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Paycheck (film) Quotes

Paycheck (film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Paycheck ended its run in 1970.

It features Unbulleted list, John Woo, John Davis (producer), Terence Chang, Michael Hackett as producer, John Powell (composer) in charge of musical score, and Jeffrey L. Kimball as head of cinematography.

Paycheck (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Paycheck (film) is 119 minutes long. Paycheck (film) is distributed by Unbulleted list and Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings, Paul Giamatti as Shorty, Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Rethrick, Ivana Miličević as Maya, Uma Thurman as Rachel Porter, Aaron Eckhart as James Rethrick, Peter Friedman as Attorney General Brown, Michael C. Hall as Agent Klein, Joe Morton as Agent Dodge, Colm Feore as Wolfe, and Aaron Eckhart as Jane.

Paycheck (film) Quotes

Aaron Eckhart as Jimmy Rethrick

  • (Aaron Eckhart) "There was a time when we were in school, we wanted to change the world?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "I thought we said we wanted to save the world."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Well, that's semantics."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Michael, you're done."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "I am the future, Mike."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Looks like Michael's got a date on the catwalks. Let's make sure he makes it."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Michael Jennings died exactly three minutes after 3. And the government was left with no case. Closed its case with Allcom. So you see, it's impossible that he escaped unless you've changed something."
  • (Colm Feore) "I didn't."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "What were you doing, exactly?"
  • (Colm Feore) "I was eating pie."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Michael Jennings is not a super agent, he's an engineer. Yet, somehow he managed to escape from a double-locked room. How? Was it fate? No. Fate was on our side. That means someone who knew, changed something."

Michael C. Hall as Agent Klein

  • (Michael C. Hall) "Do you think Jennings really saw the future?"
  • (Joe Morton) "Uh-huh."
  • (Michael C. Hall) "That'd be something."
  • (Michael C. Hall) "You think Jennings foresaw that? Maybe next time, he'll see a nice, quiet stake-out."

Colm Feore as Wolfe

  • (Colm Feore) "So, you're saying he sent himself a different set of personal items, ones he'd selected after using the machine, and nothing our security would flag."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Everyday things. Combined with the power of foresight, transform Michael from engineer to escape artist."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "I don't know about you, but I'd like to return the favor."

Paul Giamatti as Shorty

  • (Paul Giamatti) "Break it up. Break it up. The bird man cometh."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Look, if we know anything, we know that time travel's not possible. Einstein proved that. Right?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Time travel, yes. But Einstein was very clear that he believed time viewing, theoretically, could be accomplished."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "You know what? I think now's probably a good time to discuss my commission, 33%."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I thought it was 5."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "No, 33 percent."
  • (Ben Affleck) "33 percent."
  • (Uma Thurman) "He deserves it."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "It was found on my premises."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I'll get back to you. I'm gonna cash this in."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Maybe we should just find Decker."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I can't talk to Decker."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Why not?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "He had an accident."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "An accident?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Yeah, he, uh, he fell out of his bedroom window."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "He fell out of his -- He fell out of his bedroom window."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "But that's not the question you should be asking yourself."
  • (Ben Affleck) "No?"
  • (Paul Giamatti) "The question that you should be asking yourself is, why did you give up all that money? That's the most bizarre part of this whole thing. 90 million dollars. Nobody changes that much in three years. Okay. All right, buddy. I wanna figure out what you built. All right, let's work backwards."
  • (Ben Affleck) "They told me that I was working on a design by someone named Decker."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Decker?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Yeah."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "William Decker?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "I think so."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "What I heard was, he was working on something Level 5 for the Feds when they came in one day and they just shot him down."
  • (Ben Affleck) "What was it?"
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Consensus was a laser."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Why was that?"
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Because Decker's drawings called for a mirror and a lens. Now, the only thing that uses those things is a laser. Some kind of satellite --"
  • (Paul Giamatti) "The lens required perfect optics. Uh, the mirror and the neutrino count -- I mean, word was, the thing was going to cost 500 billion dollars. Now, who's going to spend 500 billion dollars just to see something?"
  • (Paul Giamatti) "What?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "There's no way I got out of that Extraction Room without the cigarettes and the glasses. I would have never gotten on that bus without the bus ticket. If I didn't have the diamond ring, I wouldn't have followed that kid to Reddy Grant."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Right."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I gave up that money just to make sure that I would pay attention to these items."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Why?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Because I know what you'd spend 500 billion dollars to see. The future."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Great seein' ya again Mike."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "C'mon, don't be mean to the one that does everything for you."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "You never once asked me what I see when I erase your memory. Basically, the last two months just never happened for you."
  • (Ben Affleck) "So, what's to know? Twenty hours a day in a clean room, ripping off one guy's idea for a computer, selling it to somebody. You know. What'd you do, the last two months? You know what the last thing I remember is? Driving in Spain in the Aston Martin, learning to dive in Belize with, uh, what's her name. The Seven Stadiums in Seven Days trip; it's great. I mean, uh, my memories are basically highlights. It's good. It's a good life. The stuff you erase? I, uh, it doesn't matter."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't leave me alone."
  • (Ben Affleck) "What? You'll be okay. Talk. Mingle."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "I don't want to mingle."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Say one word about this hat, and I'm outta here."

