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Local Hero (1983 film) Quotes

Local Hero (1983 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Local Hero ended in 1970.

It features David Puttnam; Iain Smith as producer, Mark Knopfler in charge of musical score, and Chris Menges as head of cinematography.

Local Hero (1983 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Local Hero (1983 film) is 111 minutes long. Local Hero (1983 film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Denis Lawson as Gordon Urquhart, Christopher Rozycki as Victor, Denis Lawson as Urquhart, Peter Riegert as Mac, Gyearbuor Asante as Rev. Macpherson, Peter Capaldi as Oldsen, Burt Lancaster as Happer, Alex Norton as Watt, Rikki Fulton as Geddes, Fulton Mackay as Ben Knox, Norman Chancer as Morris, Peter Capaldi as Danny, and Jenny Seagrove as Marina.

Local Hero (1983 film) Quotes

Fulton Mackay as Ben Knox

  • (Mac MacIntyre) "Any comets around?"
  • (Fulton Mackay) "Do ye want to buy a comet now?"
  • (Mac MacIntyre) "Maybe."
  • (Fulton Mackay) "We all have to work."
  • (MacIntyre) "Look, how much do you want?"
  • (Fulton Mackay) "Would you pay me a pound for every grain of sand in my hand?"
  • (Fulton Mackay) "Ah, well, that saves you some. Well, would you do it?"
  • (MacIntyre) "No. Of course not."
  • (Fulton Mackay) "Ah, well that's a pity. You missed out on a good bargain, for I can only hold about ten thousand grains of sand in my hands. Did you think it would be more?"
  • (MacIntyre) "What's the most amazing thing you've ever found?"
  • (Fulton Mackay) "Impossible to say. You see, there's something amazing every two or three weeks."

Denis Lawson as Gordon Urquhart

  • (Denis Lawson) "Oh boy, are we going to be rich."
  • (MacIntyre) "Would you leave Stella here with me?"
  • (Denis Lawson) "Sure I will."
  • (MacIntyre) "You're a good guy, Gordon."
  • (Denis Lawson) "Let's walk him home."
  • (Mac MacIntyre) "Where's the door here?"
  • (Denis Lawson) "There is no door. Just knock on the window."
  • (Mac MacIntyre) "How do you do business with a man who has no door?"
  • (Christopher Rozycki) "The ethics are just the same."
  • (Denis Lawson) "I'll get the food."
  • (Christopher Rozycki) "Bring some brandy back with you Gordon, I'm dying."

Christopher Rozycki as Victor

  • (Christopher Rozycki) "How are things? I heard about the ceilidh."
  • (Denis Lawson) "Oh, we've lots to tell you. We've been invaded by America. We're all gonna be rich."
  • (Christopher Rozycki) "Really?"
  • (Denis Lawson) "We won't have anywhere to call home, but we'll be stinkin' rich."
  • (MacIntyre) "How come you're here?"
  • (Christopher Rozycki) "Fishing. I have been coming here for years. I like it here."

Peter Capaldi as Oldsen

  • (Peter Capaldi) "How's the water? Cold?"
  • (Jenny Seagrove) "Not as cold as it should be. The North Atlantic drift comes in here. That's warmish water from the Caribbean. That's why it's special here. There's stuff fetching up here all the way from the Bahamas."
  • (Peter Capaldi) "Oh, that's a long way."
  • (Jenny Seagrove) "You swim?"
  • (Peter Capaldi) "Not that far."
  • (Peter Capaldi) "Why don't we kill it? Hit it with something hard --"
  • (Peter Riegert) "You've already done that with a two-ton automobile."
  • (Peter Capaldi) "I've a facility for languages."

Peter Riegert as Mac

  • (Peter Riegert) "I'll make a good Gordon, Gordon."
  • (Peter Riegert) "Did you cook my rabbit?"
  • (Peter Riegert) "Whose baby?"

Burt Lancaster as Happer

  • (Burt Lancaster) "Institute for the study of the sea and sky? I like it."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Anything out of the ordinary, you telephone me. Night or day."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Oldsen, I could grow to love this place."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Keep watching the sky, MacIntyre."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "There's a madman on the roof. You'd better call the police to get some marksmen over here. Shoot him down. Shoot to kill."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "What about the sky?"
  • (MacIntyre) "Sky, sir? It's amazing. I wish you could see it. I wish I could describe it to you like I'm seeing it."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "Take the chopper, go to Aberdeen, get on over to Houston."
  • (Burt Lancaster) "That'll be all for now, MacIntyre."

Gyearbuor Asante as Rev. Macpherson

  • (Gyearbuor Asante) "You want to buy my church?"
  • (MacIntyre) "Not as a going concern."
  • (MacIntyre) "We're on kind of a mission."
  • (Gyearbuor Asante) "Same here."

Norman Chancer as Morris

  • (Norman Chancer) "You're an asshole, Happer. You love it. Craphound."
  • (Norman Chancer) "I'm still here, Happer. And you're still a useless mother - --"

Alex Norton as Watt

  • (Alex Norton) "Of course, we don't need that ice age. We can divert the gulf-stream and unfreeze the Arctic Circle. He proved it right here, but they won't listen. They want to freeze."
  • (Rikki Fulton) "Thank you Norman, but there was no need to bring that up."

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