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Pathfinder (1987 film) Quotes

Pathfinder (1987 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Pathfinder ended in 1970.

It features John M. Jacobsen as producer, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää in charge of musical score, and Erling Thurmann-Andersen as head of cinematography.

Pathfinder (1987 film) is recorded in Northern Sami language and originally aired in Norway. Each episode of Pathfinder (1987 film) is 86 minutes long. Pathfinder (1987 film) is distributed by Carolco Pictures (United States).

The cast includes: Mikkel Gaup as Aigin, and Nils Utsi as Raste.

Pathfinder (1987 film) Quotes

Nils Utsi as Raste

  • (Nils Utsi) "Were you sleeping?"
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "Wish I could."
  • (Nils Utsi) "Why can't you? Scared of the dark?"
  • (Nils Utsi) "At daybreak, head for the cost. There are other villages there."
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "Not for me. I have no village."
  • (Nils Utsi) "Your mind is clouded with thoughts of revenge. You must remember we are all but parts of the whole. We are children in a greater family. The Tchudes have forgotten this. Don't you forget it."
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "My family is dead. I'm all alone."
  • (Nils Utsi) "You may feel that way, but you are bound up in the greater family. You are not free, unshakable bonds hold you to us."
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "How do I trust something that can be seen?"
  • (Nils Utsi) "Look up there, what do you see?"
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "Only the tent."
  • (Nils Utsi) "But what is there between you and the wall of the tent?"
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "You mean there's something there?"
  • (Nils Utsi) "You see nothing?"
  • (Mikkel Gaup) "No."
  • (Nils Utsi) "You still can't see it? But now you can feel that something is there. You can't see it in the air, but your very existence is tied to it. In this way all things are bound together, intertwined. No man can ever tear himself apart from the whole. But it can happen that he loses sight of the whole. When he does, he is like the Tchudes. Men who lost the path. They stumble blindly towards self-destruction. Listen, and remember what I say: This morning I saw the reindeer bull for the third time in my life. The first time I saw it, I was your age. Then once again, in the prime of my years. Today I am old. The reindeer has come for the last time."

Mikkel Gaup as Aigin

  • (Mikkel Gaup) "They -- killed all of my family. Even my little sister."

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