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Faithless (1932 film) Quotes

Faithless (1932 film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Faithless stopped airing in 1970.

It features Oliver T. Marsh as head of cinematography.

Faithless (1932 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Faithless (1932 film) is 74-77 minutes long. Faithless (1932 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Lawrence Grant as Mr. Ledyard, Tallulah Bankhead as Carol Morgan, Robert Montgomery as William 'Bill' Wade, Henry Kolker as Mr. Carter, and Maurice Murphy as Anthony 'Tony' Wade.

Faithless (1932 film) Quotes

Robert Montgomery as William 'Bill' Wade

  • (Robert Montgomery) "If you hadn't have been brought up like a character out of "Arabian Nights", you'd see my viewpoint."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "The viewpoint of a cave man who moves his wife with a club."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Say, I ought to act like a cave man and beat some common sense into your head."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Yes, that would be just your idea of matrimony. To come home late and beat your wife up because the soup was cold."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Carol, you might just as well make up your mind to one thing. You're going to live on my income."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Your income? How much is that?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Twenty thousand a year. Now, wait a minute, I'm not apologizing. I'm not asking you to share my poverty. I'm mighty lucky to be making that much money in these times."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "But, that's less than 400 dollars a week."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Carol, I can't afford to take three months off and pay for a honeymoon in Europe."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Well, why can't I pay for it?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Because I'm marrying you and not your bank account."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Oh, Bill, you're just being a quixotic fool."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Blow on it now. It's kind of hot."

Tallulah Bankhead as Carol Morgan

  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "The wedding's going to be in about a month and, of course, we're going to ask everybody we know."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "How many will that be?"
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Well, already counting at twelve hundred."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Madison Square Garden holds seventeen thousand."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "You can't do this to me. Money can't vanish? Oh, you fools. Why didn't you save me? Why didn't you do something?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "That's rich."
  • (Henry Kolker) "Indecent."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "But. But, what am I to do?"
  • (Lawrence Grant) "The world is not itself. Great changes have taken place. You must endure a great change yourself."
  • (Henry Kolker) "Go to work."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "I can't work. I don't know how."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "The gossip is true. I am going to be married. And this is it, Bill Wade. It, them, these and those."
  • (Unnamed) "Say, what's this about a wedding?"
  • (Unnamed) "People don't get married anymore."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "These people do. Don't they Bill?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Well, I held out as long as I could, but she got me in a weak moment."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Was he hard to get. It took me a year to land him."
  • (Unnamed) "Where'd she find you, Wade?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "I was born here in New York; in the the untrialed wilds of 179th Street and I've lived here ever since."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "You haven't begun to live yet and you're not going to waste your youth on these netwits."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Come on."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Bill, I'm 24 years old and I've taken pretty good care of myself. I don't drink, except half a cocktail once in awhile. I don't smoke. I go to church on Sundays. And, I'm awfully kind to dumb animals. And I love you so much. Bill, darling, I know you're awfully busy, but, couldn't you just take 5 minutes off tomorrow and marry me? Oh, Bill, marry me tomorrow and take me to Monte Carlo where we can doze in the sun and swim together in the moonlight and be all alone, just by ourselves. Bill, the Mediterranean's awfully blue. Bill; Bill. Do you think its very nice to go to sleep when a girl's asking you to marry her?"
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Sleepy, Bill?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Practically Rip Van Winkle."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Bill, what's the matter? You've been saying the oddest things?"
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Carol, you know I can't go to Monte Carlo on your yacht. I've got a job to hold down."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Oh, the sausage business."
  • (Mr. Peter M. Blainey) "Say, I got good news for you."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "You're going away?"
  • (Mr. Peter M. Blainey) "What do you want to do after dinner, baby?"
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Let's get drunk."
  • (Mr. Peter M. Blainey) "Okay, by me."
  • (Unnamed) "Better get him on your yacht quickly, Carol, and hide him in darkest Africa. I don't trust myself."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "I don't trust any of you. We're sailing for Monte Carlo on the Princess, two hours after the ceremony."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Darling, I'm sorry to tell you I get very ill at sea. And when seasickness comes into the porthole, love flies out the; eh, other porthole."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "He sounds unromantic; but, that's just his natural modesty. You ought to see him in a taxi cab."
  • (Mr. Peter M. Blainey) "Now that's what I call class. How's my baby?"
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "I've got a wretched headache. Must I pretend?"
  • (Mr. Peter M. Blainey) "Or else."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Sausages. Sausages. Sausages."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "But, you'd have your own job. I'm perfectly willing for you to be staying with the sausages."
  • (Robert Montgomery) "Don't say sausages."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Sausages, sausages, sausages."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "You don't look as if you belong in an office. You've got that wide open spaces look."
  • (Maurice Murphy) "I've just hailed from Colorado."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Oh, good heavens. What does one do there? Take mud baths?"

Lawrence Grant as Mr. Ledyard

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Maurice Murphy as Anthony 'Tony' Wade

  • (Maurice Murphy) "I'd commit murder for him."
  • (Tallulah Bankhead) "Well, I'm going to commit marriage for him. Some people think that's just as bad."

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