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High School High Quotes

High School High is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . High School High ended its run in 1970.

It features David Zucker (filmmaker) as producer, Ira Newborn in charge of musical score, and Vernon Layton as head of cinematography.

High School High is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of High School High is 86 minutes long. High School High is distributed by TriStar Pictures.

The cast includes: Jon Lovitz as Richard Clark, Malinda Williams as Natalie, Tia Carrere as Victoria Chapell, Louise Fletcher as Principal Evelyn Doyle, Natasha Gregson Wagner as Julie Rubels, John Neville as Thaddeus Clark, Mekhi Phifer as Mrs. McReynolds, and Jon Lovitz as Mrs. Clark.

High School High Quotes

Louise Fletcher as Principal Evelyn Doyle

  • (Louise Fletcher) "I inherited the business from my late husband."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "I'm shocked."
  • (Louise Fletcher) "What? That a woman can run a business?"
  • (Jon Lovitz) "No. That you were ever married."

Jon Lovitz as Mrs. Clark

  • (Jon Lovitz) "Why would I have his briefcase unless I was workin' for him?"
  • (Louise Fletcher) "That's doesn't prove anything. You could have seen him down in the restaurant, dressed up like a waiter, created some kind of diversion while she snatched it from under the table."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "That's a little farfetched, don't you think?"
  • (Jon Lovitz) "I've never been very good with relationships. In fact, most of mine ended with 'Hey, what are you doing in bed with that other woman?' And that was me talking."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "Why are you late?"
  • (Malinda Williams) "Because the bell rang before I got here."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "Isn't it a little early for drinking?"
  • (Woman) "Who stops?"
  • (Jon Lovitz) "Oh, this shit be kickin'."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "Victoria, could you give me a ride home? I seem to have misplaced my car."
  • (Tia Carrere) "Oh, don't worry about it. All the teachers loose their car on their first day."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "I'm Richard Clark, I'm the new history teacher here. What department do you teach in?"
  • (Teacher) "I don't know, something up on the third floor."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "I'm higher than hell and you're STILL ugly."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "Well, Julie I hoped you learned a valuable lesson from this."
  • (Natasha Gregson Wagner) "Oh, yes. Basically as far as vasectomies go, never use the home kit."

Tia Carrere as Victoria Chapell

  • (Tia Carrere) "Richard? I'm over here."
  • (Victoria's Cat) "MEOW."

John Neville as Thaddeus Clark

  • (John Neville) "Richard, if you do this, you will fail. You will fail. And mark my works, you'll come crawling back here with your tail between your legs."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "You're wrong father. I'm gonna succeed at Barry High School. And, I have no intention of ever crawling back here with anything between my legs."

Mekhi Phifer as Mrs. McReynolds

  • (Mekhi Phifer) "Way to go Griff that's my boy."
  • (Jon Lovitz) "That's my boy"

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