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Stir of Echoes Quotes

Stir of Echoes is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Stir of Echoes stopped airing in 1970.

It features Judy Hofflund, and Gavin Polone as producer, James Newton Howard in charge of musical score, and Fred Murphy (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Stir of Echoes is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Stir of Echoes is 100 minutes long. Stir of Echoes is distributed by Artisan Entertainment.

The cast includes: Kevin Dunn as Frank McCarthy, Kevin Bacon as Tom Witzky, Kathryn Erbe as Maggie Witzky, Illeana Douglas as Lisa, Lusia Strus as Sheila, Zachary David Cope as Jake Witzky, and Kevin Bacon as Tom.

Stir of Echoes Quotes

Zachary David Cope as Jake Witzky

  • (Zachary David Cope) "Don't be afraid of it, Daddy."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Okay. Guess who came over to play --"
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Superheros. I was Black Power Ranger. He was Batman."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Jake, you okay in there buddy?"
  • (Zachary David Cope) "I'm okay."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Can I ask you a question?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Okay, time to hit the sack."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "An important question."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Here we go big guy, C'mon."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Can I wear bugs?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Bug pajamas, uh, are all the way downstairs. But the fire trucks are here. They're okay for tonight."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Bugs."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Fire trucks."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Bugs."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Fire trucks."
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Bugs."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Okay, bugs. Be right back --"
  • (Zachary David Cope) "Does it hurt to be dead?"

Kevin Bacon as Tom Witzky

  • (Kevin Bacon) "Whatever door you opened in my brain, I want you to shut it; now."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I'm supposed to dig."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I never wanted to be famous. I just never expected to be so --"
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "What?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I don't know, ordinary."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Tools."

Kathryn Erbe as Maggie Witzky

  • (Unnamed) "It comes and goes. Some people have it for five seconds. Some their whole lives. He's a receiver now. Everything's coming in. He can't stop it, he can't slow it down, he can't even figure it out. It's like he's in a tunnel with a flashlight. But the light only comes on every once in a while. He gets a glimpse of something, but not enough to know what it is. Just enough to know it's there."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "Jake, too?"
  • (Unnamed) "Your son? Much better flashlight."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "Look what I'm not cleaning up."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "WHY ARE YOU DIGGING?"
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "Why are you doing this?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Water softens up the dirt."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "She's a witch. She took one look at me and guessed. Well, say something."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Bummer."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "Something else."
  • (Unnamed) "Boy's got the eyes on him, doesn't he? X-ray. Not you, though. Possibly daddy."
  • (Unnamed) "They're not the only ones."

Illeana Douglas as Lisa

  • (Illeana Douglas) "Animal."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What'd I do this time?"
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Should I tell him?"
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "If you wanna die."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "Well, your beer-addled sperm still works."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "LISA?"
  • (Illeana Douglas) "You impregnated my sister again."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "BITCH."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "I thought you wanted me to tell him."
  • (Kathryn Erbe) "Why, because I said don't?"
  • (Illeana Douglas) "There's only eight percent of the population that's, like, highly hypnotizable. I mean, almost anybody can go under a little, but not way under. Not freaky under. Like he did."
  • (Illeana Douglas) "It doesn't surprise me that there's another woman. Of course, the fact that she's dead gives one pause."

Kevin Dunn as Frank McCarthy

  • (Kevin Dunn) "They were going to kill you in cold blood. I couldn't let that happen. Not here. This is a decent neighborhood."

Lusia Strus as Sheila

  • (Lusia Strus) "Why don't you just lick 'em when they walk by?"

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