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Precious (film) Quotes

Precious (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Precious ended its run in 1970.

It features Lee Daniels, Gary Magness, Sarah Siegel-Magness, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Heller, Tyler Perry, and Lisa Cortés as producer, Mario Grigorov in charge of musical score, and Andrew Dunn, and Darren Lew as head of cinematography.

Precious (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Precious (film) is 110 minutes long. Precious (film) is distributed by Lionsgate.

The cast includes: Gabourey Sidibe as Clareece 'Precious' Jones, Mo'Nique as Mary, Aunt Dot as Tootsie, Xosha Roquemore as Joann, and Nealla Gordon as Mrs. Lichtenstein.

Precious (film) Quotes

Gabourey Sidibe as Clareece 'Precious' Jones

  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I wish she'd quit that s*** --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Nobody loves me."
  • (Ms. Rain) "People do love you, Precious."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Please don't lie to me, Ms. Rain. Love ain't done nothing for me -- but beat me -- rape me -- call me an animal. Make me feel worthless. Make me sick."
  • (Ms. Rain) "That wasn't love, Precious. Your baby loves you. I love you."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "My name is Clareece "Precious" Jones. I wish I had a light-skinned boyfriend with real nice hair. And I wanna be on the cover of a magazine. But first I wanna be in one of them BET videos. Momma said I can't dance. Plus, she said who wants to see my big ass dancing, anyhow?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Social worker here."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Why din't you tell me that bitch was comin' so f***in' early? My f***ing wi --"
  • (Mo'Nique) "Come get my wig."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Shut the f*** UP. I'm tryin' to listen."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "The other day, I cried. But you know what? f*** that day. That's why God, or whoever, makes other days."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Sometimes l wish l was dead. l'll be okay, I guess, 'cause l'm looking up. l'm looking up for a piano to fall. Or a desk, couch, TV -- Momma, maybe. Always something in my way."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I'm gonna break through or somebody gonna break through to me."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I like Mr. Wicher. l pretend he my husband and we live someplace like Westchester. Look at him. He like me, too, l know it. l can tell by his eyes. He always looking at me and smiling at me."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "You don't even like me."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Have we not been in this room together for like, a year discussing your life?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Does that mean we like each other because we discussing my life?"
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Well, I can't speak for you. I can only speak for me, and I like you. I do."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Some folks got a light around them that shine for other peoples. I think that maybe some of them was in tunnels, and in that tunnel, maybe the only light they had was inside of them. And then, even long after they escaped that tunnel -- They still be shining for everybody else."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "There's always something wrong with these tests. These tests paint a picture of me with no brain. These tests paint a picture of me and my mother, my whole family as less than dumb. Just ugly black grease, need to be wiped away, find a job for."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "They talk like TV channels I don't watch -- I'm glad Abdul here to listen in, though, 'cause I know they're smart."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "You know, let's talk about your father. Tell me about your relationship with him."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I don't know much more than you do, Mrs. White."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "That's Mrs. "Weiss." Talk to me about the little you do know about your father. It is important, whether you know it or not."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "He give me his baby and my one before it, but I don't never see him --"
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Wait, what did you say he gave you?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Nothing."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Wait, Clareece, you just said your father gave you something --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Nothing."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "No, I HEARD you just say --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "You didn't hear s***."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "I heard you just say your father --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "You didn't hear s*** like it."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "I don't care, honey. I need to know this."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I didn't say nothing like it. Let's move ON."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "I need this to HELP you --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Bitch, can we change the subject?"
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Okay. Well, I'll see you next time then. Or maybe you'll see someone else. But you're going to have to talk to someone if you want your check, sweetie."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I see vampires too --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "You know to this day, I never even knew who you was, not even after all them things you did. Maybe I was too stupid. Maybe I just didn't want to. You ain't gonna see me no more."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Sometimes I wish I was dead. I'll be okay, I guess, 'cause I'm lookin' up. Lookin' for something to fall,"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "a desk, a couch, tv -- my mom, maybe."

Nealla Gordon as Mrs. Lichtenstein

  • (Nealla Gordon) "Hello, Clareece. Are you pregnant? You're 16. You're still in junior high school, and you're pregnant with your second child."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "ls that correct, Clareece? Are you pregnant again?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "What happened, Clareece?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "l had sex, Ms. Lichtenstein."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Do you have any other thoughts about your situation, Clareece?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Clareece?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Am I in trouble?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "We should have a parent-teacher's conference with you, me and your mother."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "My mother's busy."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "All right. Well then -- how about if l come to your house?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "If I were you, I wouldn't."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "l -- l'm going to have to suspend you."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "That ain't fair. l didn't do nothing. l do my work. MY GRADES IS GOOD."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "ls something going on at home? If something's going on at home, l want you to tell me right now."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Hello, Clareese. Are you pregnant?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "You're 16; you're still in Junior High School; and you're pregnant with your second child. Is that correct?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Are you pregnant, again?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "What happened Clareese?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I had sex, Mrs. Lichtenstein."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Do you have any other thoughts about your situation, Clareese?"
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Clareese?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Am I in trouble?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "Thank you, but I have to get back to math."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Sit down, Clareese. Sit down right now."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "We should have a parent-teacher conference with you, me and your mother."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "My mother's busy."
  • (Nealla Gordon) "Alright. How about if I come to your house?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "If I were you, I wouldn't."

