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I Am the Walrus (American Dad!) Quotes

I Am the Walrus (American Dad!) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . I Am the Walrus ended its run in 1970.

I Am the Walrus (American Dad!) Quotes

  • (Principal Lewis) "Yep, looks like the pottery class is coming in. Perhaps we should relocate as I am not legally permitted to be within 100 feet of the instructor, or more specifically, her sugary sweet ass."
  • (Roger the Alien) "Here's a condom. Don't use it. Do what I do. Pretend to put it on, then hide it in your poop cannon."
  • (Principal Lewis) "Hey, can I get another one of those Stephen Hawking pills where my mind's working but my body ain't? Maybe I'll write a book while I'm out. Call it "A Brief History of Fine". Be about Diana Ross. Yeah --"
  • (Jeff) "Here, take the whole bottle."
  • (Principal Lewis) "Great, see you all in twelve hours."
  • (Principal Lewis) "Fire up the cloud car, Lando; I'm coming to visit."

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