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S. Darko Quotes

S. Darko is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . S. Darko completed its run in 1970.

It features Adam Fields as producer, Ed Harcourt in charge of musical score, and Marvin V. Rush as head of cinematography.

S. Darko is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of S. Darko is 103 minutes long. S. Darko is distributed by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Briana Evigan as Corey, Daveigh Chase as Sam, Daveigh Chase as Agatha, Matthew Davis as Pastor John, Jackson Rathbone as Jeremy, Ed Westwick as Randy, and Elizabeth Berkley as Trudy.

S. Darko Quotes

Briana Evigan as Corey

  • (Briana Evigan) "Why can't I touch you?"
  • (Unnamed) "'Cause we'll explode."
  • (Briana Evigan) "Only two more good mornings."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Only one more day."
  • (Briana Evigan) "We're so perfect."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Immaculate."

Daveigh Chase as Sam

  • (Daveigh Chase) "He should've died up on that windmill."
  • (Briana Evigan) "I was thinking we chop off his balls and stone him."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Light him on fire if gas was wasn't so expensive."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Four days, 17 hours, 26 minutes, 31 seconds. That is when the world will end."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "Right under my nose."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "I wanted to buy your lunch."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "That's sweet."
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "I don't usually come to these kind of things."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "So, uh, why'd you come to this one?"

Matthew Davis as Pastor John

  • (Matthew Davis) "You girls new in town?"
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Just passing through."
  • (Matthew Davis) "Well, you gonna be around a little while, you might as well stop and get some pizza at my Bible study. Lot of fun."
  • (Briana Evigan) "Oh, I'm satanic."
  • (Briana Evigan) "She's half-Jehovah, quarter Jew and a tiny bit retarded."
  • (Matthew Davis) "Well, we're nondenominational. We accept all types, even those with horns."
  • (Matthew Davis) "I used to be like you."
  • (Briana Evigan) "What, you had a training bra?"
  • (Matthew Davis) "Not exactly. But when I was your age, I experienced things that made me feel like God didn't exist. Maybe you've experienced something like that too."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "You don't know anything about me."
  • (Matthew Davis) "I can see that you're in pain."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "I'm alive."
  • (Matthew Davis) "Is that how you see life?"
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Till farts taste like cherries, yeah."
  • (Briana Evigan) "What do you think God's farts taste like?"
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Marshmallow Peeps."

Ed Westwick as Randy

  • (Ed Westwick) "Where you gonna go?"
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Virginia."
  • (Ed Westwick) "What's it like?"
  • (Daveigh Chase) "Sucks."

Elizabeth Berkley as Trudy

Jackson Rathbone as Jeremy

  • (Jackson Rathbone) "This; This is; This is impossible."
  • (Daveigh Chase) "What? The fireworks?"
  • (Jackson Rathbone) "No. The tesseracts."

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