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Girl, Interrupted (film) Quotes

Girl, Interrupted (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Girl, Interrupted stopped airing in 1970.

It features Douglas Wick as producer, Mychael Danna in charge of musical score, and Jack N. Green as head of cinematography.

Girl, Interrupted (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Girl, Interrupted (film) is 127 minutes long. Girl, Interrupted (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Robin Reck as Lisa, Winona Ryder as Susanna, Whoopi Goldberg as Valerie, Mary Kay Place as Mrs. Gilcrest, Brittany Murphy as Daisy, Misha Collins as Tony, Angela Bettis as Janet, Jillian Armenante as Cynthia, Travis Fine as John, Elisabeth Moss as Polly, Clea DuVall as Georgina, and Jared Leto as Tobias 'Toby' Jacobs.

Girl, Interrupted (film) Quotes

Brittany Murphy as Daisy

  • (Brittany Murphy) "You're just jealous, Lisa -- because I got better -- because I was released -- because I have a chance -- at a life."
  • (Robin Reck) "They didn't release you 'cause you're better, Daisy, they just gave up. You call this a life, hmm? Taking Daddy's money, buying your dollies and your knick-knacks -- and eatin' his fuckin' chicken, fattening up like a prize fuckin' heifer? You changed the scenery, but not the fucking situation; and the warden makes house calls. And everybody knows. Everybody knows. That he fucks you. What they don't know -- is that you like it. Hmm? You like it."
  • (Brittany Murphy) "Which do you like better? Taking a dump alone or with Valerie watching?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Alone."
  • (Brittany Murphy) "Everyone likes to be alone when it comes out. I like to be alone when it goes in. To me, the cafeteria is like being with twenty girls all at once taking a dump."
  • (Robin Reck) "That is fucked up, Daisy."

