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Hero (2009 TV series) Quotes

Hero is a Comedy, Action, and Drama that was first aired in 2009 on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation. Hero stopped airing in 2010.

Hero was on for 16 episodes. It features Lee Jae-dong as producer.

Hero is recorded in Korean and originally aired in South Korea. Each episode of Hero is 70 minutes long. Hero is produced by Media Zoo, and Union Entertainment.

The cast includes: Lee Joon-gi as Jin Do Hyuk, and Yoon So-yi as Joo Jae In.

Hero Quotes

Lee Joon-gi as Jin Do Hyuk

  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Ahjussi, isn't there anything that can be done?"
  • (Unnamed) "Come back tomorrow morning."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Oh man -- This is really strange."
  • (Yoon So-yi) "What is?"
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "In the movies or dramas, when the vehicle breaks down or the final boat has left the lead actor and actress have to spend the night together --"
  • (Yoon So-yi) "I'm taking the bus back tonight, so you can come back tomorrow when the car is repaired."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "What a petty person --"
  • (Unnamed) "The express bus to Seoul only stops here 3 times a day. The last bus was at 4 o'clock."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "See? I told you. They just all fit into the scenario. Ah, ahjussi, are there any inns or a place where we can rent a room for the night?"
  • (Yoon So-yi) "What the heck are you talking?"
  • (Unnamed) "Young man, you must have been here before. How can you know our town so well?"
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "See?"
  • (Unnamed) "There is a place you can spend the night -- but I believe -- there's only one room."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Of course."

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