Mo'Nique as Mary

  • (Mo'Nique) "He looks just like his father."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Precious. Precious. PRECIOUS, GET DOWN HERE, BITCH. You brought that white bitch up in my house. You- why would you bring that bitch up in here?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I didn't bring her here."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Well, why the f*** did she ring my buzzer?"
  • (Mo'Nique) "l can't hear you, Precious. Since you got so much motherf***in' mouth, and you gonna bring a bitch up in my house, why would that bitch ring my god**** buzzer?"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "I didn't tell her to come here."
  • (Mo'Nique) "See, l think right now, you feeling like you're becoming a grown woman 'cause of that s*** you pulled in the kitchen. l should've f***ed you up, but l let you walk away, and l let you come get yourself together."
  • (Mo'Nique) "But, bitch, l'm gonna let you know if you ever pull that s*** on me again, that will be your last motherf***ing day standing, l promise you that. You gonna send a white bitch to my motherf***ing buzzer? Talking about some higher education?"
  • (Mo'Nique) "You're a dummy, bitch, you will never know s***. Don't nobody want you. Don't nobody need you. You done f***ed around and f***ed my motherf***ing man and had two motherf***ing children, and one of them is a god**** animal, running around, looking crazy as a motherf***er. Bitch, you know what?"
  • (Mo'Nique) "See, I think you- l think you're trying me. l think you're really trying to f*** with me. You're f***ing with my money. And you're gonna stand up there and look down at me like you're a motherf***ing woman. l'm gonna show you what real women do, bitch."
  • (Mo'Nique) "See, you don't know what real motherf***ing women do. Real motherf***ing women sacrifice."
  • (Mo'Nique) "l should've aborted your motherf***ing ass 'cause you ain't s***. l knew it the day the doctors put you in my god**** hand you wasn't a god**** thing, and you have that smirk on your face, bitch? Get it off your f***ing face. Now smile about that. Smile about that, you fat bitch. l'm gonna kill you, bitch."
  • (Mo'Nique) "YOU RUINED MY f***ING LIFE. You done took my man; you had those f***ing babies and you got me put off the welfare for runnin' your god****ed stupid-ass mouth."
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "l ain't stupid and l didn't take your man --"
  • (Gabourey Sidibe) "YOUR HUSBAND RAPED ME."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Didn't no-f***ing-body rape you."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Bitch, don't you put your f***ing hands on me."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "Let's talk about the abuse in your household. You know what I'm talking about."
  • (Mo'Nique) "You sit there and you judge me, and you write them notes on your notepad, because you think you know who I am."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Oh, so you're going to stand up there and look down at me like you're a woman? You don't know what real women do. Real women sacrifice."
  • (Mo'Nique) "Now, laugh at that, fat bitch."
  • (Mo'Nique) "We would, we would, uh, start doin' it, and he reached over -- and he touched my baby. And I asked him, and I said "Carl, what are you doing"? And he told me to shut, to shut my fat ass up, and it was good for her."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "And what did you do then?"
  • (Mo'Nique) "I shut my fat ass up. And I don't want you to sit there and judge me, Miss Weiss."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "You shut up and you let him abuse your daughter."
  • (Mo'Nique) "I didi not want him to abuse my daughter. I did not want him to hurt her."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "But you ALLOWED him to hurt her."
  • (Mo'Nique) "I did not want him to do nothin' to her. I wanted him to make love to me. That was my man. That was my f***in' man. That was my man, and he wanted my daughter. And that's why I hated her. Because my man who was supposed to be loving me, who was supposed to be making love to me was f***ing my baby. And she made him leave. She made him go away."
  • (Mrs. Weiss) "So whose fault was that?"
  • (Mo'Nique) "It's this bitch's fault, because she let my man have her. And she didn't say nothin', she didn't scream, she didn't do nothin'. So, those things that she told you I did to her? Who -- who -- who else was going to love me? Hmmm? Since you got your degree, and you know every f***in' thing, who was gonna love me? Who -- who -- was gonna make me feel good? Who was gonna touch me, and make me feel good late at night? And she made him go away. So -- when you sit there, and you writin' them f***in' notes on your pad about who you think I am, and why I did it and all of that -- because I didn't have a man."

Aunt Dot as Tootsie

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Xosha Roquemore as Joann

  • (Xosha Roquemore) "Hi, I'm Joann, my favorite color is fluorescent beige. I'm already in the music business, shoot, I'm just here to get my GED."

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