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Ryan's Daughter Quotes

Ryan's Daughter is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Ryan's Daughter ended its run in 1970.

It features Anthony Havelock-Allan as producer, Maurice Jarre in charge of musical score, and Freddie Young as head of cinematography.

Ryan's Daughter is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Ryan's Daughter is 195 minutes long. Ryan's Daughter is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Evin Crowley as Maureen, Robert Mitchum as Charles Shaughnessy, Sarah Miles as Rosy Ryan, Marie Kean as Mr. McCardle, Marie Kean as Mrs. McCardle, Gerald Sim as Captain, and Christopher Jones as Randolph Doryan.

Ryan's Daughter Quotes

Gerald Sim as Captain

  • (Gerald Sim) "There's no local crumpet. It's married or virgin here, you know. And that priest down there's got eyes in the back of his head."
  • (Gerald Sim) "Well, if it's all the same to you, sir, I'll be straight off. I've given myself leave."
  • (Christopher Jones) "Yes?"
  • (Gerald Sim) "Embarkation leave. France. Second Batallion, Southeast Lanchasires -- they're in the front line. Will you tell me something, man to man? What's it like, really; front line?"
  • (Gerald Sim) "Aye. Well, I'll find out soon enough. I'm a coward, you see. No, I always have been; from being a lad. I can't master it. Well, I don't suppose I've tried, really. I'd give my left arm to have a touch of what you've got. I hate it. Just the bloody thought of it gives me the shakes. In fact, that's my nightmare, the shakes. I don't mind dying; not if it's quick. Life's not that much, is it? I wouldn't mind having a gammy leg, like you've got; though I don't suppose it's funny. But the shakes? Shellshock? Just shaking and shambling like a -- epileptic baby? Nay, I'd rather be dead. I can see what's coming; I'm going to disgrace myself --"
  • (Christopher Jones) "You don't know what you'll do. No one does; you don't know what you're doing?"
  • (Gerald Sim) "Really? I read what you did in the newspapers. That weren't no flash in the pan; you'd do the same again, I dare say."
  • (Christopher Jones) "You'd be wrong."
  • (Gerald Sim) "Well, you've done your bit; someone else's turn, eh?"

Marie Kean as Mr. McCardle

  • (Marie Kean) "You're taking advantage of your cloth, Father."
  • (Unnamed) "That's what it's for."
  • (Unnamed) "It seems the Jerries are giving your brave lads out there a terrible scrimmage, then."
  • (Unnamed) "Aye."
  • (Marie Kean) "Well, you see Tom, Jerry's a tougher proposition than unarmed Irish children."
  • (Unnamed) "As far as I know, Mr. McCardle, no children were killed."
  • (Unnamed) "All right, there were. They get you in this uniform, you aim your gun where you're told to point it, and you pull the trigger. And so does Jerry -- and so would you."
  • (Marie Kean) "There's loose women, and there's whores -- and there's British soldier's whores."
  • (Unnamed) "But why must it be Rosy?"
  • (Marie Kean) "Because she was fornicating with the fellow."

Evin Crowley as Maureen

  • (Evin Crowley) "Aren't the police a dirty lot, hobnobbing with British soldiers."
  • (Unnamed) "I heard that, Maureen Cassidy."
  • (Evin Crowley) "You were meant to, Constable O'Connor."
  • (Unnamed) "What am I to do with you? What?"
  • (Evin Crowley) "Actually, it's only a bit of fun, Father."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you brainless, Maureen Cassidy, or what? Fun. Devil take me if the lot of you's not possessed and damned."

Robert Mitchum as Charles Shaughnessy

  • (Robert Mitchum) "You're awful young."
  • (Sarah Miles) "Aye, and that's a hanging matter, isn't it?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "No, it's -"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "No, it's not a hanging matter to be young -- but maybe it should be for an old man to take the youth away from a young girl. Especially a man like me and a girl like you. Rose, you were meant for the wide world, not this place, not this. Me; I was born for it."
  • (Sarah Miles) "You -- don't want me, then?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Don't want --"
  • (Unnamed) "If the Germans had an ounce of sense, they'd send us guns to use against the British."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "That's treason you're talking."
  • (Unnamed) "And friends that are listening surely to God."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Rose, you're mistaking a penny mirror for the sun; do you not see that?"
  • (Sarah Miles) "I see you always digging a low pit for yourself; when you should be standing on a heap of pride."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "You coming in here and saying what you did just now is the only cause I've ever had for pride."

Sarah Miles as Rosy Ryan

  • (Sarah Miles) "Indulging pleasures of the flesh; will that make me a different person?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, I've not gone down that road myself, but; no, it won't make you a different person."
  • (Sarah Miles) "I want it to."
  • (Unnamed) "What are you expecting, child?"
  • (Unnamed) "Wings, is it?"
  • (Sarah Miles) "You're being very nice to me this morning."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "And when was I ever not nice to you?"
  • (Sarah Miles) "Give it over, Michael. Thanks."

Christopher Jones as Randolph Doryan

  • (Christopher Jones) "Is there anything you want?"
  • (Unnamed) "Cigarette."
  • (Christopher Jones) "Anything else?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yes --"
  • (Unnamed) "GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY."
  • (Marie Kean) "God bless you, Tim O'Leary."

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