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Monsters University Quotes

Monsters University is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Monsters University ended its run in 1970.

It features Kori Rae as producer, Randy Newman in charge of musical score, and Matt Aspbury as head of cinematography.

Monsters University is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Monsters University is 104 minutes long. Monsters University is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

The cast includes: Nathan Fillion as Johnny, Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, Bobby Moynihan as Chet, Charlie Day as Art, John Ratzenberger as Yeti, John Goodman as Sulley, Peter Sohn as Slug, Noah Johnston as Young Mike, Peter Sohn as Squishy, Bob Peterson as Roz, Helen Mirren as Dean Hardscrabble, Joel Murray as Don, Sean Hayes as Terry, Sean Hayes as Terri, Julia Sweeney as Ms. Squibbles, Steve Buscemi as Randy, John Krasinski as Frank McCay, and Bonnie Hunt as Mrs. Graves.

Monsters University Quotes

Helen Mirren as Dean Hardscrabble

  • (Helen Mirren) "You did what?"
  • (John Goodman) "My team had nothing to do with it. It was all me. I cheated."
  • (Helen Mirren) "I expect you off campus by tomorrow."
  • (John Goodman) "Yes ma'am."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You're a disgrace to this university -- and your family name."
  • (Helen Mirren) "It's my job to make great students greater, not make mediocre students less mediocre."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Mr. Sullivan. I'm a Seven Year Old Boy --"
  • (Helen Mirren) "I wasn't finished."
  • (John Goodman) "I don't need to be told that stuff."
  • (Helen Mirren) "May I remind you that this boy is afraid of Snakes. And that a Roar would not make him Scream, but instead make him cry, and alert his Parents. Now we can't have that. So I cannot wish for you to continue into the Scare Program."
  • (John Goodman) "But, I'm a Sullivan."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Well then, I'm sure your family would be very disappointed."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Good luck."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Mr. Wazowski, I'm a 5-year-old girl on a farm in Kansas afraid of lightning. Which scare do you use?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Should I go up on the?"
  • (Helen Mirren) "Which scare do I use?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "That is a shadow approach with a crackle holler."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Demonstrate."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Stop. Thank you."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I didn't get to sh --"
  • (Helen Mirren) "I've seen enough."
  • (Helen Mirren) "No-one is to go near this door until the Child Detection Agency has arrived."
  • (Peter Sohn) "James wait, we can help."
  • (John Goodman) "Look, it's my fault Mike got into this, so it's up to me to get him out of it."
  • (Joel Murray) "Allow me."
  • (Joel Murray) "Hi there. Don Carlton, Sales Person. This is my Business Card."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Arrest him."
  • (Unnamed) "Up against the wall Pops."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Sullivan, don't you dare."

