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Moby Dick (2010 film) Quotes

Moby Dick (2010 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Moby Dick completed its run in 1970.

It features David Michael Latt as producer, Chris Ridenhour in charge of musical score, and Alexander Yellen as head of cinematography.

Moby Dick (2010 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Moby Dick (2010 film) is 87 minutes long. Moby Dick (2010 film) is distributed by The Asylum.

The cast includes: Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab, Matt Lagan as Capt. John 'Boomer' Enderby, Renee O'Connor as Dr. Michelle Herman, Dean Kreyling as Admiral De Deers, Derrick Scott as Pip, and Durant Fowler as Doughby.

Moby Dick (2010 film) Quotes

Renee O'Connor as Dr. Michelle Herman

  • (Renee O'Connor) "Why would a whale act like this?"
  • (Barry Bostwick) "Why do babies die in their sleep?"
  • (Stubb) "You can't out run a torpedo."
  • (Renee O'Connor) "I can try --"
  • (Renee O'Connor) "Call me Michelle."
  • (Renee O'Connor) "You know he's completely insane."
  • (Lt. Commander Starbuck) "How could anyone endure this and not be?"

Barry Bostwick as Captain Ahab

  • (Barry Bostwick) "Have you forgotten what it was like to sit out there on that sea ice and watch your arm go gangrenous while we were waiting to be rescued?"
  • (Matt Lagan) "I haven't forgotten."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "The months of surgery, the years of rehabilitation. Wondering why this happened to you. Asking yourself what kind of a God could allow such a thing? And then coming to the conclusion that he was either malicious or indifferent. And then realizing -- you dont know which is worse. Such a thing cannot be allowed to live."
  • (Matt Lagan) "I think Moby Dick took more from you than from me. Killing him won't bring back my arm and it won't bring back your leg. It won't bring any of it back. But whether you succeed or fail, how many people need to die?"
  • (Barry Bostwick) "All of them. This whole act has been decreed. It was rehearsed by us a billion years before the oceans even rolled. Nothing I can do about it. I am the fates, Lieutenant, and I act under orders."
  • (Seahawk Pilot) "Congratulations, you nuked a school of squid."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "Where there are squid, there are whales."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "I'd strike the sun if it insulted me."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "They say a drowning thing will go down and rise up again twice before going down forever. Moby Dick has already been down twice."
  • (Renee O'Connor) "So have you."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "He tasks me. That whale, he tasks me."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "He took my leg. I don't intend to give him my ass."
  • (Barry Bostwick) "For hates sake, I spit my last breath at you."

Derrick Scott as Pip

  • (Derrick Scott) "How deep can this ship go?"
  • (Durant Fowler) "Classified."
  • (Derrick Scott) "How deep have you been?"
  • (Durant Fowler) "This."

Durant Fowler as Doughby

  • (Durant Fowler) "It's the whiteness of the whale that freaks me out the most. You know what I mean? White is for the good guys."
  • (Derrick Scott) "I have no problem seeing white as evil."

Dean Kreyling as Admiral De Deers

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