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Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Quotes

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. ended in 1970.

It features Vidhu Vinod Chopra as producer, Songs: in charge of musical score, and Binod Pradhan as head of cinematography.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is recorded in Hindi and originally aired in India. Each episode of Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is 156 minutes long. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. is distributed by Vinod Chopra Productions.

The cast includes: Boman Irani as Dr. J. Asthana, Sanjay Dutt as Murli Prasad Sharma, Arshad Warsi as Circuit, Yatin Karyekar as Anand Banerjee, Jimmy Shergill as Zaheer, and Gracy Singh as Dr. Suman Asthana.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Quotes

Arshad Warsi as Circuit

  • (Arshad Warsi) "Who is this?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Its your dadm who do you think?"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Bro, How are you Bro?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "i need a body"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Body? who's body Bro?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "you know, the one they use for dissection, one of those bodies."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Bro, how am i going to find one of those bodies?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "how would i know? just find one."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Dump the tension bro, you concentrate on your studies, i'll organize a body"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Bro, will an imported body do?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "yeah it will, just bring it quickly."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "i'll be there in ten minutes bro, just ten minutes."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Hey Butkya -- get a sack"
  • (Butkya) "Right away"
  • (Chinese tourist) "Thankyou. Thankyou."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "hey Chilli chicken, you wanna take some photos of an ambulance, its a five-star ambulance?"
  • (Chinese tourist) "No, i want real india, poor people, hungry people."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "poor hungry people, inside the ambulance, they are really bleurghh."
  • (Chinese tourist) "Really? okay good."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Hey Hakka Noodle, youve come in from abroad and you only wanna see naked, hungry people, dont you want to see the taj mahal?"
  • (Chinese tourist) "no no, hungry and poor men."
  • (Butkya) "Bro will this bag do?"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "you stupid. how the hell am i going to fit him in? am i going to fold him in there? hey you?"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "How long are you?"
  • (Chinese tourist) "5 foot six"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "get a six foot bag."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "you come with me, you dont want to see taj mahal, i will show you hungry indian."
  • (Chinese tourist) "Argh."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "What the? It ends almost right where it begins."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Circuit, do you know why God sent me to this college?"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "God certainly never told me."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Because he wants me to settle a score with the man who made my father cry."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Okay, if it's settled with God, all right."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Hey, don't fuse my circuit, or you'll be sent home in three different bags."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Bro, if it hurts you so much, why don't you tell your father the truth? Tell him that a don gets more respect in this city than any damn doc."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "He'll die if he comes to know; it's just a matter of seven days, Circuit, give it a rest --"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Hey, stop imitating a bedspread and get off the bed."

Sanjay Dutt as Murli Prasad Sharma

  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Ninavati Hospital? Hang on a moment. Lilavati Hospital? I can't come to work today. Apollo Hospital? Hold your horses. Huh? Bread Candy Hospital? Hold, man, hold, I am busy --"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Circuit, I said "Point the gun," not "Shoot out all of Mumbai.""
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Chill out, bro; these are blanks, they only sting."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Hey, Flo Jo, even THEY can do the job at close range. Do you want me to try it out?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "It's just what I feared -- lymphoma of the intestines --"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Hey circuit, check this out, who would want to marry a cry baby? he tries to commit suicide after a six month fling. Hey"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "your mother has loved you all your life, can't you stay alive for her?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Circuit, I'm missing Mom. I keep remembering her."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Your memory is very solid, man, so solid that I can see her. Hey, are you missing Dad also. I can see him too."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "When?"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Today, at five o'clock."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Damn. We're screwed."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Circuit, I've decided I'm going to be a doctor --"
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Uh -- bro, why don't you go to sleep, and we'll talk about it in the morning --"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "I knew you'd say that; you think I'm sloshed, don't you? I'm serious."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "But, bro, what's the point?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "The point? Circuit, the point is that my father will be proud of me. You should've been there; that baldy stood there insulting my father, and I just kept quiet. I'll show him. I'll become a doctor like him and marry his daughter. Circuit, find me the best medical college in Mumbai --."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Circuit, I've decided I'm going back to the village."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "I knew it; that's why I've brought TWO railway tickets."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "But what will you do in the village? You can't even handle a plough."
  • (Arshad Warsi) "Bro, if I do that, then what will the cows do?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "My name? You haven't heard yet? Munnabhai -- M.B.B.S.."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "You over-acting piece of@#%. You're supposed to have a kidney problem, and instead you have a heart attack."
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Look at this chap; what a natural actor. He's been playing the same role for three years and Papa's never recognised him."

Yatin Karyekar as Anand Banerjee

  • (Yatin Karyekar) "And so, Munna married Suman, a.k.a. Chinky -- A year later, Circuit married; that's his son, his nickname is Short Circuit -- Asthana retired, and now runs Munna's hospital; there you get free doses of medicines, laughs, and hugs. Everyone can be admitted; as Asthana says "Chill out, bro. Fill in the form later." Dr. Rustom Paveri is the new dean of the college, and is unmarried; but his father still dates the queen. Munna couldn't become a doctor, but he's still called M.B.B.S.; Married with Bouncing Babies and Smiles --. That's me -- Tomorrow I'm going back to Calcutta. I'm going to miss them all; especially him -- Mamu."

Boman Irani as Dr. J. Asthana

  • (Boman Irani) "May I ask what is happening here?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "No."
  • (Boman Irani) "Mamu, he called me MAMU."
  • (Boman Irani) "Can I ask what is going on here?"
  • (Sanjay Dutt) "Ask. Don't be shy, ask. Come on, ask."

Gracy Singh as Dr. Suman Asthana

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