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Panama (Prison Break) Quotes

Panama (Prison Break) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Panama ended in 1970.

It features Ramin Djawadi in charge of musical score.

Panama (Prison Break) Quotes

  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "If anybody pops, call the Embassy and get them to send an officer and pick up the woman for questioning."
  • (FBI Agent Lang) "I don't think we can just arrest a foreign citizen without any --"
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "Patriot Act, Agent Lang. I could arrest your grandmother for missing a stitch in her macrame if I wanted to."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "I'm trying to remember the last time our lives made any kind of sense."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Before mom died, when it was just the three of us."
  • (Michael Scofield) "I couldn't find her."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Sara."
  • (Michael Scofield) "We got to go back."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Michael you can't, there's nothing you can do."
  • (Michael Scofield) "There's always something you can do."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Not this time. Not this time. It's done. Sorry."
  • (Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim) "We're talking about a very real finish line here, Alex. You've come so far."
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "How much further would I have to go?"
  • (Secret Service Special Agent William 'Bill' Kim) "That's easy. This time, you only have to go to Panama."
  • (Michael Scofield) "I can't believe we're running again."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "It's different now, man."
  • (Michael Scofield) "You think so?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Yeah, we took the bitch down."
  • (Michael Scofield) "She stepped down Linc."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Because of us."
  • (Fernando Sucre) "What's it going to take for you to forget you ever found us?"
  • (Captain Brad Bellick) "There ain't enough pesos in TJ."
  • (Captain Brad Bellick) "Let me tell you words you're more familiar with. She's in the hole. Enough food and water to last about three weeks. Any longer than that your sweet little plum is going to dry up like a raisin."
  • (Fernando Sucre) "If anything happens to her, so help me --"
  • (Captain Brad Bellick) "Help you? The way I see it it's you who's got to help me. Cos you ain't getting your hands on that girl until I get my hands on that money."
  • (Captain Brad Bellick) "Guess that makes us partners."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "You know, for what it's worth, no one forced Sara to do what she did."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Whatever gets you through the night."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "What the hell does that mean? I didn't ask you to use her."
  • (Michael Scofield) "It's not that simple."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Whatever gets you through the night, buddy."
  • (Michael Scofield) "You know what amazes me Linc? Nothing ever registers with you. Ever. It just rolls right off your back, doesn't it? We ruined Sara's life and it's like you don't even care."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Is that what you think?"
  • (Michael Scofield) "We're here and Sara's back there in prison. Does that seem fair to you?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "None of it is fair. Just don't make this about boy loses girl."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Who should it be about Linc? Westmoreland? Tweener? LJ?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Let me stop you right there."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Do you remember the name of the guard that was murdered because of the riot I started?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Shut up Michael. Please."
  • (Michael Scofield) "You don't remember his name?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Shut up."
  • (Michael Scofield) "I bet you remember Veronica's name, don't you?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "You mention her name again and I swear to God."
  • (Michael Scofield) "What about T-bag? Linc, he's out there, now. Because of us. You and me. Every life he takes, that's blood on our hands. And for what?"
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "I didn't ask you to do what you did."
  • (Michael Scofield) "They were going to kill you Linc."
  • (Lincoln Burrows) "Maybe you should have let them."
  • (Michael Scofield) "Take that back."
  • (Dr. Sara Tancredi) "Michael Scofield, are you asking me to sail of into the sunset with you?"
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "In old England, the punishment for a traitorous act was beheading. Following the execution they would hold the head up by the hair not, as most people think, for the crowd to see the head, but for the head to see the crowd because consciousness sticks around for another eight seconds. The idea was that it would give the traitor one more chance to take a look at --"
  • (FBI Agent Wheeler) "You don't want to do this, okay? Just take a moment --"
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "If you're going to stab me in the back, Agent Wheeler, be smart enough to cover up the knife."
  • (Benjamin Miles 'C-Note' Franklin) "I'm sorry if I seem a little bit sceptical, but the last time a federal agent came up in here offering me a deal, there was a string attached -- that I was supposed to put around my neck."
  • (FBI Agent Wheeler) "Let me take you in. Whatever mess you're in, we can clean it up."
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "There's only one way out of this."
  • (FBI Agent Wheeler) "You can erase me too, but it's not going to erase the very real fact that you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison."
  • (FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone) "You remind me of myself when I was a young agent."
  • (FBI Agent Wheeler) "What? I wish I could take that as a compliment."

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