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Felon (film) Quotes

Felon (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Felon stopped airing in 1970.

It features Dan Keston as producer, Gerhard Daum in charge of musical score, and Dana Gonzales as head of cinematography.

Felon (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Felon (film) is 104 minutes long. Felon (film) is distributed by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Val Kilmer as John Smith, Nate Parker as Officer Collins, Johnny Lewis as Snowman, Stephen Dorff as Wade Porter, and Marisol Nichols as Laura Porter.

Felon (film) Quotes

Val Kilmer as John Smith

  • (Val Kilmer) "When your life is defined by a single action, it changes the concept of time."
  • (Val Kilmer) "Usually I'm quoting someone else's words. The least I can do is give you some John Smith originals. They won't be poetic. But they'll be the truth. Yes, prison desensitizes you. But it also forces you to see what's most important. Family. And loyalty. Because a con like you knows neither exists in this place. So don't run from who you've become, felon. Embrace it. Grow from it. And you'll never lose sight of what truly matters. That's my final piece of advice, Wade Porter. You protect your family at all costs. Even if you're forced to kill again. Because if i had to, I'd wipe out the whole planet to get mine back. So long, friend."
  • (Val Kilmer) "Prison is not about street gangs. It's about race. The Hispanics are cut in half. You got the northerners and the southerners. Trust me, they're always at war. With the blacks, you got a mixture of gangs who forget their beefs and unite with the Asians and the Pacific Islanders. Don't bother trying to figure out who's who. They all hate you."
  • (Gordon Camrose) "You gotta stop living in the past, John."
  • (Val Kilmer) "Hey, I am the past."
  • (Val Kilmer) "What a piece of work is man. And there is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so. Human beings are perhaps never more dangerous than when they are convinced beyond a doubt that they are right. Patience. Penance."
  • (Val Kilmer) "You jerk off? Face the wall. You break wind? Put your ass to the door. You shit or piss? In the can. You do all that, we'll get along famously."

Stephen Dorff as Wade Porter

  • (Gordon Camrose) "Though it wasn't the only reason I watched out for him. And I tried to explain that to him. He was one of my true friends."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "Mine too."
  • (Stephen Dorff) "Stay in this room."

Nate Parker as Officer Collins

  • (Nate Parker) "Close 13."
  • (Johnny Lewis) "Come on. I'm supposed to be in PC the rest of my term. Jackson said."
  • (Nate Parker) "Jackson's dead -- you can get up."

Marisol Nichols as Laura Porter

  • (Marisol Nichols) "It's just that anytime I hang on to any bit of hope it gets taken away from me."

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