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Getting Straight Quotes

Getting Straight is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Getting Straight completed its run in 1970.

It features Richard Rush as producer, Ronald Stein in charge of musical score, and László Kovács (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Getting Straight is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Getting Straight is 124 mins long. Getting Straight is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Elliott Gould as Harry Bailey, Jeff Corey as Dr. Willhunt, Max Julien as Ellis, Richard Anders as Dr. Greengrass, Gregory Sierra as Garcia, Hilary Thompson as Cynthia, Robert F. Lyons as Nick, Harrison Ford as Jake, and Candice Bergen as Jan.

Getting Straight Quotes

Hilary Thompson as Cynthia

  • (Hilary Thompson) "Can you perhaps give me some recommendations for this book report? Whenever I go to the library, I just get so lost."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Oh, sure."
  • (Hilary Thompson) ""The Complete Unexpurgated Works of the Markeese de Sayd."
  • (Elliott Gould) "No, no. It's the Marquis de Sade. You see, he was a Frenchman."
  • (Hilary Thompson) "He was a pervert."
  • (Elliott Gould) "You already know about him?"
  • (Hilary Thompson) "My high school English teacher already tried to turn me onto him."

Elliott Gould as Harry Bailey

  • (Elliott Gould) "Do you see that kid outside? Last week, he just wanted to get laid. Now he wants to kill somebody. You should have let him get laid."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Yes, I really approve of your protest about letting the lab monkeys copulate before they are taken into vivisection. One of the burning issues of our times."
  • (Elliott Gould) "We're sending those kids off to drop napalm on people. People like you, Alice and the kids. Defecating in the hallway of the Hilton Hotel. I don't only call it a tame gesture. I call it fantastic restraint."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Woman? You're not a woman. You're just a guy with a hole in the middle."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Stop trying to join up, will you. You've gotta be better than we are."
  • (Max Julien) "We already are in certain areas."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Yeah, I know. How come that's the only racial stereotype you never bother to deny?"

Robert F. Lyons as Nick

  • (Robert F. Lyons) "Harry, why do you want to be a teacher, man?"
  • (Elliott Gould) "Money, Nick. Money and power and little girls to molest. It's a great life."

Candice Bergen as Jan

  • (Candice Bergen) "How can you be so cavalier? Did you see what was going on out there? It was ugly."
  • (Elliott Gould) "No. That protest -- was sexy."
  • (Candice Bergen) "Sexy?"
  • (Elliott Gould) "Do you think you're the only one who got laid tonight?"

Richard Anders as Dr. Greengrass

  • (Richard Anders) "So, it is undeniable, isn't it? You can't deny it. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a homosexual and it appears in his writing. Doesn't it? Doesn't it?"
  • (Elliott Gould) "It's gonna -- it's gonna -- IT'S GONNA BE A SURPRISE TO SHEILA GRAHAM."
  • (Richard Anders) "W-w-what?"

Gregory Sierra as Garcia

  • (Gregory Sierra) "I didn't get that far in high school English. So -- I was kind of shafted."
  • (Elliott Gould) "What was that?"
  • (Gregory Sierra) "I -- I was shafted."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Very good, Garcia. Very good. First person of the verb "to be." "I was." That's very good, Garcia. Now, who can give me the "you" form of "to be" with the same sentence? Yes, you."
  • (Student) "Well -- you were shafted."
  • (Student #2) "Yeah, when they gave you this course."
  • (Elliott Gould) "You, can you give me the third person form?"
  • (Student #2) "She was shafted."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Very good. So, as you see, "I was shafted." "You were shafted." "She was shafted." We all get shafted the same."
  • (Student) "We never learned from that type of sentence in high school."
  • (Elliott Gould) "Well, what do high school teachers know about fancy shafting?"

Jeff Corey as Dr. Willhunt

Harrison Ford as Jake

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