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Purgatory (1999 film) Quotes

Purgatory is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1999 on Turner Network Television. Purgatory ended in 1970.

It features Daniel Schneider as producer, and Brad Fiedel as theme composer.

Purgatory is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Purgatory is 94 minutes long.

The cast includes: Eric Roberts as Blackjack, Sam Shepard as Forest, Brad Rowe as Sonny, J. D. Souther as Brooks, Sam Shepard as Sheriff Forrest, Eric Roberts as Blackjack Britton, Randy Quaid as Doc Holliday, and Peter Stormare as Cavin Guthrie.

Purgatory Quotes

Sam Shepard as Forest

  • (Sam Shepard) "While you're in Refuge, I would appreciate it if you didn't curse, except for the saloon, of course."
  • (Sam Shepard) "I'm asking you nicely. Please stop throwing knives at our church."
  • (Unnamed) "What the hell."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Tht's exactly what it is. Hope you're ready to meet it."

Eric Roberts as Blackjack Britton

  • (Eric Roberts) "Sheriff, you're mother's a whore."
  • (Sam Shepard) "I have no mother."
  • (Eric Roberts) "You're still out sixteen to your four. The odds are against you."
  • (Randy Quaid) "The odds are getting better."
  • (Eric Roberts) "We've got a long ride ahead of us. Those who can keep up with me, I'll see you in Chihuahua. The rest of you, I'll see you in hell."

Peter Stormare as Cavin Guthrie

  • (Peter Stormare) "I feel like I was eaten by a coyote and crapped off a cliff."

Brad Rowe as Sonny

  • (Brad Rowe) "My uncle's mean when he's drunk. Mean when he ain't too."

J. D. Souther as Brooks

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