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Jurassic World Quotes

Jurassic World is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Jurassic World ended in 1970.

It features Frank Marshall, and Patrick Crowley as producer, Michael Giacchino in charge of musical score, and John Schwartzman as head of cinematography.

Jurassic World is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Jurassic World is 124 minutes long. Jurassic World is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Irrfan Khan as Masrani, BD Wong as Henry Wu, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire, Chris Pratt as Owen, Jake Johnson as Lowery, Lauren Lapkus as Vivian, Ty Simpkins as Gray, Nick Robinson as Zach, Judy Greer as Karen, Omar Sy as Barry, Brian Tee as Hamada, and Katie McGrath as Zara.

Jurassic World Quotes

Irrfan Khan as Masrani

  • (Irrfan Khan) "What is that?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "That's her tracking implant. She clawed it out."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "How would it know to do that?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "She remembered where they put it in."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Remember why this place was made, Claire. Jurassic World exists to show us how very small we are. Very new. You can't put a price on that."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Did you boys serve in the armed forces?"
  • (ACU Trooper) "Afghanistan, sir."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Did your general ever fly into battle with you?"
  • (Irrfan Khan) "It's white. You never told me it was white."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Think it will scare the kids?"
  • (Irrfan Khan) "The kids? This will give the parents nightmares."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Say, I thought there were two of them?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "There was a sibling, in case this one did not survive infancy --"
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Where is the sibling?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "She ate it --"
  • (Irrfan Khan) "You created a monster."
  • (BD Wong) "Monster is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster. We're just used to being the cat."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "The key to a happy life is to accept you are never actually in control."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "So the paddock is quite safe then --"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "We have the best structural engineers in the world."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "Yeah, so did Hammond --"

Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire

  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Lowery, man up and do something for once in your life."
  • (Jake Johnson) "Why did you have to make it personal?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "RUUNNN."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Every time we unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "The Indominus rex. Our first genetically modified hybrid."
  • (Jim Drucker) "How did you get two different kinds of dinosaurs to, you know --"
  • (BD Wong) "Oh, Indominus wasn't bred. She was designed. She will be fifty feet long when fully grown. Bigger than the T-rex."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "We've been pre-booking tickets for months. The park needs a new attraction every few years in order to reinvigorate the public's interest. Kind of like the space program. Corporate felt genetic modification would up the wow factor."
  • (Chris Pratt) "They're dinosaurs. Wow enough."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Not according to our focus groups. The Indominus rex makes us relevant again."
  • (Chris Pratt) "The Indominus rex?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "We needed something scary and easy to pronounce. You should hear a four-year-old try to say "Archeaornithomimus.""
  • (Chris Pratt) "You should hear you try to say it."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "I need you."
  • (Chris Pratt) "Okay?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "I need your help. My nephews they're out in the valley. Please if anything happens to them."
  • (Chris Pratt) "How old?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Uh, the, um -- the older one he's like uh -- he's high school age. The younger one, he's um -- he's -- a few years --"
  • (Chris Pratt) "You don't know how old your nephews are?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Why are the west plains closed?"
  • (Lauren Lapkus) "Another Pachy roaming outside his zone. But he's fully sedated and ready for relocation."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "And please, clean your workplace. It's -- chaotic."
  • (Jake Johnson) "I like to see it as living system -- Just enough stability to keep it from falling into total anarchy."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Everyone remain calm."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "We're talking about an animal here."
  • (Chris Pratt) "A highly intelligent animal."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "The park needs a new attraction every few years in order to reinvigorate the public's interest. Kind of like the space program."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "So when you say you want to sponsor an attraction, what do you have in mind?"
  • (Hal Osterly) "We want to be thrilled."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Don't we all?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "So, you can pick up their scent can't you? Track their the foot prints"
  • (Chris Pratt) "I was with the Navy. Not the Navajo."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "You can't ever tell your mother about this."