John Goodman as Sulley

  • (John Goodman) "I Love College."
  • (John Goodman) "What happened?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Your paw was hanging out the Side of my Bed."
  • (John Goodman) "Were you kissing my hand?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "No. And what about you with all your shedding?"
  • (John Goodman) "I don't shed."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Really?"
  • (John Goodman) "Fear Tech's Mascot. MU RULES."
  • (John Goodman) "James P. Sullivan."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Mike Wazowski."
  • (John Goodman) "You're not scary. Not even a little bit. But you are fearless, and if Dean Hardscrabble can't see that, then she can just --"
  • (Helen Mirren) "I can just -- what? Careful, Mister Sullivan, I was just starting to warm up to you."
  • (John Goodman) "-- sorry."
  • (John Goodman) "We need to find a New Team."
  • (Billy Crystal) "We can't just get a new team. I checked this morning, it's against the rules."
  • (John Goodman) "I act scary, Mike. But most of the time, I'm terrified."
  • (Billy Crystal) "How come you never told me that before?"
  • (John Goodman) "Because we weren't friends before."
  • (Greek Council President) "This doesn't look good. We really need to move on, so it looks like your team doesn't Qualify."
  • (John Goodman) "Yes it Does."
  • (John Goodman) "The Star Player, has just arrived."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No No No. Please, anybody but him."
  • (Greek Council President) "Look, we're shutting down Sign Ups. So is he on your team or not?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Fine, yes he is."
  • (John Goodman) "It's time to put aside all the text books, reach down and let the Scary out."
  • (John Goodman) "Come on, DIG DEEP."
  • (Julia Sweeney) "Oh boys, it's a School Night."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Tomorrow, the whole world is gonna see what Mike Wazowski can do."
  • (John Goodman) "You bet they are."
  • (John Goodman) "I'm gonna wipe the floor with that little know-it-all."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Yes you are."
  • (John Goodman) "Psst Mike. Look, I'm sorry I messed up. Now let's get you outta here."
  • (Billy Crystal) "You were right. They weren't scared of me. I did everything right. I wanted it more than anyone. And I thought -- I thought that if I wanted it enough I could show everybody that Mike Wazowski is something special. And I'm just -- not."
  • (John Goodman) "Look, Mike, I know how you feel."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Don't do that. Please don't do that. You do not know how I feel."
  • (John Goodman) "Mike, calm down."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Monsters like you have everything. You don't have to be good. You can mess up over and over again, and the whole world loves you."
  • (John Goodman) "Mike."
  • (Billy Crystal) "You'll never know what it's like to fail, because you were born a Sullivan."
  • (John Goodman) "Yeah I'm the Sullivan. I'm the Sullivan that flunked every test, the one who got kicked out of the program, the one who was so afraid to let everyone down that I cheated. And I lied."
  • (John Goodman) "Mike, I'll never know how you feel. But you're not the only failure here."

John Krasinski as Frank McCay

  • (John Krasinski) "That was real dangerous kid. I didn't even know you were in there. Good job."
  • (Bonnie Hunt) "What have you to say for yourself?"
  • (Noah Johnston) "How do I become a Scarer?"

Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski

  • (Professor Knight) "Alright, alright. Who can tell me the Properties of an Effective Roar?"
  • (Professor Knight) "Yes"
  • (Billy Crystal) "There are actually five. Those include the roar's resonance, the duration of the roar, and --"
  • (John Goodman) "Oops, sorry. I heard someone say "Roar", so I kinda went for it."
  • (Professor Knight) "Very impressive Mister --"
  • (John Goodman) "Sullivan, James P Sullivan."
  • (Professor Knight) "Like, Bill Sullivan? The Scarer?"
  • (John Goodman) "He's my Dad."
  • (John Goodman) "You can call me Sulley."
  • (Professor Knight) "I expect big things from you this year."
  • (John Goodman) "You won't be disappointed."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Um, I'm sorry sir. But can I please continue?"
  • (Professor Knight) "Nah, Mr. Sullivan covered it."
  • (Professor Knight) "Everyone Open your Scaring Textbooks. Turn to Chapter 1."
  • (John Goodman) "Can I borrow your Pencil, I forgot my stuff."
  • (Billy Crystal) "That guy is so annoying."
  • (Billy Crystal) "It's been tampered with."
  • (John Goodman) "Uh, I don't think you should be messing with that."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Why are my settings -- different?"
  • (John Goodman) "Mike, we should leave."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Did you do this?"
  • (John Goodman) "Mike --"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Did you do this?"
  • (John Goodman) "Yes I did. But -- you don't understand --"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Why? Why did you do this?"
  • (John Goodman) "You know -- just in case."
  • (Billy Crystal) "In case of what? You don't think I'm scary. You said you believed in me. But you're just like Hardscrabble, you're just like everyone else."
  • (John Goodman) "Look, you'll get better and better --"
  • (Billy Crystal) "I'm as scary as you. I'm as scary as anyone."
  • (John Goodman) "I was just trying to help."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No. You just wanted to help yourself."
  • (John Goodman) "Well, what else was I supposed to do? Let the whole team fail because you don't have it?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "But, you need six guys right?"
  • (Greek Council VP) "We count Bodies, not Heads."
  • (Greek Council VP) "That Dude counts as One."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Behold, the Future Scaring League of the World. My Brothers, of Oozma KAPPA."
  • (Greek Council President) "MU Greek Council. We sponsor the annual Scare Games."
  • (Billy Crystal) "The Scare What now?"
  • (Greek Council VP) "The Scare Games. A super intense scaring competition."
  • (Greek Council President) "They're dangerous, anything could happen."
  • (Greek Council VP) "A bunch of guys ended up going to hospital last year."
  • (Greek Council President) "You could totally die."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Cool."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Squishy. We're not gonna lose, because we have everything we need to win right here."
  • (Peter Sohn) "Heart."
  • (Billy Crystal) "No, me. I'm gonna win the race for us."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I can't believe it."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I'm Officially a COLLEGE STUDENT."
  • (Billy Crystal) "OK. Very Funny Sullivan."
  • (John Goodman) "You look great Wazowski."
  • (Billy Crystal) "You know, if you're gonna prank someone. The least you can do is think of something clever."
  • (Billy Crystal) "I've been waiting for this my whole life. I'm gonna be a scarer."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Guys. Hold on. Hey, hey, hey, wait a second. Don't listen to him. We just, need to keep trying."
  • (John Goodman) "No. You need to stop trying. You can train monsters like this all you want, but you can't change who they are."
  • (Joel Murray) "Mike -- We appreciate everything you done, but he's right. No matter how much we train, we'll never look like them. We're built for other things."
  • (Bobby Moynihan) "Sorry, squirts. Some monsters just aren't cut out for the big leagues."
  • (Billy Crystal) "The big leagues."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Gentleman, tonight, we're all going on a little Field Trip."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Um, h -- hello? Fella"
  • (Joel Murray) "Do you, pledge your souls to the Oozma Kappa brotherhood."
  • (Billy Crystal) "OW."
  • (Sean Hayes) "Do you swear to keep secret."
  • (Sean Hayes) "All that you learn"
  • (Charlie Day) "No matter, how horrifying."
  • (John Goodman) "Hey."
  • (Peter Sohn) "Will take the scared oath of the --"
  • (Joel Murray) "For crying out loud."
  • (Julia Sweeney) "Sweetie, turn the lights on when your down here. You're going ruin your eyes."
  • (Julia Sweeney) "Oh Scary, well go on. Just pretend that I'm not here"
  • (Peter Sohn) "This is my mom's house. Do you promise to look out for your brothers?"
  • (Peter Sohn) "No what the peril?"

Bobby Moynihan as Chet

  • (Bobby Moynihan) "Wait a blow Oozma Kappa."
  • (Billy Crystal) "C'mon Guys. 2nd Place can't be that bad."
  • (Greek Council VP) "2nd Place, Jaws Theta Chi."
  • (Billy Crystal) "What ?"
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Your whole team has to cross the finish line."
  • (Greek Council VP) "3rd, Slugma Slugma Kappa. 4th, Python Nu Kappa. 5th, Eta Hiss Hiss. And in Last Place --"
  • (Greek Council VP) "Oozma Kappa."
  • (Greek Council President) "Oozma Kappa have been eliminated."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Don't look surprised Mr. Wazowski. It would've taken your team more than a miracle to win."
  • (Greek Council VP) "Attention everyone, we have an announcement. Jaws Theta Chi have been disqualified."
  • (Greek Council VP) "The use of Illegal Protective Gel, is the cause for elimination."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey what are you doing, it's moisture."
  • (Greek Council VP) "It's a Miracle, Oozma Kappa are back in the games. Only 1 team can go after each challenge."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Your luck will run out eventually."
  • (Billy Crystal) "This is gonna be harder than I thought."

