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Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Quotes

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier is a Science fiction that appeared on TV in 2019 on none; Online release. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier ended its run in 2019.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier was on for 7 seasons and 50 total episodes. Star Trek: Hidden Frontier is created by Rob Caves.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier is 35-40 minutes long. Spinoffs for this show include *Star Trek: Odyssey *Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles *Star Trek: Federation One *Star Trek:Diplomatic Relations.

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier Quotes

  • (Sha'Kev) "It's surprising how many governments will turn a blind eye to trilithium weapons. They can be so useful in a "make a big bang" sort of way."
  • (Sha'Kev) "Secure them both in the portside hold, and uh, if they give you any trouble -- be imaginative."
  • (Counselor Myra Elbrey) "You did the same thing when you were his age and a nice doctor was always there to fix YOU up."
  • (Lt. Cmdr. Henglaar, M.D.) "And that's why I'm sending him to Dr. Anderson: she's the only 'nice' doctor we have aboard."
  • (Commodore Cole) "Behind us is a hidden frontier, with secrets we do not fully understand. But we do know this: the Briar Patch hides many people and planets that can no longer protect themselves. Starfleet has no nobler calling than preserving the peace so that all of our peoples can benefit from the exploration of space -- The game is afoot, ladies and gentlemen. Battle stations."

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