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Edward Scissorhands Quotes

Edward Scissorhands is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Edward Scissorhands completed its run in 1970.

It features Denise Di Novi, and Tim Burton as producer, Danny Elfman in charge of musical score, and Stefan Czapsky as head of cinematography.

Edward Scissorhands is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Edward Scissorhands is 105 minutes long. Edward Scissorhands is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Winona Ryder as Kim, Johnny Depp as Edward, Vincent Price as The Inventor, Alan Arkin as Bill, Dick Anthony Williams as Officer Allen, Dianne Wiest as Peg Boggs, Anthony Michael Hall as Jim, O-Lan Jones as Esmerelda, Robert Oliveri as Kevin, Kathy Baker as Joyce, Conchata Ferrell as Helen, and Caroline Aaron as Marge.

Edward Scissorhands Quotes

Kathy Baker as Joyce

  • (Kathy Baker) "All along I felt in my gut there was something wrong with him."
  • (Kathy Baker) "Oh. Eddie, is there anything you can't do? You take my very breath away, I swear. Look at this. Have you ever cut a woman's hair? Would you cut mine?"
  • (Kathy Baker) "Don't be ridiculous. You're not handicapped, you're -- What do they call the -- exceptional? My name's Joyce, and I noticed that you have not tasted any of the ambrosia salad that I made especially for you. Allow me."
  • (Kathy Baker) "That was the single most thrilling experience of my entire life."
  • (Tinka) "Joyce, I just saw this strange guy drive in with Peg. I didn't get a good look at him. He looked kinda pale.Okay. I'll be right there. Don't do anything without me. Okay, bye."
  • (Kathy Baker) "Yes, I'll be right there."
  • (Kathy Baker) "Lemonade?"

Robert Oliveri as Kevin

  • (Robert Oliveri) "One chop to a guy's neck, and it's all over."
  • (Robert Oliveri) "Man, those things are cool. You know, I bet they're razor-sharp. One karate chop to a guy's neck --"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Kevin --. Edward -- would you like some butter for your bread? Great."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Thank you."
  • (Robert Oliveri) "Hey, can I bring him to show and tell on Monday?"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Kevin, I've had enough"

Anthony Michael Hall as Jim

  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Forget about holding her hand, man. Think about the damage he could do to other places."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Hey. Now you've done it."
  • (Winona Ryder) "It's just a scratch, Jim, really. It's okay."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Stay back. Touch her again and I'll kill you."
  • (Winona Ryder) "No, it's no big deal. It's just a scratch."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Call a doctor. He skewered Kim."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "I'd give my left nut to see that again."

Dianne Wiest as Peg Boggs

  • (Dianne Wiest) "My, those are your hands? Those are your hands. What happened to you? Where are your parents? Um -- Your mother? Your father?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "He didn't wake up."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Are you alone? Do you live up here all by yourself? What happened to your face? No, I won't hurt you. But at the very least, let me give you a good astringent. And this will help to prevent infection. What's your name?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Edward."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Edward -- I think you should just come home with me."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Why are you hiding back there? You don't have to hide from me; I'm Peg Boggs, your local Avon representative and I'm as harmless as cherry pie --"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Oh; I can see that I've disturbed you. I'll just be going now --"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Don't go."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Oh, my. What happened to you?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'm not finished."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "You want to see the pictures? All right. Well, this is my husband Bill. He's a bowling champion. Do you know what bowling is? Bowling? No. Well -- here they are down at the lake, fishing. I think Kevin looks a little glum because they didn't catch anything that day. And, um -- here's my daughter Kim. All dressed for the junior prom. She's a senior now, if you can believe it. She's camping in the mountains with some friends -- but she'll be back in a few days. And you can meet her then. Isn't she beautiful. That's my family. Now, come along dear. I'll show you the rest of the house. Then you can just freshen up and make yourself at home. That's the kitchen over there. You help yourself to anything you want to eat or drink. Those are grapes. And, um -- back here are the bedrooms. Let me get you some towels and I'll see what we can find for you to wear. You know what? I think I have some of Bill's old clothes in here. This is perfect. Here.These should just fit you."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Oh. Oh no, don't be alarmed. That's just the phone. Now you can go in Kim's room and put these on, and I'll be right with you."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Hello? Hello? Hello? Avon calling. Oh, my. Hello? Hello? I'm Peg Boggs. I'm your local Avon representative. Hello? I -- I'm sorry to barge in like this, but you don't have any reason to be afraid. Ooh. This is some huge house, isn't it? Thank goodness for those aerobics -- classes. Hello? Hello?"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Edward, this is our daughter Kim. Kim, this is Edward, who's gonna live with us."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Hi."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Avon calling."
  • (Conchata Ferrell) "Weren't you just here?"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "No, not since last season. Today I've come to show you our exquisite new line in softer colours in shadows, blushes and lipstick. Everything you need to accent and highlight your changing look."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Good morning Joyce. Avon calling."
  • (Kathy Baker) "Well Peg, have you gone blind? Can't you see there's a vehicle in my driveway?"

