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Lincoln (film) Quotes

Lincoln (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Lincoln stopped airing in 1970.

It features Steven Spielberg, and Kathleen Kennedy as producer, John Williams in charge of musical score, and Janusz Kamiński as head of cinematography.

The cast includes: David Oyelowo as Corporal Ira Clark, Colman Domingo as Private Harold Green, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Latham, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Mary Todd Lincoln, Joseph Cross as John Hay, Gulliver McGrath as Tad Lincoln, Gloria Reuben as Elizabeth Keckley, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robert Lincoln, Hal Holbrook as Preston Blair, David Warshofsky as William Hutton, Elizabeth Marvel as Mrs. Jolly, and Bill Camp as Mr. Jolly.

Lincoln (film) Quotes

David Oyelowo as Corporal Ira Clark

  • (David Oyelowo) "Now that white people have accustomed themselves to seeing negro men with guns fighting on their behalf, and even getting the same pay, in a few years perhaps they can abide the idea of negro lieutenants and captains. In fifty years, maybe a negro colonel. In a hundred years, the vote."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "What will you do after the war, Corporal Clark?"
  • (David Oyelowo) "Work sir. Perhaps you'll hire me."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "Perhaps I will."
  • (David Oyelowo) "But you should know, sir, that I get sick at the smell of bootblack, and I cannot cut hair."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "I've yet to find a man could make a difference with mine."
  • (Colman Domingo) "You got springy hair for a white man."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "I do. My last barber hanged himself. And the one before that. Left me his scissors in his will."

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Mary Todd Lincoln

  • (William Seward) "Gentleman, you have a visitor."
  • (W.N. Bilbo) "Oh my God, goddamn --"
  • (W.N. Bilbo) "I'll be fucked."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "I wouldn't bet against it, Mr?"
  • (W.N. Bilbo) "W.N.Bilbo."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "Yeah, Mr. Bilbo. Gentlemen --"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Sir."
  • (W.N. Bilbo) "Why are you here? No offense, but Mr. Seward's banished the very mention of your name, he won't even let us use fifty-cent pieces 'cause they got your face on 'em."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "The Secretary of State here tells me that, uh -- you got eleven Democrats in the bag. That's encouraging."
  • (Richard Schell) "Oh, you've got no cause to be encouraged. Sir. Uh --"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Are we being -- fired?"
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "'We have heard the chimes of midnight, Master Shallow.' I'm here to alert you boys that the great day of reckoning is nigh upon us."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Seward can't do it; you must. Because if you fail to acquire the necessary votes, woe unto you, sir. You will answer to me."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "No one is loved as much as you by the people. Don't waste that power."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "No one has ever lived who knows better than you the proper placement of footfalls on treacherous paths."
  • (Richard Schell) "Over in Pennsylvania, who's the sweaty man eating his thumb?"
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Unknown to me. Seems jumpy."
  • (Richard Schell) "Perhaps he'll jump."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Smile, Senator Wade."
  • (Senator Bluff Wade) "I believe I am smiling, Mrs. Lincoln."
  • (Thaddeus Stevens) "As long as your household accounts are in order, Madam, we have no need to investigate them."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "You have always taken such a lively, even prosecutorial interest in my household accounts, Mr. Stevens."
  • (Thaddeus Stevens) "Your household accounts have always been so interesting."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Yes, thank you, it's true. The miracles I have wrought out of fertilizer bills and cutlery invoices, but I had to. Four years ago, when the President and I arrived, this was a pure pigsty. Tobacco stains in the carpets, mushrooms sprouting from the ceilings. And a pauper's pittance allotted for improvements. As if your committee joined with all of Washington waiting, in what you anticipated to be our comfort in squalor, further proof that my husband and I were prairie primitives, unsuited to the position to which an error of the people, a flaw in the democratic process, had elevated us."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "All anyone will remember of me is I was crazy and I ruined your happiness."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "Anyone who thinks that doesn't understand, Molly."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "When they look at you, at what it cost to live at the heart of this, they'll wonder at it. They'll wonder at you. They should. But they should also look at the wretched woman by your side, if they want to understand what this was truly like, for an ordinary person, for anyone other than you."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "I ought to have done it, I ought have done for Tad's sake. For everybody goddamned sake. I should've clapped you in the madhouse."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "Then do it. Do it. Don't you threaten me,you do it this time. Lock me away. You'll have to, I swear if Robert is killed."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I have to do this. And I will do it, and I don't need your permission to enlist."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "That same speech has been made by how many sons to how many fathers since this war began? 'I don't need your damn permission, you miserable old goat. I'm gonna enlist anyhow.' What wouldn't those numberless fathers have given to be able to say to their sons, as I say now to mine, I am commander-in-chief, so in point of fact, without my permission, you ain't enlisting in nothing, nowhere young man."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "It's mama you're scared of, not me getting killed."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "I have to do this. And I will, or I will feel ashamed of myself for the rest of my life. Whether or not you fought is what matters. And not just to other people, but to myself. I won't be you, Pa. I can't do that. But I don't want to be nothing."
  • (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) "It's not illegal to bribe congressmen. They starve otherwise."

Hal Holbrook as Preston Blair

Gulliver McGrath as Tad Lincoln

  • (Gulliver McGrath) "When you were a slave, Mr. Slade, did they beat you?"
  • (William Slade) "I was born a free man. Nobody beat me except I beat them right back."
  • (William Slade) "Mrs. Keckley was a slave. Ask her if she was beaten."
  • (Gloria Reuben) "I was beaten with a fire shovel when I was younger than you."
  • (Gulliver McGrath) "Papa? Papa, I want to see Willie."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "Me too, Tad. But we can't. Willie's gone. Three years now, he's gone."

Joseph Cross as John Hay

  • (Joseph Cross) "Do you need company?"
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "In times like these, I'm best alone."

David Warshofsky as William Hutton

  • (David Warshofsky) "I can't make sense of it, what he died for. Mr. Lincoln, I hate them all, I do, all black people. I am a prejudiced man."
  • (Abraham Lincoln) "I'd change that in you if I could, but that's not why I come. I might be wrong, Mr. Hutton, but I expect -- Colored people will most likely be free, and when that's so, it's simple truth that your brother's bravery, and his death, helped make it so. Only you can decide whether that's sense enough for you, or not."

Elizabeth Marvel as Mrs. Jolly

  • (William Seward) "Madam, if the rebels surrendered next week, would you, at the end of this month, want Congressman Burton to vote for the Thirteenth Amendment?"
  • (Elizabeth Marvel) "If that was how it was, no more war an' all, I reckon Mr Jolly much prefer not to have Congress pass the Amendment."
  • (William Seward) "And -- Why is that."
  • (Bill Camp) "Niggers."
  • (Elizabeth Marvel) "If he don't have to let some Alabama coon come up from Missouri and steal his chickens and his job, we'd much prefer that."
  • (William Seward) "The people. I begin to see why you're in such a great hurry to put it through."

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