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Lemonade Mouth (film) Quotes

Lemonade Mouth is a Drama film that debuted in 2011 on Disney Channel. Lemonade Mouth ended its run in 1970.

It features Matias Alvarez as producer, Christopher Lennertz in charge of musical score, and Checco Varese as head of cinematography.

Lemonade Mouth is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lemonade Mouth is 106 minutes long. Lemonade Mouth is produced by Martin Chase Productions and distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

The cast includes: Bridgit Mendler as Olivia, Adam Hicks as Wen, Hayley Kiyoko as Stella, Christopher McDonald as Principal Brenigan, and Shishir Kurup as Mr. Banjaree.

Lemonade Mouth Quotes

Shishir Kurup as Mr. Banjaree

Bridgit Mendler as Olivia

  • (Bridgit Mendler) "You have a family, your dad, your sister, Sydney. I don't even remember my mom, I haven't talked to my dad in years and you have the nerve to feel sorry for yourself?"
  • (Bridgit Mendler) "Oh, no, no, Wen, this isn't about Lemonade Mouth. This is about you not appreciating what you have. You have a family. Your dad, your sister, Sydney. I don't even remember my mom, I haven't talked to my dad in years; and you have the nerve to feel sorry for yourself? Wha -- Okay. No. Fine. Go ahead. Give up. See if I care. I didn't even what to be in this band in the first place."
  • (Adam Hicks) "Then why did you DO it?"
  • (Bridgit Mendler) "FOR YOU, YOU JERK. I did it for you."
  • (Bridgit Mendler) "Poets, geniuses, revolutionaries. Lemonade Mouth has been called all of these things. But the real story, the story of our band came to be, is a mystery to them all."

Adam Hicks as Wen

  • (Adam Hicks) "Then why did you do it?"
  • (Bridgit Mendler) "OH, I DID IT FOR YOU, YOU BIG JERK,"
  • (Bridgit Mendler) "I did it for you."
  • (Wen's Dad) "So, Wen --"
  • (Adam Hicks) "Yeah?"
  • (Wen's Dad) "I've been meaning to ask you -- Will you be my best man?"
  • (Adam Hicks) "Your what?"
  • (Adam Hicks) "Owwwwwwwwwwww."
  • (Wen's Dad) "Wen, you okay? Let me see."
  • (Adam Hicks) "I like when you smile."

Hayley Kiyoko as Stella

Christopher McDonald as Principal Brenigan

  • (Christopher McDonald) "Sports brings donors, donors bring money, and money makes my school run."
  • (Miss Reznick) "YOUR school?"
  • (Christopher McDonald) "Times are tough, Jenny. Someone's got to make the hard decisions around here, and that someone is moi."

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