guys have hot bodies, great cars, and cool hair."
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "That sounds good."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "On second thought, I'll keep these for myself. You can have my rejects."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "The only reason it was a good kiss was because I'm a good kisser."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Please. Like anybody reads in the library."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "So? We'd be perfect. With my good looks, and your -- ability to look like me, we're unstoppable."
  • (Officer) "You were speeding and you ran the sign."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "If I was speeding, how was I supposed to read the sign?"
  • (Teacher) "I'm going to let you take a make-up test."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Perfect. I know all about makeup."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "I'm glad Bruce didn't ask for his keys back from when I worked here"
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "Yeah. Now instead of breaking and entering, we're just entering."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Liz, my future's in your hands. If you say no now, I may never get on TV. I could wind up just like every other random nobody out there, only more beautiful."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Not ready to date? That's like, not being ready to breathe. Are you sure we're related?"

Harley Rodriguez as Manny

  • (Harley Rodriguez) "What if you find someone else on the slopes?"
  • (Amy Danles) "I won't. I'm leaving my sexy earmuffs at home."
  • (Harley Rodriguez) "What about your sexy parka, the one with the ducks on it?"

Amy Danles as Enid

  • (Amy Danles) "Mr. Wiseman, I've never cheated on anything in my life. Well except the time i was on the grapefruit diet and I ate a banana."

Tyffany Hayes as Cheryl

  • (Tyffany Hayes) "No offence, but some of the routines might be a little complex."
  • (Cynthia Daniel) "We do complex. We do complex."
  • (Brittany Daniel) "Yeah, we complicate everything."

Michael Perl as Winston

  • (Michael Perl) "That doesn't sound like Liz."
  • (Todd) "Whose side are you on?"
  • (Michael Perl) "Oh, no. I do not take sides when it comes to break-ups."
  • (John Jocelyn) "Yeah, but who do you think is right, Liz or Todd?"

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