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Last Resort (2000 film) Quotes

Last Resort (2000 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Last Resort ended in 1970.

It features Ruth Caleb as producer, Max de Wardener in charge of musical score, and Ryszard Lenczewski as head of cinematography.

Last Resort (2000 film) is recorded in English, Russian language and originally aired in United Kingdom. Last Resort (2000 film) is distributed by BBC.

The cast includes: Perry Benson as Immigration Officer, Dina Korzun as Tanya, Artiom Strelnikov as Artyom, Perry Benson as Immigration Officer 1, Perry Benson as Immigration Officer 2, Paddy Considine as Alfie, Adrian Scarborough as Council Official, Marcus Redwood as Cafe Owner, Ben Dover as Les, and Dave Bean as Frank.

Last Resort (2000 film) Quotes

Paddy Considine as Alfie

  • (Paddy Considine) "What's the matter. Ah, no, no. Hey, don't get upset."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Sorry."
  • (Paddy Considine) "No, it's alright, man, it's alright. Ok. Why are you so upset?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Because I'm crazy."
  • (Paddy Considine) "No, you're not crazy."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Why?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes. I'm so stupid. I don't know -- This city, it's like -- it's like punishment for me, it's like punishment for some mistakes in my life. You know, yes, yes, really. I make so many mistakes."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I've made mistakes. We're human beings. We all fuck up. We all make mistakes. It ain't just you. What are you doing that's so bad?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Just -- my main -- I always -- need -- need to be in love. You know, I can't to -- to live, without lo -- love."
  • (Paddy Considine) "There's nothing wrong with that."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes."
  • (Paddy Considine) "No, there is not."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes. Because, two my -- two my husbands, and two divorces. It's very bad for me, for my child. And, now, we're here, and I think maybe its -- maybe it's my -- main mistake."
  • (Paddy Considine) "What are you tryin' to do to my machine? What ya doin'? Come, 'ere. You've broken it. Try it now -- Where's your dad?"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "My dad's dead."
  • (Paddy Considine) "My dad's dead, as well."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Yours is dead, too?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "How did he die?"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "He's dead."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Well, what's the crap with this Mark fellow?"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "He's my mother's fiance."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Do you like him?"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "No. My mom come to England for him, and he doesn't come to airport."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Does your mom love him?"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "I think she loves men who make her cry."

Marcus Redwood as Cafe Owner

  • (Marcus Redwood) "That's three-eighty-five, please."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Five."
  • (Marcus Redwood) "OK. Thank you."
  • (Dina Korzun) "My change?"
  • (Marcus Redwood) "No, we don't give change on vouchers, love."
  • (Dina Korzun) "No?"
  • (Marcus Redwood) "No, sorry."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Poydem. (Let's go.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Where is fish?"
  • (Marcus Redwood) "What do you expect for five pounds?"

Ben Dover as Les

  • (Ben Dover) "Yeah? Gorgeous cheekbones -- yeah, gorgeous cheekbones, they're fantastic. So, anyhow, what I was going to do, I don't want to take up too much of your time. But, there's my card."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes."
  • (Ben Dover) "Ok? And, uhh, you know, if you're interested, give me call. But, if there's anything else I can do, let me -- I am Mr. Stonehaven. Everybody knows me around here, so, if you need me, call me. There's my card. All right? Hope to see you soon. Bye."
  • (Dave Bean) "Bye."
  • (Ben Dover) "See ya, mate. Let's go, Frank."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Ty khot' ponyala, chto oni sutenery i chego oni khotyat? (You do realize they're pimps, and what they want?)"

Dina Korzun as Tanya

  • (Dina Korzun) "Mne nuzhno yego uvidet', chtoby ponyat', chto proiskhodit. (I need to see him to find out what's going on.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Znachit, ty yego lyubish' bol'she, chem menya. Zatashchila menya cherti kuda, k chertu na kulichki. (So, you love him more than me. You dragged me all this way, to the armpit of the universe.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Samomu smeshno. Day ruku. Ty chto, ya tebya lyublyu. Ya tebya lyublyu, kak nikogo. Da? Ty zhe moy yedinstvennyy, moy dorogoy, moy synochek. A yego ya po-drugomu lyublyu, nel'zya sravnivat'. (That's ridiculous. Give me your hand. You know I love you. I love you, like no one else. OK? You're my one-and-only, my dearest, my little boy. But I love him in a different way, it's impossible to compare.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Spokoynoy nochi. (Good night.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "I'm sorry -- just for -- few -- wo-words. I need political as-asylum."
  • (Perry Benson) "Political asylum?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes. Because -- because my life is very dangerous in Moscow."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Okhuyela chto li? (Has she fucking lost it?)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Hello."
  • (Store owner) "Can I help you?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Would you be interested of this? It is a fur -- Russian fur, from Siberia. It is very -- it is very -- valuable. I have two pieces. And -- and, uhh, it's very beautiful, very expensive -- in Russia. And, you can wear them as a hat, or like scarf, or you can pin it on your coat -- if you want."
  • (Store owner) "Nah, I'm not interested in anything like that."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Ok, thank you."
  • (Dina Korzun) "I have to go to London. What do I do?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Are you a refugee?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "A refugee by accident -- Why are you laughing?"

