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Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) Quotes

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Girls Just Want to Have Fun ended its run in 1970.

It features James G. Robinson as producer, Thomas Newman in charge of musical score, and Thomas E. Ackerman as head of cinematography.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) is 90 minutes long. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) is distributed by New World Pictures.

The cast includes: Shannen Doherty as Maggie, Lee Montgomery as Jeff, Sarah Jessica Parker as Janey, Jonathan Silverman as Drew, Helen Hunt as Lynne, Ed Lauter as Col. Glenn, Holly Gagnier as Natalie, Kristi Somers as Rikki, Morgan Woodward as J.P. Sands, and Biff Yeager as Mr. Malene.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun (film) Quotes

Helen Hunt as Lynne

  • (Helen Hunt) "Whenever I'm in a room with a guy, no matter who it is; a date my dentist, anybody; I think, If we were the last two people on Earth, would I puke if he kissed me?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "My name's Lynne Stone."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Hi."
  • (Helen Hunt) "But I'm gonna change it as soon as I'm old enough."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Velcro. Next to the Walkman and tab it is the coolest invention of the 20th century."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Hi. We need fifty of these right away."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Lynne."
  • (Helen Hunt) "There's a few people Natalie forgot to invite."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Make it a hundred and fifty."
  • (Shannen Doherty) "Yea."
  • (Helen Hunt) "We're so cool."
  • (Helen Hunt) "He's a boy and he's alive, what's there to hate?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "Do you do everything you're told? -- oh, God. You do."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Daaaaay-o. Day you say day you say da-a-ay-o."
  • (Unnamed) "Miss. Stone, there is a time and a place for calypso music."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Hi, I'm Lynne Stone. My lucky number is twenty-one."
  • (Lady handing out numbers) "Uhuh. Next."
  • (Helen Hunt) "I have a real way with authority figures."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Eat flame, Bozo."

Holly Gagnier as Natalie

  • (Holly Gagnier) "I'm holding this for ransom."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "Awww, did you and Shirley Temple have a bad rehearsal?"
  • (Lee Montgomery) "Yeah, it wasn't one of the best five afternoons of my life. I'm not really in the mood to shoot the breeze so if you don't mind --"
  • (Holly Gagnier) "Fine."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "Excuse me. Do either one of you have change for a twenty?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Gosh, I dont' have anything smaller than a fifty."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Sorry."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "My Loss. Have fun."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "This -- means -- war."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "Daddy."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "Why don't you shut up?"

Kristi Somers as Rikki

  • (Kristi Somers) "In other news, Paul McCartney bought up the publishing rights to all locomotive sound effects tapes. This makes Paul rich --"
  • (Helen Hunt) "Hello?"
  • (Kristi Somers) "-- but does it make him happy?"
  • (Helen Hunt) "No hablo ingles."
  • (Kristi Somers) "Well, we're almost out of time but tune in tomorrow for a sneak preview of 7 more songs titled "Jump"."
  • (Kristi Somers) "Let's all hear it for steroids. And now, the news."

Sarah Jessica Parker as Janey

  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Army bases are pretty dead, unless you're in the Army. So I always had a lot of time to daydream, and my daydream was always the same; that some day, I was going to get to Chicago, because that's where they make Dance TV."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I love to dance."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Jonathan and Lisa are definitely my favorite couple. You know his birthday is the same as mine almost."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Is it safe?"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "It's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "What?"
  • (Unnamed) "Nothing."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Woo."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "If I win I'm going to be on TV alright?"
  • (Ed Lauter) "Negative."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "This is really embarrassing."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "There's this really big Latin test on Monday and, um, I'm way way behind."
  • (Ed Lauter) "Since when do you take Latin?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Since last week which is why I'm way behind."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "He's just uh. You know. I mean uh."
  • (Helen Hunt) "Is he gonna call you tomorrow?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Yeah, I think so."
  • (Unnamed) "We have met the enemy and she has B.O."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Zach."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I can't believe that in two weeks I'm going to be dancing on DTV."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I bet I'd get hit by a car."
  • (Lee Montgomery) "What?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "No, things are going to well. I mean besides DTV, I have a best friend, and I mean, I'd never dreamed in a million years that I would have a boyfriend."

Jonathan Silverman as Drew

  • (Jonathan Silverman) "You don't understand that this car makes a statement."
  • (Lee Montgomery) "Yeah, it says, 'Hi, I'm garbage.'"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "You'd be great at a game called Tune in Tokyo. Now you must put your hands behind your head and say, beep, beep, beep -- and twist at the waist"
  • (Unnamed) "beep -- beep -- beep"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Picture this: it's WWII and our ship is going down in the middle of the Pacific and our only hope is the short wave radio."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Tune in, Tokyo. Tune in Tokyo --."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Mr. Sands, Drew Gorman. Gorman Enterprises. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "How do you do?"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Oh fine. This is a beautiful party. Must have cost a bundle though."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "Well, I'll probably recover."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Oh, I know you will. Natalie is worth every penny of it."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "Yes, yes. Wonderful girl."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Oh, she's terrific."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "Well, Mr. Gorman, it's certainly nice to see you."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "It was a pleasure to meet you sir."
  • (Morgan Woodward) "Thank you."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "So. How about them Cubs? I think it's their year."
  • (Unnamed) "You dress left or right?"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Ughh -- well, my closet's on the left side of my bed, So I guess I dress left. Except if I have to wear something out of the hamper, cause that's on the right side of the sink --"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "LEFT."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Patty and I have a little business to attend to. The term papers are in- Eisonhower, Johnson, Kennedy --"
  • (Unnamed) "Kennedy. Oh, he was so cute. How much?"
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "A date with me."
  • (Unnamed) "I'll take Johnson."
  • (Jonathan Silverman) "Nice car. I drive exotic wheels myself."
  • (Holly Gagnier) "What is it? A Schwinn ten-speed?"

Lee Montgomery as Jeff

  • (Lee Montgomery) "So I tried to call you yesterday -- to see if you wanted to reherse, I mean."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "Oh, ummm -- well my dad made us all go to the airshow."
  • (Lee Montgomery) "Was it fun?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "200 people standing around like this"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "It was a blast."
  • (Lee Montgomery) "So how was work, Pop?"
  • (Biff Yeager) "Oh uh,"
  • (Biff Yeager) "positively stimulating as usual."

Shannen Doherty as Maggie

  • (Shannen Doherty) "Sorry, I needed the phone."
  • (Lee Montgomery) "Why, the cabbage patch mothers are having a PTA meeting?"
  • (Shannen Doherty) "Do you really think I'm punk? Well, that's outrageous. I mean, it's not as cool as new wave, but it's a lot better than pre-teen."

Ed Lauter as Col. Glenn

  • (Ed Lauter) "You're too young to go out at night, except for the occasional supervised school activity. When you're eighteen, then you're entitled to some nightlife. Now we had a deal, remember?"
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "We made a deal when I was seven and a half and night life was The Muppet Show."
  • (Ed Lauter) "Don't sass me."
  • (Sarah Jessica Parker) "I'm sorry, sir."

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