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Shadows in Paradise Quotes

Shadows in Paradise is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Shadows in Paradise completed its run in 1970.

It features Mika Kaurismäki as producer, and Timo Salminen as head of cinematography.

Shadows in Paradise is recorded in Finnish and originally aired in Finland. Each episode of Shadows in Paradise is 74 minutes long. Shadows in Paradise is distributed by Finnkino.

The cast includes: Matti Pellonpää as Nikander, Kati Outinen as Ilona Rajamäki, Jukka-Pekka Palo as Third Man, Mato Valtonen as Pelle, Esko Nikkari as Co-worker, Pekka Laiho as Shop Steward, and Sakari Kuosmanen as Melartin.

Shadows in Paradise Quotes

Matti Pellonpää as Nikander

  • (Matti Pellonpää) "How are you, old man?"
  • (Jukka-Pekka Palo) "Alright."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Want me to smash your face?"
  • (Jukka-Pekka Palo) "No."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Get lost then, we've got to talk."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Be there at 6:00am tomorrow. You'll be on probation for a week."
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "Great. Now I've just got to be brave and call my wife."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Tell her you got a job."
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "It won't help. She'll hit me anyway."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Then why keep drinking?"
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "Makes me feel good."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Do you find it dull here? With me, I mean?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Why?"
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Just asking?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Take it easy, Nikander. Everything is OK today. I don't know about tomorrow. Maybe the weather will turn, or something. What do you want from me anyway?"
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Who? Me?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Yes, you."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Do you want to have more wine?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Answer me."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "I don't want anything from anyone. I'm Nikander. Ex-butcher, now a carbage truck driver. Bad teeth and stomach, liver is hanging on. More than I can say about my head. No use asking what I want."
  • (Kati Outinen) "I only asked."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "You're welcome."
  • (Kati Outinen) "It's cold in here."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "I haven't paid attention to it."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Friday."
  • (Esko Nikkari) "You want?"
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "I'm driving."
  • (Esko Nikkari) "Listen, Nikander. We've been a team quite a while. But I've been doing this for 25 years. I'm getting tired and so is my heart."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "What's the matter with it?"
  • (Esko Nikkari) "What ever."
  • (Esko Nikkari) "I've got an idea; my own company. Five trucks to start with --"
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "What does it end?"
  • (Esko Nikkari) "The sky is the limit. The state and the banks will back us. I know everything about this game, but I'm not going to die behind the wheel."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Where, then?"
  • (Esko Nikkari) "Behind a desk. And I need a good foreman."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Wait a minute."
  • (Kati Outinen) "I don't think it will work out."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "What won't?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Anything."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "The door's locked."
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "It usually is in jail."

Mato Valtonen as Pelle

  • (Mato Valtonen) "Do you have a cigarette, friend?"
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Not for you."

Kati Outinen as Ilona Rajamäki

  • (Ilona's Girlfriend (ystävätär)) "What do I say if anyone ask for you?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Don't say anything."
  • (Ilona's Girlfriend (ystävätär)) "Okay."
  • (Kati Outinen) "Say I went back where I came from."
  • (Ilona's Girlfriend (ystävätär)) "I thought you were a local?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "No."
  • (Ilona's Girlfriend (ystävätär)) "Where are you from then?"
  • (Kati Outinen) "Down the street."
  • (Kati Outinen) "I thought I'd go to Florida, but all the planes were booked. Anyway, I couldn't get the cashbox open. My aunt's been to Florida. She says there's nothing there. All she saw was some Finns and Donald Ducks."

Sakari Kuosmanen as Melartin

  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "My mother-in-law's babysitting tonight."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Oh yeah?"
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "The four of us could go out together."
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "Where?"
  • (Sakari Kuosmanen) "The classic thing: a movie first, then a bar, get drunk."

Esko Nikkari as Co-worker

  • (Esko Nikkari) "I've got a slogan already: "Reliable garbage disposal since 1986.""
  • (Matti Pellonpää) "But that's now."
  • (Esko Nikkari) "That's why it catches the eye."

Pekka Laiho as Shop Steward

  • (Pekka Laiho) "No one can predict how the market forces change. Sometimes you have too much stuff, sometimes too little. But I can say that I'd had to keep you here with us."
  • (Kati Outinen) "Sure."
  • (Pekka Laiho) "But there's nothing I can do about it. I just sit here and watch sales graph. There is a new supermarket somewhere around here with all their special offers and so on -- So our sales will go down temporarily. You're the only one on probationary period and that's why you have to go. The supermarket's is a merciless machine. I hope you understand."
  • (Kati Outinen) "Your daughter finishes school in two weeks. She needs a job. You don't fool me."

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