Artiom Strelnikov as Artyom

  • (Page over airport loudspeaker) "Would Mark Wallow, Mark Wallow, please contact the airport information desk."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Can you show me the way home, please?"
  • (Television narrator) "Sonar may also be used for sexual stimulation. Here, one juvenile female buzzes another's genital area, perhaps to gain information about her sexual state and health."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Mam, smotri chto oni delayut? (Mom, look, what are they doing?)"
  • (Television narrator) "Copulation is performed belly to belly, with the male beneath the female. And, is brief --"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Poydem spat'. (Let's go to sleep.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Podozhdi. (Wait.)"
  • (Television narrator) "Gentle touching of genital areas is also an important means --"
  • (Dina Korzun) "It's a bedtime."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Poydem. (Let's go.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Podozhdi, mam. (Wait, mom.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Vstavay, ya tebe govoryu. (Get up, I told you.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "No, mama, podozhdi. (But, mom, wait.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Poydem. Ya s toboy ne budu -- Seychas. (Let's go. I'm not putting up with this from you -- Now.)"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Night, boy."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "No, mam -- (But, mom -- )"
  • (Dina Korzun) "I'm going to sleep. Thank you for everything."
  • (Paddy Considine) "It's alright, man."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Ok."
  • (Paddy Considine) "I'll let myself out."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "On ne priyedat. Davay, ya otkroyu. (He's not coming. Hand me that, I'll open it.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Pochemu? (Why?)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "On, navernoye, peredumal. (He's probably changed his mind.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Pochemu? (Why?)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Potomu chto on nevrastenik. Ty tozhe ne sovsem normal'naya. Vy, navernoye, podkhodite. (Because he's neurotic. You're not completely normal yourself, either. You're probably well suited.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "In Britain, friendly people start conversation by talking about the vever --"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Weather."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "-- Vether. Look at this expensive --"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Example."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "-- It is lovely morning, it isn't, isn't it? --"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Isn't it."
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "-- Yes, it's beautiful, it isn't it? --"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "-- I tsvetok ishchut mnogiye lyudi (Many people search for their flower)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "No nakhodyat konechno ne vse (But, of course, not everyone finds it) / Mozhet tam, za sed'mym perevalom (Maybe it's there, in the seventh heaven) / Vspykhnet svezhiy, kak vetra glotok (And will blossom anew, like a gentle breeze)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Ya govori, on nevrastenik. (I told you he was neurotic.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Kuda on nas vedet, mam? On chto, khochet chtoby ya polez tuda v yego mashinu? Ya ne polezu nikuda v yego mashinu. (Where are they taking us, mom? He wants me to get in his car? I'm not getting in his car.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Zalez', pozhaluysta. (Get in, please.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Ne polezu. (I'm not getting in.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Sidi. (Sit.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Chego on khochet ot nas? Chego on khochet ot nas? (What does he want with us? What does he want with us?)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Artyom. Vernis' seychas zhe. (Artyom. Come back here, now.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Ya ne polezu tuda. Du-du-du-du-du-du -- Da ot"yebis' ot menya. Ot"yebis', ya tebe skazal. Durak, kozel. (I'm not getting in there. Du-du-du-du-du-du -- Get away from me. Get away, I told you. You stupid goat.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Artyom. (Artyom.)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Ottsepis' ot menya. (Let me go.)"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Artyom, ty chto, s uma soshel? Prekrati. Ty slyshish'? Slushay menya, Artyom. Ya im skazala, chto my bezhentsy, poetomu my ostayemsya seychas v Anglii, potomu chto Mark ne priyekhal nas ne vstretil. U nas net drugogo vykhoda, no ya uverena -- (Artyom, what's wrong with you, have you gone crazy? Stop this. Do you hear? Listen to me, Artyom. I told them that we're refugees, so we can stay in England; because Mark didn't come to meet us. We don't have another way, but I'm sure -- )"
  • (Perry Benson) "Is there a problem? Come on, love."
  • (Dina Korzun) "One minute please. It's very important. Let me speak with him."
  • (Perry Benson) "I'm sorry. No go."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Ty vidish', chto tvorit'sya? Luchshe ya tebe v mashine vse ob"yasnyu, khorosho? Ya uverena, chto vse pravil'no. Bud' moim drugom, da? Pover' mne. Dover'sya mne, da? (Do you see what's going on? It's better if I explain everything to you in the car, OK? I'm sure all of this is all right. Be my friend, OK? Believe me. Trust me, OK?)"

Perry Benson as Immigration Officer 2

  • (Perry Benson) "How long do you intend to stay in the U.K.?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "I don't know, yet."
  • (Perry Benson) "How much money do you have?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Skol'ko u nas deneg tochno? (Exactly how much money do we have?)"
  • (Artiom Strelnikov) "Uhh -- eighty-five dollars."
  • (Perry Benson) "Not very much, is it?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes."

Adrian Scarborough as Council Official

  • (Adrian Scarborough) "Can you confirm your name, please?"
  • (Dina Korzun) "Tat'yana Krush-i-na."
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "You should have registered here yesterday. This is a general information pack. These are your food and toiletry vouchers for the week."
  • (Dina Korzun) "But, I don't need them. I want to go to London."
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "No, you can't do that."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Why?"
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "You've applied for political asylum."
  • (Dina Korzun) "Yes, and so?"
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "All applicants must stay in their designated holding areas. Look, it's in here."
  • (Dina Korzun) "You mean I can't leave?"
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "No, that's right."
  • (Dina Korzun) "But, I don't -- I don't understand why. If I have money, if I have place where to stay in London, why I can't go?"
  • (Adrian Scarborough) "The world and his wife would go to London if we let them."

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