Winona Ryder as Susanna

  • (Winona Ryder) "Oh my God -- a guy I know was just drafted."
  • (Angela Bettis) "What's his name?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Toby."
  • (Angela Bettis) "He's dead now."
  • (Winona Ryder) "What happened to Polly?"
  • (Robin Reck) "What needs to happen? No one's ever gonna' kiss her, man. You know, they're building a new Disneyland in Florida. If I could have any job in the world, I'd be a professional Cinderella. You could be Snow White. And Polly could be Minnie Mouse. Everyone would hug her and kiss her and love her and no one would ever know what was in that big ol' head of hers, you know?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Declared healthy and sent back into the world. My final diagnosis: a recovered borderline. What that means, I still don't know. Was I ever crazy? Maybe. Or maybe life is."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, I remember you. Where are you going?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Seventeen Burling Game."
  • (Unnamed) "Alright --"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Crazy isn't being broken, or swallowing a dark secret. It's you, or me, amplified. If you ever told a lie, and enjoyed it. If you ever wished you could be a child, forever. They were not perfect, but they were my friends. And by the 70s, most of them were out, living lives. Some I've seen. Some never again. But there isn't a day my heart doesn't find them."
  • (Winona Ryder) ""Borderline Personality Disorder. An instability of self-image, relationships and mood -- uncertain about goals, impulsive in activities that are self-damaging, such as casual sex.""
  • (Robin Reck) "I like that."
  • (Winona Ryder) ""Social contrariness and a generally pessimistic attitude are often observed." Well, that's me."
  • (Robin Reck) "That's everybody."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I mean, what kind of sex isn't casual?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash? Have you ever been blue? Or thought your train moving while sitting still? Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe it was the 60s. Or maybe I was just a girl -- interrupted."
  • (Dr. Potts) "You've been feeling bad in general. You've been feeling depressed?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Well, I haven't exactly been a ball of joy, Melvin."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Am I in trouble for kissing an orderly, or giving my boyfriend a blowjob?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I didn't try to kill myself."
  • (Dr. Potts) "What were you trying to do?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I was trying to make the shit stop."
  • (Winona Ryder) "You don't want me, Tony."
  • (Misha Collins) "Yes I do, baby."
  • (Winona Ryder) "No, you don't. I'm a crazy girl."
  • (Misha Collins) "You're crazy so we can't have one night of bliss?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I am a crazy girl, seriously."
  • (Misha Collins) "You've been in a hospital?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Yes."
  • (Misha Collins) "Do you see purple people? My friend, he saw purple people. And so the state came and took him away. He didn't like that. Some time went by and, and he told 'em he didn't see purple people no more."
  • (Winona Ryder) "He got better."
  • (Misha Collins) "Nah, he still sees 'em."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I'm ambivalent. In fact that's my new favorite word."
  • (Dr. Wick) "Do you know what that means, ambivalence?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I don't care."
  • (Dr. Wick) "If it's your favorite word, I would've thought you would --"
  • (Winona Ryder) "It means I don't care. That's what it means."
  • (Dr. Wick) "On the contrary, Susanna. Ambivalence suggests strong feelings -- in opposition. The prefix, as in "ambidextrous," means "both." The rest of it, in Latin, means "vigor." The word suggests that you are torn -- between two opposing courses of action."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Will I stay or will I go?"
  • (Dr. Wick) "Am I sane -- or, am I crazy?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Those aren't courses of action."
  • (Dr. Wick) "They can be, dear; for some."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Well, then; it's the wrong word."
  • (Dr. Wick) "No. I think it's perfect."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Where are we going? The cafeteria's that way."
  • (Jared Leto) "We're going to Canada."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Wh-why?"
  • (Jared Leto) "Look Susanna, you don't need to be here."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I tried to kill myself, Toby."
  • (Jared Leto) "So you took a couple of aspirin --"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I took a bottle of aspirin."
  • (Jared Leto) "And that buys you a year in this place? C'mon, Susanna, that's bullshit. You don't belong here."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I have friends here."
  • (Jared Leto) "Who, them? Those girls -- they're eating grapes off the wallpaper. They're crazy."
  • (Winona Ryder) "If they are, then I am."
  • (Jared Leto) "Susanna, I think I love you. Look, my dad gave me five grand. We can go up there, build a cabin in the woods."
  • (Jared Leto) "I mean, you want to leave, don't you?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Yes. I want to leave. But not with you. Not with you."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Hello?"
  • (Robin Reck) "So what's your diag-nonsense?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Who is this?"
  • (Robin Reck) "What'd he say to Mom and Pop?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I have a Borderline Personality."
  • (Robin Reck) "Oh, that's nothing. What else?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "He didn't say. Thought it would affect my recovery."
  • (Robin Reck) "Alright, listen. Tongue your meds tonight. After 1 o'clock checks Gretta always goes out for a smoke. Check the mirrors and if they're clear you go down to Hector's closet. It's near the art room and it will be open."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Everyone here is fucking crazy."
  • (Dr. Potts) "You want to go home."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Same problem."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Has anyone ever watched you shave your legs?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I got two kids and one bathroom, what do you think?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "I think you should lock the door."
  • (Dr. Wick) "Is there something about sex which lifts your feelings of despair?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Have you ever had sex?"
  • (Dr. Wick) "Quis hic locus?, quae regio?, quae mundi plaga? What world is this? -- What kingdom? -- What shores of what worlds? It's a very big question you're faced with, Susanna. The choice of your life. How much will you indulge in your flaws? What are your flaws? Are they flaws? -- If you embrace them, will you commit yourself to hospital? -- for life? Big questions, big decisions. Not surprising you profess carelessness about them."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Is that it?"
  • (Dr. Wick) "For now."
  • (Winona Ryder) "What the fuck are you doing Lisa?"
  • (Robin Reck) "I'm playing the villain, baby, just like you want. I try to give you everything you want."
  • (Winona Ryder) "No you don't."
  • (Robin Reck) "You wanted your file, I found you your file. You wanted out, I got you out. You needed money, I found you some. I'm fucking consistent-I told you the truth-I didn't write it down in a fucking book. I told you to your face. And I told Daisy to her face; what everybody knew and wouldn't say, and she killed herself. And I played the fucking villain, just like you wanted."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Why would I want that?"
  • (Robin Reck) "Because it makes you the good guy, sweet pea. You come back all sweetness and light, and sad and contrite, and everybody congratulating you on your bravery. And meanwhile, I'm blowing the guys at the bus station for the money that was in her fucking robe."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Explain what? Explain to a doctor that the laws of physics can be suspended? That what goes up may not come down? Explain that time can move backwards and forwards, and now to then, and back again, and -- you can't control it?"
  • (Dr. Crumble) "Why can't you control it?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "What?"
  • (Dr. Crumble) "Why can't you control time?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Has she come down yet?"
  • (Robin Reck) "No -- But she's been playing that SHIT ALL MORNING."
  • (Winona Ryder) "You know, taking us for ice creams in a blizzard -- makes you wonder who the real whack jobs are."

