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Legend of the Lost Quotes

Legend of the Lost is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Legend of the Lost completed its run in 1970.

It features Henry Hathaway as producer, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino in charge of musical score, and Jack Cardiff as head of cinematography.

Legend of the Lost is recorded in English and originally aired in United States / Italy. Each episode of Legend of the Lost is 109 minutes long. Legend of the Lost is distributed by United Artists (1957) (USA) (theatrical).

The cast includes: John Wayne as Joe January, Sophia Loren as Dita, and Rossano Brazzi as Paul Bonnard.

Legend of the Lost Quotes

John Wayne as Joe January

  • (John Wayne) "I've been walkin' around thinkin'. It's a great town for thinkin'; no distractions."
  • (John Wayne) "What are we doin', out here in th' middle 'o' nowhere, lookin' fer nothin' in the wrong season."
  • (John Wayne) "I like my chippies in a room."
  • (John Wayne) "Here, dump that out and fill it with water. Shows you how serious the situation is."

Rossano Brazzi as Paul Bonnard

  • (Rossano Brazzi) "I made you virtuous -- I'll buy your virtue."
  • (Rossano Brazzi) "One gets to imagine strange things in the desert."
  • (John Wayne) "Yeah, one meets them too."
  • (Rossano Brazzi) "Why did you steal it?"
  • (Sophia Loren) "I wanted it."
  • (Rossano Brazzi) "He lied."
  • (John Wayne) "Come on, he's paid his bills."
  • (Rossano Brazzi) "An adulterer. A murderer."
  • (John Wayne) "It can happen to any man, Paul; good or bad. Woman throws a harpoon into ya', and ya' go where SHE pulls."
  • (Rossano Brazzi) "Walking alone in the desert is wonderful. It's like walking on the face of a clock that's stopped."

Sophia Loren as Dita

  • (Sophia Loren) "You never kissed me like thatt before."
  • (John Wayne) "I always meant to."
  • (Sophia Loren) "I can cook, I can breathe, I can live."
  • (Sophia Loren) "Poor Paul. He was so kind. How could it happen?"
  • (John Wayne) "It happens --"
  • (Sophia Loren) "But to him? He believed in God."
  • (John Wayne) "I can't recite any Psalms for ya', but I know about people who believe in God. Our friend didn't. He put his faith in his father. A man. A human being. That's an easy faith to lose. I know about that, too."
  • (Sophia Loren) "But he was a good man. He tried to do good. He dreamed of goodness all his life."
  • (John Wayne) "I'm gettin' a little sick of this "Poor Paul," "Kind man," "Full of grace." What does it take to wake you up? He didn't believe in anything but being a big-shot with God as a front. I've seen these do-gooders before; usually doin' the most good for themSELVES. Believing in God is different than drooling over rubies and emeralds."

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