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Spinout (film) Quotes

Spinout (film) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Spinout ended in 1970.

It features Joe Pasternak as producer, George Stoll in charge of musical score, and Daniel L. Fapp as head of cinematography.

Spinout (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Spinout (film) is 93 minutes long. Spinout (film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Carl Betz as Howard Foxhugh, Warren Berlinger as Philip, Elvis Presley as Mike McCoy, Shelley Fabares as Cynthia Foxhugh, Diane McBain as Diana St. Clair, Deborah Walley as Les, Jimmy Hawkins as Larry, Jack Mullaney as Curly, and Will Hutchins as Lt. Tracy Richards.

Spinout (film) Quotes

Diane McBain as Diana St. Clair

  • (Diane McBain) "That's right, and as soon as I domesticate you; get you housebroken; you'll be the best husband a girl ever had."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Husband?"

Deborah Walley as Les

  • (Deborah Walley) "What? Is this a raid?"
  • (Will Hutchins) "Yeah, reach for the ceiling. Now turn around."
  • (Will Hutchins) "I just wanted to see if you packed a gun."

Jack Mullaney as Curly

  • (Jack Mullaney) "Wow. That was some book."
  • (Deborah Walley) "I saw the movie, and it was dirty."

Elvis Presley as Mike McCoy

  • (Elvis Presley) "I'd rather stay single, do the things I like to do, race, sing --"
  • (Elvis Presley) "Excuse me, I seem to be bumping your binoculars."
  • (Elvis Presley) "If you're not out of here in about three seconds, I'm gonna put ya over my knee -- I'm gonna paddle your bottom until it's as red as that jalopy you're drivin'."

Shelley Fabares as Cynthia Foxhugh

  • (Shelley Fabares) "Hey. You're all wet. I saw you last night at the Crazy Club, you sing great."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You know you could've got me killed."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "You sure killed me. Oh, and what you do with a song. Do you know it was all I could to to keep from jumping up on that stage."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Aw, knock it off will you? You just demolished me and you stand there yapping as if nothing happened."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "You're cute."
  • (Elvis Presley) "No, you're cute."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "The way you sing, the way you drive, the way you get mad. Mike, I really go for you."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Honey, I'm just about to go for you."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "Oooh. I can hardly wait."
  • (Elvis Presley) "If you're not out of here in about three seconds, I'm gonna put you over my knee, I'm gonna paddle your bottom until it's as red as that jalopy you're driving."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "But I'm only wearing it."
  • (Elvis Presley) "That's good because you're gonna feel it too."
  • (Shelley Fabares) "So long, Mike -- For now."
  • (Elvis Presley) ""So long, Mike, for now.""

Carl Betz as Howard Foxhugh

  • (Carl Betz) "I'm glad you like the car, and we're going to give you a chance to drive it, but you've got to promise me one thing."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Well, let's have it."
  • (Carl Betz) "Don't encourage Cynthia."
  • (Elvis Presley) "Cynthia? What's she got to do with it?"
  • (Carl Betz) "Well, I didn't mind you singing for her. That was her birthday present, but now she is talking about marriage, and that, of course, is out of the question."
  • (Elvis Presley) "You're trying to say I'm good enough to drive your car, but I'm not good enough to marry your daughter?"
  • (Carl Betz) "Oh, now, Mike, don't put it that way."
  • (Elvis Presley) "I'll put it this way; if I want to marry Cynthia, and she wants to marry me, we'll get married. As for your car, you can drive it yourself."
  • (Carl Betz) "Philip, are you a millionaire?"
  • (Warren Berlinger) "Umm -- No?"
  • (Carl Betz) "Then shut up and keep writing"

Jimmy Hawkins as Larry

  • (Jimmy Hawkins) "Sure knows how to handle that car."
  • (Deborah Walley) "Well, best driver on any track."
  • (Carl Betz) "Yeah, it looks like your plan worked."
  • (Deborah Walley) "Yeah."
  • (Carl Betz) "You seem pretty anxious to have Mike drive for me."
  • (Deborah Walley) "Oh, yeah, well the prize money is good."
  • (Jimmy Hawkins) "You see, Mr. Foxhugh, if we keep him busy driving, he won't have any time for your kid."
  • (Jimmy Hawkins) "Ow. Hey what did you kick me for?"
  • (Carl Betz) "Cynthia?"
  • (Jack Mullaney) "Yeah, if we don't break this up they're liable to do something terrible like get married."
  • (Jack Mullaney) "Ow. What did you kick me for?"
  • (Deborah Walley) "It's nothing to worry about. Cynthia isn't even Mike's type."
  • (Jimmy Hawkins) "Oh, well sure. Who'd want to marry a gorgeous millionairess?"
  • (Jack Mullaney) "Yeah."
  • (Deborah Walley) "Not me."
  • (Deborah Walley) "Ow. Oh. Ow. Oh."

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