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Khatta Meetha (2010 film) Quotes

Khatta Meetha (2010 film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Khatta Meetha stopped airing in 1970.

It features Cape of Good Films as producer, Songs: in charge of musical score, and V. Manikandan as head of cinematography.

Khatta Meetha (2010 film) is recorded in Hindi and originally aired in India. Each episode of Khatta Meetha (2010 film) is 158 minutes long. Khatta Meetha (2010 film) is distributed by Hari Om Entertainment Co..

The cast includes: Manoj Joshi as Trigun Fatak, and Akshay Kumar as Sachin R. Tichkule.

Khatta Meetha (2010 film) Quotes

Akshay Kumar as Sachin R. Tichkule

  • (Akshay Kumar) "I am allergic to bullshit. Minister's lecture.- bullshit. He'll give food to everyone. bullshit. We will drink clean water, bullshit. We have the power in our hands and legs. We are not less than anyone. O thorn of the country listen to me. Why do you fill your pockets? If he gets a chance, he'll sell the whole country. New roads and bridges will be built, bullshit. We won't get stuck in the traffic, bullshit. The work will be done on time, bullshit."
  • (Akshay Kumar) "Only dishonest and cheat people can lie peacefully in this country."

Manoj Joshi as Trigun Fatak

  • (Manoj Joshi) "So if you are benfiting from it, then let us reap some benefits as well. If we beneift the country will progress, who cares about the country's progress? We are the country."

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