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Savages (2012 film) Quotes

Savages (2012 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Savages ended its run in 1970.

It features Moritz Borman, and Eric Copeloff as producer, Adam Peters in charge of musical score, and Daniel Mindel as head of cinematography.

Savages (2012 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Savages (2012 film) is 130 minutes long. Savages (2012 film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Taylor Kitsch as Chon, Salma Hayek as Elena, Blake Lively as O, Benicio del Toro as Lado, Diego Cataño as Esteban, Mía Maestro as Dolores, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ben, and John Travolta as Dennis.

Savages (2012 film) Quotes

Salma Hayek as Elena

  • (Salma Hayek) "If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed comes to California."
  • (Salma Hayek) "May I ask you how long have you been using, Ophelia?"
  • (Blake Lively) "Since the eighth grade."
  • (Salma Hayek) "And you're wondering why you're having concentration problems?"
  • (Salma Hayek) "I like talking to you Ophelia. But let me remind you that if I had to, I wouldn't have a problem cutting both their throats."
  • (Salma Hayek) "They must be taught respect. I found their weakness."
  • (Salma Hayek) "Have you ever really thought about your future?"
  • (Blake Lively) "That's a little ironic, considering the situation I'm in."
  • (Salma Hayek) "There's something wrong with your love story, baby. They may love you, but they will never love you as much as they love each other. Otherwise, they wouldn't share you, would they?"

Benicio del Toro as Lado

  • (Benicio del Toro) "Stop begging. You sound like a woman --"
  • (Benicio del Toro) "You think you left the old ways behind? Well, let me tell you something. Tijuana is coming here. It's chasing us."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "These guys were stupid. Be smarter. Don't make us go live. ::frowning-face emoticon:: We need to talk. Time and place coming --."

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ben

  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "That was Mexico, this is Laguna. The cops wear shorts and ride bicycles."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "This is the best cannabis in the world."

Blake Lively as O

  • (Blake Lively) "Call me O. I was named after Ophelia, the bipolar basket case in Hamlet who committed suicide. So I cut it down to just O."
  • (Blake Lively) "It started here in paradise, Laguna Beach, where they say God parked himself on the seventh day, but they towed him on the eighth."
  • (Blake Lively) "I have orgasms. He has "wargasms.""
  • (Blake Lively) "I looked up the definition of the word savage. It means cruel, crippled, regressed back to a primal state of being. One day, maybe, we'll be back. For now, we live like savages -- beautiful, savages."
  • (Blake Lively) "Chon is a killer. Two tours. Iraq, Afghanistan. And he came back with a Iot of cash, but no soul. He's always trying to fuck the war out of himself while fucking me in the ass. I have orgasms. He has war-gasms."
  • (Blake Lively) "So, I guess I try to give him back some of the things that he's Iost. Like, sense of fucking. Chon is the Iove of my Iife."
  • (Blake Lively) "Just because I'm telling you this story doesn't mean I'm alive at the end of it. This could all be pre-recorded and I could be talking to you from the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, it's that kind of a story. Because things just got so out of control."

Taylor Kitsch as Chon

  • (Taylor Kitsch) "I think, basically, you want us to eat your shit and call it caviar."
  • (Taylor Kitsch) "Grow up Ben. You don't change the world, it changes you."
  • (Taylor Kitsch) "You're already dead. You're dead from the moment you're born. If you can accept that, you can accept anything."
  • (Taylor Kitsch) "Close your legs. It's showing."
  • (Blake Lively) "Oh. Sorry --"
  • (Taylor Kitsch) "I was talking to him."

Mía Maestro as Dolores

  • (Mía Maestro) "I promise I'll kill you."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "That's the Dolores I'd like to fuck."

John Travolta as Dennis

  • (John Travolta) "C'mon, don't be a knucklehead, think for a minute."
  • (Benicio del Toro) "Fuck you, you think."

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