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Psycho Beach Party Quotes

Psycho Beach Party is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Psycho Beach Party ended its run in 1970.

It features Virginia Biddle as producer, and Ben Vaughn in charge of musical score.

Psycho Beach Party is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Psycho Beach Party is 95 minutes long. Psycho Beach Party is distributed by Strand Releasing.

The cast includes: Lauren Ambrose as Florence "Chicklet" Forrest, Danni Wheeler as Berdine, Amy Adams as Marvel Ann, Thomas Gibson as Kanaka, Beth Broderick as Mrs. Forrest, Kathleen Robertson as Rhonda, Andrew Levitas as Provoloney, Matt Keeslar as Lars, Nicholas Brendon as Starcat, and Kimberley Davies as Bettina Barnes.

Psycho Beach Party Quotes

Lauren Ambrose as Florence "Chicklet" Forrest

  • (Lauren Ambrose) "Anne Bowman created orgies."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "I'm no mere chick. I'm a goddess. And the first thing I'm gonna sacrifice are ya balls, sonny."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "Guys only want one thing. I'm going to the snack bar, want a wiener?"
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "Of course I know that. It was an accident. But then you never have accidents do you, Mr Perfect?"
  • (Nicholas Brendon) "Don't you ever call me that."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "What, "Mr Perfect"?"
  • (Nicholas Brendon) "You don't know what it's like, having everybody think you're the golden boy; perfectly smart, perfectly athletic. You can't imagine the pressure."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "And I thought all those people starving in India had it bad."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "I've never been to an orgy before. What do I wear?"
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "Who do you have to FUCK to get a hot dog in this dump?"
  • (Unnamed) "Say what?"
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "You heard me, buster. And I'm not payin' extra for dialog, so cut the chin music."

Matt Keeslar as Lars

  • (Matt Keeslar) "I'm having trouble with my pants. Whenever I put my hand in the pocket, I feel a little prick."

Kimberley Davies as Bettina Barnes

  • (Kimberley Davies) "Another lousy sci-fi flick. Berdine, I just can't identify with the Rat-Faced Girl from Mars."
  • (Danni Wheeler) "Is it really that bad?"
  • (Kimberley Davies) "Honey, Lassie could fart out a better script."
  • (Unnamed) "Ms. Barnes, why am I feeling a sense of deja vu?"
  • (Kimberley Davies) "I have a breath mint in my purse, sweetie; will that help?"

Beth Broderick as Mrs. Forrest

  • (Beth Broderick) "You'll never get away with this, motherfucking cocksuckers."
  • (Beth Broderick) "I believe this is what you kids call a gang bang."
  • (Unnamed) "Mrs. Forrest, what were you doing at 9 PM last night?"
  • (Beth Broderick) "What any woman should be doing at 9 PM. Needlepoint."
  • (Beth Broderick) "Madame Detective, I will not have my daughter interrogated by the Secret Police. As far as I know we are not yet a part of the Soviet Union."

Danni Wheeler as Berdine

  • (Danni Wheeler) "They look like beatniks, should I unpack my bongos?"
  • (Amy Adams) "I intend to unpack mine."
  • (Danni Wheeler) "No one understands Bettina. Her screen persona is a brilliant comment on the socio-political structure of stardom."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "You get all that from "The Pizza Waitress with Three Heads"? I guess we are the only ones watching the movie."

Thomas Gibson as Kanaka

  • (Thomas Gibson) "Still walking the straight and narrow-minded?"
  • (Thomas Gibson) "Mistress Ann, I've been a bad boy."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "And bad boys get spanked. Bad boys get tortured."
  • (Thomas Gibson) "Cowabunga."

Nicholas Brendon as Starcat

  • (Nicholas Brendon) "Kid, listen to it in high-fidelity, stereophonic sound: surfing's a man's domain. No minnows in the shark tank."

Andrew Levitas as Provoloney

  • (Andrew Levitas) "Why you picking on us? We didn't do nothin' wrong."
  • (Unnamed) "Because I don't like you. Don't like the way ya talk. I don't like the way ya walk. Don't like ya haircut. You kids think ya own this beach- think it's a teenage world. Well, you're dead wrong."

Kathleen Robertson as Rhonda

  • (Kathleen Robertson) "Hey, is it true you're going to Europe at the end of the summer?"
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "No, we just have a Swedish exchange student living with us."
  • (Kathleen Robertson) "Oh, I heard you were going to Denmark."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "Where'd ya get that idea?"
  • (Kathleen Robertson) "I heard you were going there to have some sort of an operation."
  • (Lauren Ambrose) "An operation?"
  • (Kathleen Robertson) "Yeah, I heard you were having your dick cut off and turning into a girl."
  • (Kathleen Robertson) "Kisses."

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