Winona Ryder as Kim

  • (Winona Ryder) "Edward?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Are you okay?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Yes. Are you okay?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Where is everybody?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Out looking for you."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Edward, I was so afraid. I thought you were dead."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "I didn't."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Snuggle in, sweetie. It's cold out there."
  • (Granddaughter) "Why is it snowing, Grandma? Where does it come from?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Oh, that's a long story, sweetheart --"
  • (Winona Ryder) "STOP IT. Or I'll kill you myself."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Bullshit."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Hey, I said stay away from her."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I guess it would have to start with scissors."
  • (Granddaughter) "Scissors?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Well, there are all kinds of scissors. And once, there was even a man who had scissors for hands."
  • (Granddaughter) "Hands, scissors?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "No, Scissorhands. You know the mansion on top of the mountain?"
  • (Granddaughter) "It's haunted."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Well -- a long time ago, an inventor lived in that mansion. He made many things, I suppose. He also created a man. He gave him insides, a heart, a brain, everything. Well, almost everything. You see, the inventor was very old. He died before he got to finish the man he invented, so the man was left by himself -- incomplete and all alone."
  • (Granddaughter) "He didn't have a name?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Of course he had a name. His name was Edward."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Hold me."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I can't."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Why can't you do it?"
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Because my father keeps the damn room locked. We need Edward to get us in."
  • (Winona Ryder) "Well can't you just take the key when he's sleeping or something?"
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "You don't understand. The only thing that guy hangs onto tighter is his dick."
  • (Winona Ryder) "You're here -- They didn't hurt you, did they?"
  • (Winona Ryder) "Were you scared? I tried to make Jim go back, but, you can't make Jim do anything. Thank you for not telling them that we --"
  • (Johnny Depp) "You're welcome."
  • (Winona Ryder) "It must have been awful when they told you whose house it was."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I knew it was Jim's house."
  • (Winona Ryder) "You -- you did?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes."
  • (Winona Ryder) "-- Well, then why'd you do it?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Because you asked me to."

Dick Anthony Williams as Officer Allen

  • (Dick Anthony Williams) "Will he be OK, Doc?"
  • (Psychologist) "The years spent in isolation have not equipped him with the tools necessary to judge right from wrong. He's had no context. He's been completely without guidance. Furthermore, his work; the garden sculptures, hairstyles and so forth; indicate that he's a highly imaginative -- uh -- character. It seems clear that his awareness of what we call reality is radically underdeveloped."
  • (Dick Anthony Williams) "But will he be all right out there?"
  • (Psychologist) "Oh yeah, he'll be fine."
  • (Dick Anthony Williams) "Drop your weapons."

Johnny Depp as Edward

  • (Johnny Depp) "Goodbye."
  • (Winona Ryder) "I love you."
  • (Host-TV) "Quite a story, yes? Any questions for Edward? Yeah, get way over. Stand right up."
  • (Unnamed) "What's been the best part of your new life here in town?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "The friends I made."
  • (Host-TV) "Any other questions?"
  • (Unnamed) "Have you ever thought of having corrective surgery or prosthetics? I know a doctor that might be able to help you."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'd like to meet him."
  • (Host-TV) "We'll give that name after the show. Thank you very much. That's very nice. Anyone else? Yes, stand right up."
  • (Unnamed) "But if you had regular hands you'd be like everyone else."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Yes, I know."
  • (Host-TV) "I think he'd like that."
  • (Unnamed) "Then no one would think you're special. You wouldn't be on TV or anything."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "No matter what, Edward will always be special."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Kevin, you wanna play scissors, paper, stone again?"
  • (Robert Oliveri) "No."
  • (Johnny Depp) "Why not?"
  • (Robert Oliveri) "'Cause it's boring. I always win."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I am not complete."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I'm not finished."

Conchata Ferrell as Helen

O-Lan Jones as Esmerelda

  • (O-Lan Jones) "I can't believe you sheep have strayed so far from the path of righteousness."
  • (Johnny Depp) "We're not sheep."
  • (O-Lan Jones) "It's not heaven he's from. It's straight from the stinking flames of hell. The power of Satan is in him, I can feel it. Can't you? Have you poor sheep strayed so far from the path?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "We're not sheep."
  • (O-Lan Jones) "Don't come near me."

Alan Arkin as Bill

  • (Alan Arkin) "Soup's on."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I thought this was shish kabob."
  • (Alan Arkin) "OK, everybody. Grab your plates. Soup's on."
  • (Johnny Depp) "I thought this was shish-ka-bob."
  • (Alan Arkin) "What?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "I thought this was shish-ka-bob."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Yeah, it is shish-ka-bob. It's a figure of speech, Ed."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Sweetheart, you can't buy the necessities of life with cookies."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Well I'll be darned."
  • (Alan Arkin) "So Edward, did you have a productive day?"
  • (Johnny Depp) "Mrs Monroe showed me where the salon's going to be."
  • (Johnny Depp) "You could have a cosmetics counter."
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Oh, wouldn't that be great."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Great."
  • (Johnny Depp) "And then she showed me the back room where she took all of her clothes off."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Well, this must be quite a change for you, right, Ed?"
  • (Dianne Wiest) "Edward, dear. I think he prefers Edward."
  • (Alan Arkin) "Oh, sure."

Vincent Price as The Inventor

  • (Vincent Price) "I know it is a little early for Christmas, Edward, but; I have a present for you."
  • (Vincent Price) "Let us pretend that we are in the drawing room and the hostess is serving tea. Now many numerous little questions confront us. Should the man rise when he accepts his cup of tea? May lump sugar be taken with the fingers? No. Is it good form to accept a second cup? Should the napkin be entirely unfolded or should the centre crease be allowed to remain? It is so easy to commit embarrassing blunders, but etiquette tells us just what is expected of us and guards us from all humiliation and discomfort. Mm, yes. Boring. Let us switch to, uh -- to some poetry, hm? "There was an old man from the Cape, who made himself garments of crepe. When asked: will they tear? He replied: Here and there, but they keep such a beautiful shape." That's right. Go ahead, smile, it's funny. That's right."

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