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St. Patrick's Day (The Office) Quotes

St. Patrick's Day (The Office) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . St. Patrick's Day ended in 1970.

St. Patrick's Day (The Office) Quotes

  • (Angela Martin) "Are you getting sick?"
  • (Kelly Erin Hannon) "No. It's just indigestion."
  • (Angela Martin) "In your nose?"
  • (Michael Scott) "It's Saint Patrick's day. Here in Scranton, St. Patty's day is a big deal. It is the closest the Irish will ever have to Christmas."
  • (Kelly Erin Hannon) "Andy. I'm in my jammy-jams."
  • (Andy Bernard) "That's okay. I'm in my worky-works."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "They say no man is an island. False. I am an island, and this island is volcanic, and it's about to erupt with the hot molten lava of strategy."
  • (Jim Halpert) "I'm not surprised Dwight's using my baby to try to get my desk. I'm a little surprised that it's working."
  • (Michael Scott) "Hello hello. Top of the morning to you. Ooh ooh. Green M&Ms. Nature's Viagra."
  • (Michael Scott) "Two of my favorite joke areas combined. It'll be a good day."
  • (Michael Scott) "I'll be in the other side of this wall if you need me. Just one knock for yes, two knocks for no."
  • (Jo Bennett) "How many knocks does it take to get you to do some work?"

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