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Hotel Transylvania Quotes

Hotel Transylvania is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Hotel Transylvania stopped airing in 1970.

It features Michelle Murdocca as producer, and Mark Mothersbaugh in charge of musical score.

Hotel Transylvania is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hotel Transylvania is 91 minutes long. Hotel Transylvania is distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.

The cast includes: Andy Samberg as Jonathan, Adam Sandler as Dracula, Jonny Solomon as Gremlin Lady, Jackie Sandler as Martha, Selena Gomez as Mavis, Steve Buscemi as Wayne, CeeLo Green as Murray, and Jonny Solomon as Gremlin Man.

Hotel Transylvania Quotes

Adam Sandler as Dracula

  • (Adam Sandler) "You're kidding me. Right in my lobby?"
  • (CeeLo Green) "Drac, I swear, man, I don't run like that."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Evil villain you will never win."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Welcome To Hotel Transylvania."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I know I lied. I was wrong. But you have to believe this: Johnny wasn't a bad guy. The truth is, I don't know if humans are bad anymore. Frank, come on, buddy. You understand."
  • (Eunice) "He's not talking to you. First you tell us humans are bad, now they're good, what else? Up is down, cold is hot, gremlins don't smell."
  • (Jonny Solomon) "Hey."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Listen to me, you are never to return here. Your are to stay away and tell no humans about this place. Or I will track you down, and suck every ounce of blood from you body, until you look like a deflated whoopee cushion."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Hey you don't need a manikin."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I do not say, "Bleh bleh bleh"."
  • (Adam Sandler) "Good morning Mavey Wavey."
  • (Adam Sandler) "It's ok we all get stomachaches Mr Big Foot."
  • (Adam Sandler) "House-keeping."
  • (Adam Sandler) "How could you? After I shared my pain with you?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Mavis? Why are you still up? The sun is out. It could kill you, my honey-gut."
  • (Selena Gomez) "I couldn't sleep. You know where Jonny went?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "I don't know. He;"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Why do you want know?"
  • (Selena Gomez) "Oh. Uh,"
  • (Adam Sandler) "This is how we're represented, unbelievable."

Andy Samberg as Jonathan

  • (Andy Samberg) "Are these monsters gonna kill me?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Not as long as they think you're a monster."
  • (Andy Samberg) "That's kinda racist."
  • (Andy Samberg) "Drac, I can't understand you."
  • (Adam Sandler) "What? My hands in a tan shoe?"
  • (Andy Samberg) "Yeah, well, I was afraid your dad was gonna suck all the blood out of my body if I didn't say that."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I wouldn't have -- No, he's right, I would have done that."
  • (Selena Gomez) "Dad."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I was wrong, Devil-chops."
  • (Andy Samberg) "Uh, can I just ask? What exactly is this place?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "What is this place? It's a place I built, for all those monsters out there lurking in the shadows. Hiding from the persecution of human kind. A for them and their families to come to and be themselves. A void of torches, pitchforks, angry mobs. A place of peace, relaxation, and tranquility."
  • (Andy Samberg) "Cool, so it's like a hotel for monsters?"
  • (Adam Sandler) "Yes, exactly. A hotel for monsters, way to sum it up."
  • (Andy Samberg) "Look at me, I'm a Frankenhomie."
  • (Andy Samberg) "I'm Dracula, Bleh, bleh-bleh."
  • (Adam Sandler) "I've never said that in my life. 'Bleh, bleh-bleh.' I don't know where that comes from."

Jonny Solomon as Gremlin Man

  • (Jonny Solomon) "Excuse me. One of your piranhas in the lake is very rude. He ate my sister-in-law."

Selena Gomez as Mavis

  • (Selena Gomez) "Ha-what-what?"
  • (Selena Gomez) "You sure? It'll be fun."
  • (Andy Samberg) "Ok."
  • (Selena Gomez) "Is it true, are you a human?"
  • (Selena Gomez) "Oh, hi humans."

Jackie Sandler as Martha

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Steve Buscemi as Wayne

  • (Steve Buscemi) "Yeah it's a mess back there."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "What? Now there's no sheep in the road. Let's go."
  • (CeeLo Green) "That was pretty sick, man."
  • (Steve Buscemi) "You eat lamb chops, it's the same thing."

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