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Map of the Human Heart Quotes

Map of the Human Heart is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Map of the Human Heart stopped airing in 1970.

It features Tim Bevan as producer, Gabriel Yared in charge of musical score, and Eduardo Serra as head of cinematography.

Map of the Human Heart is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Map of the Human Heart is 109 minutes long. Map of the Human Heart is distributed by Miramax.

The cast includes: Patrick Bergin as Walter Russell, Jason Scott Lee as Avik, Annie Galipeau as Young Albertine, Robert Joamie as Young Avik, Anne Parillaud as Albertine, and Clotilde Courau as Rainee.

Map of the Human Heart Quotes

Anne Parillaud as Albertine

  • (Anne Parillaud) "I'll never let you go."

Annie Galipeau as Young Albertine

  • (Annie Galipeau) "Where are you from?"
  • (Robert Joamie) "Nunatak."
  • (Annie Galipeau) "It's not here. You're not on the map."
  • (Annie Galipeau) "He's a half-breed man. He leaves his wife to go searching for gold. He dies. But they will love one another in heaven."

Patrick Bergin as Walter Russell

  • (Patrick Bergin) "Women are a map. Avik, you've got to understand their longitude, and how much latitude you can take."
  • (Patrick Bergin) "Sometimes I don't know what to make of you."
  • (Anne Parillaud) "Sometimes I don't know what to make of myself. What do you see?"
  • (Patrick Bergin) "Nothing."
  • (Anne Parillaud) "Love is blind."

Jason Scott Lee as Avik

  • (Jason Scott Lee) "It's all there in the maps, sometimes all they tell you is that you're lost."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "Why do you want to bomb Dresden?"
  • (Patrick Bergin) "There's a monster in a room. Once that room was filled with everything that was valuable to him. His train sets, his puppet theatre, his model planes. They're all broken now. All that's left untouched is his beautiful collection of Dresden china. You go into that room, you smash all his crockery, then you have broken his spirit."
  • (Jason Scott Lee) "If someone entered this room and destroyed her, would it break your spirit?"
  • (Patrick Bergin) "If she were made of flesh and blood it might. This is not a race. But I don't like to lose things that are precious to me."

Clotilde Courau as Rainee

  • (Clotilde Courau) "They found my father on the shores of Nunatak, not more than a mile from where he was born. In his coat, wrapped in seal skin, was a small gift for my wedding, and a letter saying how proud he was of me, and how he would always love my mother."

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