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Pat and Mike Quotes

Pat and Mike is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Pat and Mike stopped airing in 1970.

It features Lawrence Weingarten as producer, David Raksin in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) (as William Daniels) as head of cinematography.

Pat and Mike is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Pat and Mike is 95 minutes long. Pat and Mike is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Spencer Tracy as Mike Conovan, William Self as Pat Pemberton, Jim Backus as Charles Barry, William Ching as Collier Weld, Joseph E. Bernard as Gibby, and Aldo Ray as Davie Hucko.

Pat and Mike Quotes

William Self as Pat Pemberton

  • (William Self) "Mrs. Beminger, if you could possibly lift the needle from that long playing phonograph you keep in your face --"
  • (William Self) "Watch this --"
  • (William Self) "Will you excuse me?"
  • (William Self) "You know what you can do with your gluteal muscle? Give it away for Christmas."
  • (William Self) "Maybe we ought to wait until I don't feel so -- so carved up, so nobody."
  • (William Ching) "Why don't you just let me take charge?"
  • (William Self) "I have to be in charge of myself."
  • (William Ching) "Oh, what's the good of this? I mean, after all --"
  • (William Self) "Have to have time to think it over is all."
  • (William Ching) "Well, just see that you don't think it under. It's a nice long ride, just take your time."
  • (William Self) "That's right. And I'm not going to take it."
  • (William Self) "It was Collier. Never can do anything when he's watching me, it's always been that way."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Why?"
  • (William Self) "In love with him I guess."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Oh. Like me with lobster."
  • (William Self) "What?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Lobster -- the one thing I'm nuts about. The one thing that don't agree with me. Like you and him."
  • (William Self) "Well, not exactly."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Why?"
  • (William Self) "Well, you see, this is a question of getting married. You've never been married to a lobster."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Ha ha ha ha ha. That's what you think."
  • (William Self) "You know what you can do with your gluteal muscle? Give it away for Christmas."
  • (William Self) "Would you like to see me serve a few, Mr. Conovan?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Oh, no, no, just hit a couple."
  • (William Self) "What would happen if I ever dropped you?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "I'd go right down the drain."
  • (William Self) "And?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "I'd take you right down with me shorty."
  • (William Self) "I've got to do something to prove to you, prove to myself; lend me some money will you; prove to both of us, in fact, everybody that I'm not just a --"
  • (William Self) "I'll show her."
  • (Jim Backus) "Who?"
  • (William Self) "Myself, that's who."
  • (William Self) "What's to prevent me smoking when you're not around?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "When am I not around?"
  • (William Self) "Well, you don't expect to be watching me every minute -- out of every -- twenty-four hours -- out of every day, do you?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "If I have to, sure."
  • (William Self) "Not sure I'll like that."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Not asking you to like it. But you'll see pretty soon, pretty soon I'll trust you because you'll trust me. Because what's good for you is good for me and you for me, see? We're the same. We're equal. We're partners, see? 5-0, 5-0."

Spencer Tracy as Mike Conovan

  • (Spencer Tracy) "Not much meat on her, but what's there is 'cherce'."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Like I told you; don't feel like running, slow down. You're supposed to feel like it. That shows you're in condition. People do like they feel, they go on sometimes practically forever, some of them."
  • (William Self) "Guess you'll go on practically forever, you stay on that bike."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "That's all, honey, that's all, say no more. Of course there's always a chance you could be an escaped fruitcake. But if there is something in what -- as a matter of fact, if there is anything in what you say, I am going to promote you into the King of the World. Queen, I mean. Let's go."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Have another beer?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "No thanks, no more."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "You see that?"
  • (Joseph E. Bernard) "Davie, what're you doin' to me?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "Nervous, thirsty."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Water, did you ever hear of water?"
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Well, why didn't you drink water?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "Um, ashamed."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "You're what?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "Nervous, thirsty- I go in the place, I'm ashamed to ask for free water. Took one beer."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Aww."
  • (Aldo Ray) "Yeah."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Uh-huh. Did you like it?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "Yeah."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "What?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "No."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "What do you weigh this morning?"
  • (Joseph E. Bernard) "98, up 2."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Why up 2? Did you eat extra?"
  • (Joseph E. Bernard) "No, no, honest."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "Let him talk himself, will ya?"
  • (Aldo Ray) "No, no, honest."
  • (Spencer Tracy) "I don't think you've ever been properly handled."
  • (William Self) "That's right -- not even by myself."

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