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Into Asylum Quotes

Into Asylum is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Into Asylum ended in 1970.

Into Asylum Quotes

  • (Peter Petrelli) "I asked to be extraordinary. And I promised I'd make the world a better place. So when I got my chance, I lived up to my end of the bargain. For what? I'm running for my life. A lot of people are running for their lives. They're hurt and they're dying and I can't help them. Do You even care what You put people through? When they kneel here, before You, and they ask for help, do You even listen? And I'm tired of fighting. And I'm angry. I'm angry at my father, Nathan, and my mother. At You. We had a deal. I think it's about time You lived up to Your end. Please, just -- show up."
  • (Emile Danko) "You got twenty years of experience with these people, and I need a plan. And I don't wanna hear 'one of us, one of them'."
  • (Noah Bennet) "Then I won't say it. But it got the job done."
  • (Claire Bennet) "Voilà."
  • (Nathan Petrelli) "Where'd you get that?"
  • (Claire Bennet) "I sold my kidney. Actually, both of them; twice."
  • (Sylar) "Maybe I'm the goose who lays the golden egg. I can round them all up."
  • (Emile Danko) "You suggesting that I can't?"
  • (Sylar) "You chased a shape-shifter. You don't chase a shape-shifter."
  • (Claire Bennet) "You should; never; ever; fly; in that condition."
  • (Emile Danko) "So how did that feel? Zipping up that body bag?"
  • (Sylar) "Cathartic. Poetic. And tactically fortunate. It'll be a lot easier for us to operate -- if everybody thinks I'm dead."
  • (Emile Danko) "If we do this; if we succeed; you'd be the only one left."
  • (Sylar) "Funny how that works."
  • (Peter Petrelli) "Your coat's sopping wet. I found this one in the bins; it looked like something you'd wear."
  • (Angela Petrelli) "It should; it's mine."
  • (Emile Danko) "I want eyes on every road, every terminal, air, bus, roadblocks. This isn't a drill, people. Three of our own died, and they will not die in vain; not on my watch, not on yours. Remember your training. Remember Agents Whitman, Price and Holiday, and their families. Remember, we don't sleep -- until this son-of-a-bitch is caught."
  • (Angela Petrelli) "I'm afraid that unconditional love isn't really love at all."
  • (Claire Bennet) "You know what? Over the years, I couldn't help but -- think about my real dad. Who you were, what you looked like, your job. And then I met you; and you were more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined."
  • (Nathan Petrelli) "I mean, it's just a fantasy."
  • (Claire Bennet) "No. No, it doesn't have to be. You could do anything you want; you could fly."
  • (Nathan Petrelli) "Claire --"
  • (Claire Bennet) "You're supposed to be Superman."
  • (Emile Danko) "Our orders is to take them all in."
  • (Noah Bennet) "You're so desperate to chalk up a win you're cutting corners, is that it?"
  • (Emile Danko) "Let's not forget you're Nathan Petrelli's boy. Your last crusade was to catch this Rebel, and you didn't catch him, did you? You need to win a hell of a lot more than I do."
  • (Angela Petrelli) "I was just like you, my head in the clouds, full of hope. I was gonna be a teacher. And then my power manifested, and the dreams came; visions of a bloody future, of deceit and death, the apocalypse. And when I awoke, I tried to warn everyone, but no one would listen. Why would they? Why should they? I was Cassandra, screaming that the sky was falling, but when they looked up, there wasn't a cloud in sight. And I did it with lies, and with manipulation, and betrayal; and it cost me everything; my friends, my husband, my boys. But Peter; it's the price I chose to pay to save the world."
  • (Angela Petrelli) "There used to be love in this family once. Look at us now. It's all my fault."
  • (Peter Petrelli) "You come here to be forgiven?"
  • (Angela Petrelli) "I'm not sure even God has that in him."
  • (Emile Danko) "What's he up to? Why me?"
  • (Sylar) "He's after power. He thinks that's something you have; trying to convert the power into love. Doing a pretty good job of it too. He's a better you than you."
  • (Sylar) "Why does anybody want power? To screw with people? Or to simply screw people?"

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