Chris Pratt as Owen

  • (Chris Pratt) "You're the new guy, right?"
  • (Young Raptor Handler) "Yeah."
  • (Chris Pratt) "You ever wonder why there was a job opening? Don't turn your back to the cage."
  • (Chris Pratt) "Don't worry. It's gonna be just like taking a walk in the woods -- 65 million years ago."
  • (Chris Pratt) "YOU created a genetically modified hybrid, RAISED it in captivity; She is seeing all of this for the first time, she doesn't even know WHAT she is. She Will Kill ANYTHING that moves."
  • (Chris Pratt) "Hey, don't give me that shit."
  • (Chris Pratt) "It's all about control with you. I don't control the Raptors. It's a relationship. It's based on mutual respect. That's why you and I never had a second date."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Excuse me? I never wanted a second date."
  • (Chris Pratt) "Who prints out an itinerary for a night out?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "I'm an organized person."
  • (Chris Pratt) "What kind of diet doesn't allow tequila?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "All of them, actually. And what kind of a man shows up to a date in board shorts?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "It's Central America. It's hot."
  • (Chris Pratt) "She's killing for sport."
  • (Chris Pratt) "You'll last two minutes in there. Less in those ridiculous shoes."
  • (Chris Pratt) "What is that supposed to mean?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "It means I'm ready to go."
  • (Chris Pratt) "-- okay"
  • (Chris Pratt) "Watch your six. Raptors got a new alpha."
  • (Chris Pratt) "You might have made them in a test tube, buy they don't know that. These animals are thinking, "I gotta eat. I gotta hunt. I gotta -- " You can relate to at least one of those things. Right?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "I am a kitten farmer."
  • (Nick Robinson) "How much does that pay?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "It pays the bills."
  • (Nick Robinson) "How do you grow them?"
  • (Paddock Supervisor) "That wall's forty feet high. You really think she could've climbed out?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "Depends."
  • (Paddock Supervisor) "On what?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "What kinda dinosaur they cooked up in that lab."
  • (Chris Pratt) "Animals raised in isolation aren't always the most functional."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "You're Raptors are born in captivity."
  • (Chris Pratt) "With siblings. They learn social skills. And I imprint on then when they're born. There's trust. The only positive relationship this animal has is with that crane. At least she knows that means food."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "So, she needs a friend. We should schedule play-dates? That sort of thing?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "Probably not a good idea."
  • (Chris Pratt) "You made a genetic hybrid. Raised it in captivity. She is seeing all of this for the first time. She does not even know what she is. She will kill everything that moves."
  • (Irrfan Khan) "You think the animal is contemplating its own existence?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "She is learning where she fits on the food chain and I'm not sure you want her to figure that out."
  • (Chris Pratt) "This might be our only chance."
  • (Chris Pratt) "That thing out there -- That is no dinosaur."

Ty Simpkins as Gray

  • (Ty Simpkins) "We are safe in here right?"
  • (Ty Simpkins) "If mom and dad get divorced, will one of us be with mom and the other with dad?"
  • (Nick Robinson) "What? Why would you say that?"
  • (Ty Simpkins) "Because they are."
  • (Nick Robinson) "No, they're not getting divor -- they're not getting divorced. Look, you haven't been around long enough; they've always been that way."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "They get mail from two different lawyers."
  • (Nick Robinson) "That doesn't mean anything."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "I googled it. They're divorce lawyers."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "What are their names?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "This is Echo, this one's Charlie, this is Delta, and this one's Blue. Blue's the beta."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "Who's the alpha?"
  • (Chris Pratt) "You're lookin' at him, kid."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "We need more."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "More what?"
  • (Ty Simpkins) "We need more teeth."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "Aunt Claire -- your boyfriend rocks"

Judy Greer as Karen

  • (Judy Greer) "Well, a promise tomorrow is worth a lot less than trying today."
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Ew. You're using Mom's lines now?"
  • (Judy Greer) "Oh, my God. I am using Mom's lines."
  • (Judy Greer) "Boys, let's do this."

Brian Tee as Hamada

  • (Brian Tee) "It can camouflage."

Omar Sy as Barry

  • (Omar Sy) "What do you think? Want to take one home?"
  • (Hoskins) "Hey, don't joke. When I was your age I rescued a wolf pup. It was like two months old. Could barely walk. Used to sleep by my bed. Watch over me. My wife, she came at me with a steak knife. He took a chunk out of her arm."
  • (Omar Sy) "You put him down?"
  • (Hoskins) "Hell no."
  • (Omar Sy) "Something is wrong. They're communicating."

BD Wong as Henry Wu

  • (BD Wong) "Nothing in Jurassic World is natural, we have always filled gaps in the genome with the DNA of other animals. And if the genetic code was pure, many of them would look quite different. But you didn't ask for reality, you asked for more teeth."

Katie McGrath as Zara

Jake Johnson as Lowery

  • (Jake Johnson) "Maybe you should include that in the brochure -- eventually one of these things will eat someone."
  • (Jake Johnson) "Someone has to stay behind."
  • (Lauren Lapkus) "Uh, I have a boyfriend."

Nick Robinson as Zach

  • (Nick Robinson) "You see? I told you. Your welcome. Up close and personal with four -- dinosauruses."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "Ankylosaurus. We shouldn't be here. And there's five dinosaurs."
  • (Nick Robinson) "Aren't u supposed to b a genius or something? Look. One, two, three, four."
  • (Ty Simpkins) "-- five --"
  • (Nick Robinson) "That was awesome."

Lauren Lapkus as Vivian

  • (Lauren Lapkus) "Did you close the deal?"
  • (Bryce Dallas Howard) "Looks like it. Verizon Wireless presents the Indominus Rex."
  • (Jake Johnson) "Ugh, that is so terrible. Why not just go the distance, Claire, and just let these corporations name the dinosaurs? They got all the ball parks. Why stop there?"

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