Robin Reck as Lisa

  • (Robin Reck) "Take one fuckin' step and I'll jam this in my aorta."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Lisa, your aorta is in your chest."
  • (Robin Reck) "Good to know. I'll make a note of that --"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Good."
  • (Robin Reck) "Razors pain you, rivers are damp / Acid stains you, drugs cause cramps / Gun aren't lawful, nooses give / Gas smells awful, you might as well live."
  • (Robin Reck) "Hey Torch."
  • (Elisabeth Moss) "Hey Lisa."
  • (Robin Reck) "Did you miss me?"
  • (Elisabeth Moss) "Not much."
  • (Robin Reck) "If talking did shit, we'd be out of here by now."
  • (Robin Reck) "We have to go. We have money -- Susanna, don't be stupid. Alright, fine. Be stupid."
  • (Robin Reck) "You think you're free? I'm free. You don't know what freedom is. I'm free. I can breathe. And you -- will choke on your average fuckin' mediocre life."
  • (Robin Reck) "Hey Torch, what'a doin?"
  • (Elisabeth Moss) "Nothing."
  • (Robin Reck) "Well, why don't you go in your room and do nothin'."
  • (Robin Reck) "We are very rare and we are mostly men."
  • (Angela Bettis) "Lisa thinks she's hot shit cause she's a sociopath."
  • (Jillian Armenante) "I'm a sociopath."
  • (Robin Reck) "No, you're a dyke."
  • (Robin Reck) "You know, there's too many buttons in the world. There's too many buttons and they're just; There's way too many just begging to be pressed, they're just begging to be pressed, you know? They're just; they're just begging to be pressed, and it makes me wonder, it really makes me fucking wonder, why doesn't anyone ever press mine? Why am I so neglected? Why doesn't anyone reach in and rip out the truth and tell me that I'm a fucking whore, or that my parents wish I were dead?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Because you're dead already, Lisa. No one cares if you die, Lisa, because your dead already. Your heart is cold. That's why you keep coming back here. You're not free. You need this place, you need it to feel alive. It's pathetic."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I've wasted a year of my life. Maybe everybody out there is a liar. And maybe the whole world is "stupid" and "ignorant". But I'd rather be in it. I'd rather be fucking in it, then down here with you."
  • (Robin Reck) "Lady, back off."
  • (Mary Kay Place) "Was I talking to you?"
  • (Robin Reck) "No, you were spitting on me, so mellow fuckin' out."
  • (Mary Kay Place) "Don't you tell me what to do."
  • (Robin Reck) "Look, she gave your husband a rim job. Big fuckin' deal. I'm sure he was begging for it, and I heard it was like a pencil anyway."
  • (Mary Kay Place) "Why you; how dare you."
  • (Robin Reck) "Some advice, okay? Just don't point your fuckin' finger at crazy people."
  • (Robin Reck) "Help me understand, Dais 'cause, I thought you didn't do Valium. Tell me how this safety net is working for you. Tell me that you don't take that blade and drag it across your skin and pray for the courage to press down. Tell me how your daddy helps you cope with that. Illuminate me."
  • (Brittany Murphy) "My father loves me."
  • (Robin Reck) "I bet with every inch of his manhood."
  • (Robin Reck) "You're playing Betty Crocker and cut up like a goddamn Virginia ham."
  • (Robin Reck) "You shared a man with that woman?"
  • (Robin Reck) "All you have is mustard and your chickens. I am going to be the Cinderella at Walt Disney's new theme park, Susanna's gonna be Snow White. You can come if you want. You can be the Cocker Spaniel that eats spaghetti."

Angela Bettis as Janet

  • (Angela Bettis) "I want my fucking clothes."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Then you'll have to eat something, won't you?"
  • (Angela Bettis) "Oh Lordy, pick a bale o' cotton / Oh Lordy, pick a bale o' hay / Gotta jump down spin around pick a bale o' cotton / Jump down spin around, pick a bale o' hay --"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "She thinks that bothers me."
  • (Angela Bettis) "When they built this place they put the tunnels in so the loons didn't have to go anywhere in the cold."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I must've missed that in the brochure."
  • (Angela Bettis) "That is not fair. That is not fair. That is not fair. Seventy-four is the perfect weight."
  • (Robin Reck) "Good luck, crazy bitch."
  • (Unnamed) "Now what kind of tree can you be, Janet, down there on the floor?"
  • (Angela Bettis) "I'm a fucking shrub, all right?"

Clea DuVall as Georgina

  • (Clea DuVall) "I'm gonna have peppermint stick."
  • (Elisabeth Moss) "Yeah, me too, can I just have peppermint stick?"
  • (Ronny) "Sure."
  • (Brittany Murphy) "NO. It's just called PEPPERMINT."
  • (M.G.) "Peppermint dick."
  • (M.G.) "Peppermint CLIT."

Elisabeth Moss as Polly

  • (Elisabeth Moss) "Jamie was Lisa's best friend. She was sad last week after Lisa ran away, so she hung herself with a volleyball net."

Jillian Armenante as Cynthia

  • (Jillian Armenante) "Hey, John, call me a cab."
  • (Travis Fine) "Okay, you're a cab."

Whoopi Goldberg as Valerie

  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Remember me when you shave your legs."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You know, I can take a lot of crazy shit from a lot of crazy people. But you; you are not crazy."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Oh yeah? Then what's wrong with me? What the fuck is going on inside my head? Tell me, Dr. Val, what's your diag-nonsense?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You are a lazy, self-indulgent, little girl, who is making herself crazy."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Is that your -- professional opinion? Is that what you've learned in your advanced studies at night school for Negro welfare mothers? I mean, Melvin doesn't have a clue, Wick is a psycho and you -- you pretend to be a doctor. You review the charts and dole out meds. But "you's ain't no doctor, Miss Valerie. You's just a little black nursemaid"."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "And you're just throwing it away."

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