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Gertrud (film) Quotes

Gertrud (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Gertrud ended in 1970.

It features Jørgen Nielsen as producer, Jørgen Jersild in charge of musical score, and Henning Bendtsen as head of cinematography.

Gertrud (film) is recorded in Danish and originally aired in Denmark. Each episode of Gertrud (film) is 116 minutes long. Gertrud (film) is distributed by Film-Centralen-Palladium.

The cast includes: Ebbe Rode as Gabriel Lidman, Bendt Rothe as Gustav Kanning, Axel Strøbye as Axel Nygen, and Baard Owe as Erland Jansson.

Gertrud (film) Quotes

Baard Owe as Erland Jansson

  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Give me your mouth"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Your wonderful mouth."
  • (Baard Owe) "Where do we go now?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Your place. Come."
  • (Baard Owe) "I'm tired. I went out on the town last night."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "As usual. Is that necessary to be an artist?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I dreamed something last night."
  • (Baard Owe) "What did you dream?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I was running naked through the streets, dogs chasing me, and when they caught me, I awoke. And I realized we two are completely alone in the world."
  • (Baard Owe) "Who are you, really?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I am many things."
  • (Baard Owe) "Who?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "The morning dew dripping from the leaves of the tree. White clouds sailing, no one knows where."
  • (Baard Owe) "Who else are you?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I am the moon. I am the sky."
  • (Baard Owe) "Are you anyone else?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Yes, I am a mouth. A mouth seeking another's mouth."
  • (Baard Owe) "Sounds like a dream."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "It is a dream. Life is a dream."
  • (Baard Owe) "Life?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Yes. Life is a long, long chain of dreams, drifting into one another."
  • (Baard Owe) "And the mouth you spoke of?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "A dream."
  • (Baard Owe) "And the mouth you seek?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Also, a dream."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Erland, there's so much music in you that wants to get out into the world, out among people. The way you live, it will die, perhaps soon, perhaps sooner than you think. Your inspirations from a smelly bar after a sleepless night; Erland, they're worthless. Erland, I beg you. I beg you as if I were begging for my life. Don't go."
  • (Baard Owe) "I live as I want to and as I must live. It's in my blood. Even if I did promise you to stay home, I'd do anyway."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Then it is better that you promise nothing."
  • (Baard Owe) "I live hard because I like to. Tomorrow is a new beginning."

Axel Strøbye as Axel Nygen

  • (Axel Strøbye) "Good-bye, Gertrud."
  • (Axel Strøbye) "Have you ever thought of writing poetry?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Yes, I have. Actually, I've written a poem. One poem, when I was 16. Here it is. Should I read it to you? It has three verses."
  • (Axel Strøbye) "Read."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) ""Just look at me. Am I beautiful? No, but I have loved. Just look at me. Am I young? No, but I have loved. Just look at me. Do I live? No, but I have loved." Sixteen-year-old Gertrud. My gospel according to love."
  • (Axel Strøbye) "Remember what you said. There's nothing else in life but love. Nothing. Nothing else. Do you still stand by those words? Do you regret them?"
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "No, I don't regret them. I stand by what I said. There's nothing else in life, but youth and love, unending tenderness and quiet happiness, Axel."

Ebbe Rode as Gabriel Lidman

  • (Gertrud Kanning) "You look as if something unpleasant has happened to you."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "Yes. I was in bad company last evening, but it was my own fault. I don't want to think about it. It's over. Everything is nothing."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "In the older days, you always spoke of your life's work. You've become a great and famous man and now everything is nothing. What's the matter, Gabriel?"
  • (Ebbe Rode) "Oh, I'm feeling old."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I was thinking about your creed, remember?"
  • (Ebbe Rode) "I don't know what you mean."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "No, one never remembers everything, but the creed went: 'I believe in the pleasure of the flesh and the irreparable loneliness of the soul.'"
  • (Ebbe Rode) "Oh yes. That sounds like me."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "Nothing happens like we think it should."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Your work divided us, and honor and fame and money. You desired these. Love had become a burden for you. You wanted pleasure of the flesh, not love."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "It's the terrible truth."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "You taught me love is everything. We shouldn't be alone. I have been alone much too much. We shouldn't be just one of many. We need to be one of two."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "He bragged about his lovers."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "No, that wasn't nice."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "No. In this mixed company, in this atmosphere of drinking, playing and whoring around, he spoke aloud of his latest conquest. And he named her, her beloved name."
  • (Ebbe Rode) "My life's epitaph, "in vain.""

Bendt Rothe as Gustav Kanning

  • (Bendt Rothe) "It gets dark early now."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "I should probably go."
  • (Bendt Rothe) "I seek your lips and you give me your cheek. And the door to your room has been locked to me for more than a month. I used to be welcome there. I often lie awake, thinking of you. I've thought you might be in love with someone else and I've wondered who it could be."
  • (Bendt Rothe) "Damn it, Mamma's here."
  • (Bendt Rothe) "I love you, Gertrud."
  • (Gertrud Kanning) "Love. Such a big word. There's so much you love. You love power and honor, you love yourself, your intellectual life, your books, your Havana cigars -- and I am sure you love me at times."
  • (Bendt Rothe) "Gertrud. Gertrud. You're still here."

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