Ben Affleck as Michael Jennings

  • (Ben Affleck) "I think I remember; are those OUR birds?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "Yes, of course they are. We bought them together."
  • (Paul Giamatti) "Oh, you remember the birds. Well done. You could see into the future, and all you remember are, are Polly and Tweety over there. Why don't you remember something that would make us rich?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "What's my favorite baseball team?"
  • (Ivana Miličević) "What?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "What's my favorite baseball team?"
  • (Ivana Miličević) "Who cares?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "That would be the Red Sox?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "If you love me, if you care about me, go. Have a good life. Remember me."
  • (Ben Affleck) "If you show someone their future, they have no future."
  • (Ben Affleck) "If you only look where you can't go, you will miss the riches below."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Let's take a look at the future before we destroy this thing."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I bugged it. I rigged it, so Jimmy wouldn't use it against me."
  • (Uma Thurman) "Then you can fix it, right?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Where would I have planted that bug? Maybe I wanted the motherboards. Whoa. Whoa."
  • (Ben Affleck) "We won't be needing this, okay? You're dangerous with that thing."
  • (Uma Thurman) "You must have given yourself something to help you find it."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I know. The only things left would be are the bullet and the, this."
  • (Uma Thurman) "The crossword?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Yeah."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Look at this: 12-Down."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Maybe it's here."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Maybe it's a circuit diagram? I wouldn't have put it in the primary path. Twelve down."
  • (Aaron Eckhart) "Take 'em."
  • (Colm Feore) "Okay, Corridor 3, Level A: Jennings' lab."
  • (Ben Affleck) "What happened?"

Uma Thurman as Rachel Porter

  • (Uma Thurman) "I, um, I brought you some clothes. I thought you might need them. It's okay."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Thank you. These are mine?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "You don't remember?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "No."
  • (Uma Thurman) "You don't remember me, do you?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "Well, uh --"
  • (Uma Thurman) "These are for you."
  • (Uma Thurman) "What?"
  • (Ben Affleck) "You know, when I checked this envelope out of Reddy Grant, they told me I signed in twenty items. But there were only nineteen."
  • (Uma Thurman) "I don't understand."
  • (Uma Thurman) "What are these pictures of?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "I want to save the world."
  • (Ben Affleck) "I don't think I'm your guy. But would you settle for someone who wants to help you change it?"
  • (Uma Thurman) "Hmm, OK."
  • (Ben Affleck) "Good."

Peter Friedman as Attorney General Brown

  • (Peter Friedman) "We knew Decker was trying to design something. But when he sold his plans, he wasn't even halfway done."
  • (Michael C. Hall) "I don't understand."
  • (Peter Friedman) "Decker was working at JPL on a laser-enhanced lens. He claimed the lens was powerful enough to see around the curvature of the universe."
  • (Peter Friedman) "Decker believed that if you could see around a curve that went on forever, you would end up back where you started. Looking at yourself."
  • (Joe Morton) "Except you're not looking back at yourself now, in the present."
  • (Peter Friedman) "No, you are not. You're looking at the future."
  • (Peter Friedman) "Can you imagine what'll happen if Jennings figures out what he's done and tries to profit from it? Any nation in the world would give him a king's ransom."
  • (Joe Morton) "Jennings won't do that. I was this close to him. He never lied. When he heard what he's being accused of, he was hurt and scared."
  • (Peter Friedman) "Fine. Once you bring him in, I'll give him the Medal of Honor. That's if Rethrick doesn't find him first."

Ivana Miličević as Maya

  • (Ivana Miličević) "You can't remember me."

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