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Gunsmoke Quotes

Gunsmoke is a TV program that debuted in 1955 on CBS. Gunsmoke ended in 1975.

Gunsmoke lasted 6 (Marshal Dillon, syndication retitling of half-hour episodes) seasons and 233 (Marshal Dillon, syndication retitling of half-hour episodes), 402 (Gunsmoke) episodes. It features Rex Koury as theme composer.

Each episode of Gunsmoke is 26 minutes (1955-1961), long. Gunsmoke is produced by CBS Television Studios and distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

Gunsmoke Quotes

  • (Unnamed) "Matt, you can't account for everything that happens to people who touch you. You know, I learned a long time ago, there are some things in this life that you just accept the way they are."
  • (Unnamed) "That's pretty deep for a redhead."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm a pretty deep redhead."
  • (Unnamed) "Don't you think somebody oughta reckon with him, Matthew?"
  • (Unnamed) "What did you say his name was again, Festus?"
  • (Unnamed) "I think its Sinclair -- Jack Sinclair."
  • (Unnamed) "He's got no left hand?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's right. Anyways, don't you think somebody ought to go reckon with him?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Unnamed) "Why not, Matthew?"
  • (Unnamed) "Because it was my bullet that took his hand."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll tell you why the Hagens live so long."
  • (Unnamed) "Why?"
  • (Unnamed) "'Cause they're too dumb to know they're dead."
  • (Unnamed) "Excepting some women, of course, just ain't nothing prettier than a full bottle."
  • (Unnamed) "Good evening. My name's Wayne. Some of you may have seen me before. I hope so. I've been kicking around Hollywood a long time. I've made a lot of pictures out here. All kinds. Some of them have been westerns and that's what I'm here to tell you about tonight. A western. A new television show called "Gunsmoke". When I first heard about the show "Gunsmoke", I knew there was only one man to play in it. James Arness. He's a young fellow, and maybe new to some of you. But I've worked with him and I predict he'll be a big star. And now I'm proud to present "Gunsmoke"."

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