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Red Dust (1932 film) Quotes

Red Dust (1932 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Red Dust ended its run in 1970.

It features Hunt Stromberg (uncredited) as producer, and Harold Rosson as head of cinematography.

Red Dust (1932 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Red Dust (1932 film) is 83 minutes long. Red Dust (1932 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Mary Astor as Barbara Willis, Clark Gable as Dennis Carson, Tully Marshall as McQuarg, Jean Harlow as Vantine, and Gene Raymond as Gary Willis.

Red Dust (1932 film) Quotes

Clark Gable as Dennis Carson

  • (Clark Gable) "All those lame cracks won't help you any if I come back and find you've been annoying her."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Oh, I wouldn't touch her with your best pair of rubber gloves."
  • (Clark Gable) "Come on, hurry up you sap."
  • (Clark Gable) "Get out of there. Say what's the idea?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "What?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Getting in that barrel?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Oh, I don't know? Maybe I'm goin' over Niagara Falls. Whoop."
  • (Clark Gable) "What's the matter with you? Are you crazy?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Just a little nauseated. This rain seems to have uncovered a pile of garbage around here."
  • (Clark Gable) "Stop looking through key holes. It's bad for the eyes."
  • (Clark Gable) "Your hair always been that color?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Always been a towhead."
  • (Clark Gable) "Come on, lets have it. Who are you? Where'd you come from?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Don't rush me, brother. I'm Pollyanna, the Glad Girl."
  • (Clark Gable) "Let me tell you this, I'm not a one woman man and I never have been and I never will be. If you want to take your turn --"
  • (Clark Gable) "All right. If that makes you feel any better."
  • (Clark Gable) "Listen, what goes on here is my business."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Suppose I were to tell that nice white kid? He'd make it his business, wouldn't he?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Its a dirty, rotten country."
  • (Jean Harlow) "And we're dirty, rotten people, I suppose, eh?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Sure."

Mary Astor as Barbara Willis

  • (Mary Astor) "Oh, don't you see how ashamed I am?"
  • (Mary Astor) "Men think they can stand anything."
  • (Gene Raymond) "Gosh, think we can stand this bed?"
  • (Mary Astor) "Who else is going to?"
  • (Mary Astor) "It's stupid of me to be so frightened."
  • (Jean Harlow) "This storm isn't the only thing that has you worried around here, is it? I saw him kick the door shut. He came out with rouge all over his mouth. I suppose he asked to use your lipstick?"
  • (Mary Astor) "Why, it's milk."
  • (Clark Gable) "Oh no, just rubber. But you could drink it if you care to stretch a point."
  • (Mary Astor) "Oh, I once knew a man who made a joke like that. He was run over by a truck."
  • (Clark Gable) "Were you driving it?"
  • (Mary Astor) "Yes."
  • (Clark Gable) "Well, you're out of luck here. We only have ox-carts and every ox knows me personally."
  • (Mary Astor) "I won't stand for this. Do you think you can treat Gary like; like one of your coolies?"
  • (Mary Astor) "That's a -- a very polished little speech for a -- barbarian."
  • (Mary Astor) "You mean you don't allow wives on your plantation?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Women don't belong here; white or native."
  • (Mary Astor) "We shouldn't have done that."
  • (Clark Gable) "We did."
  • (Mary Astor) "Oh, it's too silly. What do I mean I'm scared? It was just one of those exciting little moment things."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Well, watch out for the next moment, honey. It's longer than the first."
  • (Mary Astor) "Don't you think I could be happy?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Would you mind if I made it my job to see that you are?"
  • (Mary Astor) "Well, apologies or even thanks are silly now. I just want you to know that; I owe you a great deal."
  • (Clark Gable) "I'll take your I.O.U."
  • (Mary Astor) "I don't know how it happened. I didn't do anything. He didn't have any reason to believe that I'd --"
  • (Jean Harlow) "I didn't hear any cries for help."
  • (Mary Astor) "Oh, I don't know what came over me. I should have stopped him. I tried, but --"
  • (Jean Harlow) "But you couldn't. Even when you tried, could you?"
  • (Mary Astor) "No. That's why I'm scared."
  • (Mary Astor) "Do you mind if I stay here with you?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Think you can stand the company?"

Jean Harlow as Vantine

  • (Jean Harlow) "What you been eatin', cement?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Gee, Denny, I don't want any ceremonies, but, but, turn around and give me the works."
  • (Jean Harlow) "You can check the wings and halo at the desk."
  • (Clark Gable) "I'll be right up."
  • (Jean Harlow) "What a pleasant little house party this is gonna be."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Well for the love of mud. Where am I sleeping; on a racetrack?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "I thought we might run up a few curtains and make a batch of fudge while we were planning on what to wear to the country club dance Saturday night."
  • (Jean Harlow) "You're not going to leave the corpse here?"
  • (Clark Gable) "It's his room. Didn't you know?"
  • (Jean Harlow) "Honest I didn't. I just took the first room the houseboy showed me. Oh, please you guys. This place is full of lizards and cockroaches as it is."
  • (Clark Gable) "One more won't hurt."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Don't mind me boys, I'm just restless."
  • (Jean Harlow) "What's the matter? Afraid I'll; shock the duchess? Don't you suppose she's ever seen a French postcard?"
  • (Clark Gable) "You'll let those curtains down if its the last bath you'll ever take."

Gene Raymond as Gary Willis

  • (Gene Raymond) "Those coolies are tough to handle, aren't they?"
  • (Clark Gable) "Didn't I tell you they were a lazy bunch?"
  • (Gene Raymond) "Well, I mean, I didn't know they were so sneaky about it. The minute you turn your back on 'em, they're up to something or other they shouldn't be doing."
  • (Gene Raymond) "Are they always like that?"
  • (Clark Gable) "I'm afraid so."
  • (Tully Marshall) "I was telling him about that time that Malay tried to knife you in the back."
  • (Jean Harlow) "Its a great country for that sort of thing."
  • (Gene Raymond) "Gee, that was a swell shot."

Tully Marshall as McQuarg

  • (Tully Marshall) "If it was the summer of 1894, I'd play games with you, sister. But life is much simpler now."

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