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Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County Quotes

Laguna Beach: is a Reality television that first aired in 2004 on MTV. Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County stopped airing in 2006.

Laguna Beach: aired for 3 seasons and 43 episodes. Laguna Beach: is executive produced by Tony DiSanto. Laguna Beach: is created by Liz Gateley.

Laguna Beach: is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Laguna Beach: is 30 minutes long. Laguna Beach: is produced by Go Go Luckey Productions and distributed by Trifecta Entertainment & Media. Spinoffs for this show include The Hills; Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County.

Laguna Beach: Quotes

  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Cheers to the last winter formal biznasss."
  • (Alex Hooser) "One more dance together, my dahling."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "You whorebag."
  • (Alex Hooser) "What's the saying? Don't hate the player, hate the game?"
  • (Jessica Smith) "Um -- don't hate the game, hate the player."
  • (Alex Hooser) "I hate the fucking game."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Well, Kristin just about hates us."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "No, Kristin hates me but that's okay."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Eww, what's in this?"
  • (Stephen Coletti) "I think that's all the meat and hot dogs."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Will you cook me a hot dog?"
  • (Stephen Coletti) "No."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Please help me."
  • (Stephen Coletti) "Yeah, I'll cook you a weiner."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Excuse me?"
  • (Stephen Coletti) "Some poor man is going to marry you."
  • (Stephen) "You've gotta be aware of everyone else around you."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm not good at that."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Oh, my gosh, Stephen, that was so lame. You didn't even look like a bear."
  • (Talan Torriero) "Oh, great. It's just "closure". "Closure" was last week."
  • (Stephen Coletti) "Do you think you'll find someone?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "I don't want to look for someone, I want someone to find me."
  • (Unnamed) "Hold it. Just hold it."
  • (Jessica Smith) "What's wrong, Jason?"
  • (Jason Wahler) "It's just the way you're acting."
  • (Jessica Smith) "How am I acting?"
  • (Jason Wahler) "I don't know, you tell me?"
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "How far are you and Stephen away from each other?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Like, five minutes."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Really?"
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "I think you guys are gonna get married."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "I think we're gonna be best friends."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "That stuff happens, though, you know, like."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "I don't wanna marry Stephen."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Why? He's cute, you'd have pretty babies."
  • (Unnamed) "You would have pretty babies, your babies would be like the popular people at school."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "That's sweet."
  • (Unnamed) "They would."
  • (Trey Phillips) "What? You wanna go?"
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, Lauren. what comes before Part B?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Part A? Ohh. Ha ha."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Jessica, he's cheating on you. Take it from someone who used to cheat on her boyfriend. Those are signs of him cheating."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "The boys are planning on going to the dance for like half an hour then going straight to the after party and "getin' some" and were planning on -- showing off our dresses"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "You like, ruined everything. You know that, right?"
  • (Jason Wahler) "Yeah."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Was she like, Ste-phan. Where are you?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Ste-phan. Haha."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Ste-phan."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Then you were at Lauren's house, so you just LIED to me."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "My car is Dunzo."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Steephaaaannn."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm trying to make you smile."
  • (Jason Wahler) "You are making me smile."
  • (Stephen Coletti) "You look real good, keep dancing on the bar SLUT."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "You just hope that you're worth changin' for."
  • (Unnamed) "Lo it's not a fashion show --"
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Every day's a fashion show mom."
  • (Unnamed) "You cannot get D's and F's. That's not cruising, that's failing."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Yeah, she does have a point -- I'm sorry but she does. I want you to be able to come out with me. Duh."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Hey, Lo?"
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Sorry, I tried. Your mom does have a point though. You shouldn't be failing -- I'm sorry. Just don't fail your classes."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Lo, you suck."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Stop failing -- go out."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "Morgan has the same dress as me. She's -- a whore."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "I think it's more like purses actually. You're always gonna have that one boy that your always comfortable with and you always kinda like, right? Thats your purse that you wear everywhere, right? Then you have a gorgeous bag that you want everyone to see you with."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah but the gorgeous bag is usually an asshole."
  • (Lauren Conrad) "Or costs a lot of money. Then you have those other purses that you really like, but you don't really want to be seen with."
  • (Lauren Bosworth) "You just got a facial? Talan, why did you do that?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "How would you feel if I kissed my ex-boyfriend right in front of you?"
  • (Lauren Conrad) "But I was sorry."
  • (Kristin Cavalleri) "Every day of our lives here we would say, "Oh, great, it's the same thing every night." I really wish we didn't do that."

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