Joel Murray as Don

  • (Joel Murray) "Thanks for taking it Easy on Grandpa."
  • (Joel Murray) "Don Carlton, Business Man."
  • (Joel Murray) "Sherri and I are engaged."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Who's Sherri?"
  • (Peter Sohn) "She's my Mom."
  • (Joel Murray) "Don't worry Scott. I don't want you to think of me as your new dad. After all, we're fraternity brothers first."
  • (Peter Sohn) "This is so weird."
  • (Joel Murray) "Just think of me as your big brother that's marrying your mother. Wait, hold on, we're brothers who share the same mom slash wife."
  • (Joel Murray) "They're still in there."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Until the CDA arrives, this door stays off."
  • (Peter Sohn) "No. You can't do this."
  • (Joel Murray) "Want to join Oozma Kappa?"
  • (Peter Sohn) "We've got cake."

Sean Hayes as Terry

  • (Greek Council VP) "In a real scare, you wouldn't wanna get get by the Kid's Parents, but in this challenge, you wouldn't wanna get caught by --"
  • (Greek Council VP) "The Librarian."
  • (Librarian) "Shh, Quiet."
  • (Sean Hayes) "What's so scary about a Lame Old Librarian?"
  • (Librarian) "I said Quiet."
  • (Sean Hayes) "Good luck, ladies."
  • (PNK Carrie) "Thanks. We're gonna rip you to pieces."

Charlie Day as Art

  • (Charlie Day) "I'm Art."
  • (Charlie Day) "New Age Philosophy Major. Excited to live with you, and laugh with you, and cry with you."
  • (Charlie Day) "Hey I thought you'd like to keep a Dream Journal."
  • (Greek Council VP) "Trust me when I say you are not gonna want to touch this bad boy."
  • (Charlie Day) "I wanna touch it."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, what are you doing up there?"
  • (Charlie Day) "I can't go back to jail."

Steve Buscemi as Randy

  • (Steve Buscemi) "Aren't you a little nervous?"
  • (Billy Crystal) "Not at all, I've been waiting for this day my whole life."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "Excuse me. I'm running a little late."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Thank Goodness, Randy. My Old Friend, I really need you to be in my team."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "Sorry Mike. I'm already part of a team."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "They really liked my performance in the Final Exam, that they accepted me into their team."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Hey Boggs, over here."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Do your thing."
  • (Bobby Moynihan) "Woah, where did he go?"

Peter Sohn as Squishy

  • (Peter Sohn) "First morning in the house."
  • (Charlie Day) "That's going in the Album."
  • (Joel Murray) "Guys, it's arrived, our first challenge."
  • (Joel Murray) "Sorry, Tentacles. Kinda Sticky."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Wait a minute. They want us to meet where?"
  • (Peter Sohn) "I can't be late on the first day."
  • (Peter Sohn) "Well I guess now it's my turn. My name's Scott Squibbles, my friends call me Squishy."
  • (Peter Sohn) "Thank Goodness. I made it. First Day of Class."
  • (Peter Sohn) "Hey, where did everyone go?"
  • (Unnamed) "The School Year's over kid. You missed it."

Nathan Fillion as Johnny

  • (Nathan Fillion) "Let's give it up the Oozma Kappa."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "The most adorable monsters on campus."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Release the Stuffed Animals."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Enjoy the attention while it lasts, boys. After you lose, no one will remember you."
  • (Billy Crystal) "Maybe. But when you lose, no one will let you forget it."
  • (Bobby Moynihan) "Oh, boy. That is a good point."
  • (Professor Knight) "Mr. Sullivan. Great job out there. Look forward to having you back in my Class."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "You did great out there Sullivan. I guess I was wrong about you. You're one of us after all."
  • (Nathan Fillion) "Where are you going?"

Noah Johnston as Young Mike

  • (Noah Johnston) "I found a nickel. Sure wish I had pockets."

John Ratzenberger as Yeti

  • (John Ratzenberger) "Alright, newbies. Quit goofing around. I'll have you know that tampering with the mail is punishable by banishment."
  • (John Goodman) "Yes Sir."
  • (Billy Crystal) "We're right on it Mr. Snowman."

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