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John Callahan's Quads! Quotes

John Callahan's Quads! is a TV show that debuted in 2001 on Teletoon/Special Broadcasting Service. John Callahan's Quads! completed its run in 2002.

John Callahan's Quads! lasted 26 episodes. John Callahan's Quads! is created by John Callahan (cartoonist).

Each episode of John Callahan's Quads! is 30 minutes (including commercials) long. John Callahan's Quads! is produced by SBS independent.

The cast includes: Hamish Hughes as Griz, Matthew King as Spalding, James Kee as Reilly, Pyaul Haddad as Lefty, and Cliff Saunders as Blazer.

John Callahan's Quads! Quotes

Hamish Hughes as Griz

  • (Hamish Hughes) "Well look at it this way. Now I can call you numb-nuts with real authority."
  • (Matthew King) "Over. Do you wear contacts?"
  • (James Kee) "No. OH."
  • (Hamish Hughes) "Is that his ass or my aftershave?"

Pyaul Haddad as Lefty

  • (Pyaul Haddad) "Here's Blazer's indecent exposure summons."
  • (Matthew King) "Blazer. How can you expose parts of your body that you don't even have?"
  • (Cliff Saunders) "I tell you it wasn't easy."
  • (Pyaul Haddad) "I need some potatoes for a vegetable ragout that I'm trying."
  • (Cliff Saunders) "What a fag."
  • (Pyaul Haddad) "I'm not a fag. I'm educated."

James Kee as Reilly

  • (James Kee) "I've got to find some way to pay this hospital bill. If I don't they'll take it out of me in body parts."
  • (Cliff Saunders) "Well it's not like you're using any of your body parts."
  • (James Kee) "I feel good about having no self-esteem -- Doesn't that screw everything up."
  • (James Kee) "Wheres Lefty? It was his turn to make breakfast."
  • (Cliff Saunders) "I heard him screaming bloody murder in the night. I figured someone broke in and killed him"
  • (Pyaul Haddad) "Morning --"
  • (James Kee) "Look who isn't dead"

Cliff Saunders as Blazer

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