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La Vallée (film) Quotes

La Vallée (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . La Vallée ended in 1970.

It features Mike Kaplan as producer, Pink Floyd in charge of musical score, and Néstor Almendros as head of cinematography.

La Vallée (film) is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of La Vallée (film) is 100 minutes long. La Vallée (film) is distributed by Imperia Films.

The cast includes: Jean-Pierre Kalfon as Gaetan, Bulle Ogier as Viviane, Valérie Lagrange as Hermine, and Michael Gothard as Olivier.

La Vallée (film) Quotes

Bulle Ogier as Viviane

  • (Bulle Ogier) "The valley. The valley -- I see it."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Olivier, isn't it wonderful -- We've become so close to them. We're practically like them. Look at Gaetan and Hermine -- it's great. I'm happy. We've found truth, you know."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "What's wrong, Olivier?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "It's just the opposite."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "What's the opposite?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "We're lying. Whatever Gaetan says, we're tourists here."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "What do you mean, "tourists"? I don't get it, what's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Bulle Ogier) "It's disgusting, hearing you talk like that, you've spent months here with Gaetan, and that's all -- You don't understand. What are you, stupid?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "Dancing's easy. Could you work with them?"
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Yes, absolutely."
  • (Michael Gothard) "Women are even more exploited here."
  • (Michael Gothard) "You know, Viviane, among the Kombugas society is bound by very strict rules."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Same with ours."
  • (Michael Gothard) "It's not the same thing -- We're trying to break ours. When they dance, it's not just for the pleasure of it, it's to obey something. Look, this is the cemetery, they're dancing on their dead. We seek after pleasure, and maybe peace. They couldn't care less about that."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "I don't know, Olivier, but look at this festival. Everyone's happy together. Why do we all understand, without words -- like real friends? Why the understanding, why is it so simple here, eh?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "It's O.K. But that doesn't mean much."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "You really disappoint me. You're just like my husband."
  • (Michael Gothard) "Sure, we all like each other, but it doesn't go any farther. How can you expect real rapports between us, who tear down our social restrictions, and them, who live in terror and -- and respect for taboos?"
  • (Bulle Ogier) "I don't know, but it's possible. We're finding something else, that's all. Don't you believe in mysterious forces?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "Oh, sure, very much. But not in their way. For us, that's impossible. One can't forget one's past, Viviane. It's not possible to undo your conditioning. Once it's lost, innocence can't be found again. Paradise is a place with many exits, but no entrance -- There's no way back from knowledge -- When you fall from grace, that's it. I wonder, to find it again, whether we shouldn't do just the opposite of what we've done -- If we shouldn't take another bite out of the apple."

Jean-Pierre Kalfon as Gaetan

  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "I'll show it to you. These white spots are the unexplored zones. It's there --"
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "It's not on the map. It's as if it didn't exist, but it does exist."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "I thought there were no more unexplored lands. Your valley must have been seen from planes."
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "You can't see it. It's shrouded in mist. It's not on the map. Look what's written here. This map is dated 1969. "Obscured by clouds" --"
  • (Valérie Lagrange) "There's a thing I don't understand. You've talked about these places, that have all finally been found. Why is it this one that's still undiscovered? Don't you think that's strange?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "It's been discovered several times. But those who have done it have never come back. They had to stay."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Why?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "Because it's Paradise."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Do you think he's serious?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "It's his passion --"
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "You don't leave Paradise. You can lose yourself there or stray away -- and then -- it's disaster, the curse. But you don't leave Paradise. It's impossible. Do you understand?"
  • (Bulle Ogier) "But then, if your valley's so terrific, why don't you go there now?"
  • (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) "Our senses are not yet -- sufficiently -- open. We're not in any hurry. Above all, we must destroy time to become one with it. We must first reach the tribes that live at the foot of the mountains. Their magicians may be able to show us a way to go."
  • (Bulle Ogier) "Can you take me back to the hotel?"

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