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Hanover Street (film) Quotes

Hanover Street (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Hanover Street stopped airing in 1970.

It features Paul N. Lazarus III as producer, John Barry (composer) in charge of musical score, and David Watkin (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Hanover Street (film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Hanover Street (film) is 109 minutes long. Hanover Street (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Patsy Kensit as Sarah Sellinger, Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Sellinger, Harrison Ford as David Halloran, and Christopher Plummer as Paul Sellinger.

Hanover Street (film) Quotes

Harrison Ford as David Halloran

  • (Harrison Ford) "What about you?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "What about, what about me?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Who are you? What are you?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I'm a short man."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Nobody's supposed to look like that in a uniform."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "How am I supposed to look?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Like a short man."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "You're boiled water's getting cold."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Then, let's order some more. Please."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Think of me when you drink tea."
  • (Harrison Ford) "You don't seem like the farm type to me."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I can milk a cow."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Her ladyship can milk a cow?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "She can."
  • (Harrison Ford) "With her very own hands?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "No, with her feet."
  • (Harrison Ford) "You people actually drink this stuff?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "No we just like to put it in our cups and stare at it."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Tastes too much like, boiled water."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "It is boiled water."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I knew there was a reason."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I just wish your eyes weren't that color."
  • (2nd Lt. Jerry Cimino) "Hey they're shooting at us. How come every time we fly over they shoot guns at us?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Because we drop bombs on them."
  • (2nd Lt. Jerry Cimino) "They have no sense of humor. Can't you guys take a joke?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "You've got to go to him, and I've got to turn and walk away."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I love you enough to let you go, which is more than I've ever felt about anyone in my life."
  • (Harrison Ford) "You missed your bus."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I don't own a bus."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I'll buy you one."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Oh, how nice. A rich Yank. No thank you."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, if you don't want a bus, would you like a cup of coffee?"
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I don't drink coffee. I drink tea."

Lesley-Anne Down as Margaret Sellinger

  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Do things have to work out this way?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Things work out the way they're supposed to."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Sometimes, when we're together, I feel so close that I don't know where I end and you begin. I never knew it could be like that."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I wish I didn't cry all the damn time."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Do you want to play cards? I feel like demolishing you."
  • (Patsy Kensit) "You're trying to be cheerful; because, you're worried about Daddy. He's going to be alright."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "I was lost for awhile, but, I think I'm back now."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "I don't know what I'm doing here."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Yes, you do."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Yes, I do."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Where are you from?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Chicago."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Chicago; where all the gangsters come from isn't it?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Not all of them. Some of them come from Detroit and New York. Chicago just happens to grow the best ones."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "You a gangster?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "Twelve arrests. No convictions."
  • (Lesley-Anne Down) "Why don't things work out the way they're supposed to?"

Christopher Plummer as Paul Sellinger

  • (Christopher Plummer) "C'est vrai. Je suis Anglais. Vraiment. Do you think you could give me a hand here? She's going to kill me, she thinks I'm German."
  • (Harrison Ford) "I wonder why she thinks you're German? Eh, Betty Grable. Hershey bars. Yankee Stadium. Hello, Joe."
  • (Christopher Plummer) "How far do you think we've gone?"
  • (Harrison Ford) "How am I supposed to know? You're the god damn spy, not me. Don't you guys have a magic manual or something that teaches you all that stuff?"
  • (Christopher Plummer) "Oh, yes. Yes, we do."
  • (Harrison Ford) "Well, did you ever read it?"
  • (Christopher Plummer) "I helped write it."
  • (Harrison Ford) "What did it say about measuring distances?"
  • (Christopher Plummer) "I forget."
  • (Harrison Ford) "This is where we get our asses shot off."

Patsy Kensit as Sarah Sellinger

  • (Patsy Kensit) "Mommy is it good crying or bad crying?"

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